Qigong ancient chinese healing for the 21st century breakdown

Hon includes both the physical exercises and the accompanying meditations and vocalizations, which deepen the healing effects of the practices. Sifu Hon is a warm and humorous guide who makes the practice and philosophy of qigong accessible and relevant. I meant to email you last week to let you know that I have been regular within a few days since we finished my treatment series!
Association as one of their 9 Health Qigong Systems to benefit the health & wellbeing of humankind.
We had a magnificent day of learning & friendship whether participating, spectating or judging.
Francesco lived in China for two years during an intensive study of martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities, including acupuncture and Qigong.

Francesco and his partner Daisy Lee perform in a series of Qigong instructional tapes shot in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Francesco is currently developing a new e-Health venture helping to introduce stress-reduction techniques like Qigong to the corporate and hospital environment. Tai chi may be as effective as physical therapy for people with knee osteoarthritis.”June 5, 2016An article in the Washington Post in May of 2016 announced that the practice of Tai Chi may be effective for relief of osteaoarthritis.
The text includes step-by-step illustrations and is sprinkled with stories and anecdotes from the author's twenty-two years of practice. He lectures and teaches extensively on the subject of Qigong, focusing on its complementary benefits to Western Medicine. These programs will aid in peak performance, energy focusing, and conflict resolution techniques for businesspeople.

As the 21st Dragon Gate lineage of the Complete Reality Taoist Sect, he performed blessing for the UN General Assembly annual opening as part of the Interfaith service. Hon has also been profiled in the documentary, Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts.

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