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For years now, I’ve been sneaking kitchen ingredients into the bathroom all the time. Here is the recipe for this beautifying two-ingredient, all-natural, firming, vegan body scrub.
Use in the shower, to scrub all over your body paying close attention to rough skin on the elbows and feet. For an intense treatment : apply the scrub daily for two weeks, then continue once or twice a week to maintain your natural glow. Note: please keep in mind that the coconut oil in this scrub will be naturally oily and it may be slippery in the shower or bath to use.
Coffee has been used for centuries as a natural cellulite fighting and skin firming ingredient.
Caffeine enhances fat metabolism and when it’s applied topically, coffee absorbs and removes liquid fat from your skin, which can decrease the appearance of cellulite. And packaged so cute, I no longer take the french press on tub of coconut oil to the bathroom with me. I have tons more, so I’m excited to share more pure body care tips, products and information and gently help you move away from all these toxins and parabens used in most body care products. I love this idea can’t wait to try it but can you tell me where you buy the coconut oil and what brand it is. Ella, I’m a fan of cocont oil, but putting it in smoothies makes if firm up and get like wax, doesn’t it? The way I like to add coconut oil is to either a hot cup of almond milk with cinnamon at the end of the day to relax….
Let me know if you perfect your smoothie with coconut oil though, I would like to know what ends up being the best! If you’re in the warmer climates or do this in the summer than it might go rancid even faster.
To avoid that completely you can do smaller batches more often, or store it in the refrigerator to prolong the freshness. You can use it as an everyday hand scrub too if you like want to use up the product faster, I find it works great to keep hands nice and soft and prevent dryness. Of course, do it gently at first and for less time to make sure you don’t get any redness as each skin type is different. Hi, I was wondering if you strain the coffee with hot water or just regular room temperature water? You want to use coffee grinds that have already been brewed, so yes, using hot water and letting them brew for a few minutes will soften them up enough to use for this scrub (+ it will make a good cup of coffee). I made this recipe last year as I saw it posted on another blog but I found it went moldy after a week. It’s possible that they were too wet, try to dry them really well for a few hours on a sieve or a paper napkin. So I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time so I constantly have been putting away my used coffee grinds into a jar and refrigerating them. You could look for some little jars you could recycle from other foods – pickled artichokes or olives maybe? So if you ever find something similar please do let me know where you’ve found it :) Have a lovely day!
What are some of the other quotes you can think of by famous ladies that I could add to this collection? We all at one point had this problem, of wanting to get out of my body so that our meditations would be more perfect.
When primal fire and water qi are “steamed” in the belly, it produces original qi that dissolves deep genetic patterns.
Samadhi It has been described as a non-dualistic state of consciousness in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object, and in which the mind becomes still, one-pointed or concentrated while the person remains conscious.
In order for our brain to Experience this we must learn how to cycle our Sexual energy to bring balance and nurture our consciousness,  within each cell which contains our primordial force "Orgasmic Energy". When you say you sit for meditation, the first thing to be done is understand that it is not this body identification that is sitting for meditation, but this knowledge ‘I am’, this consciousness, which is sitting in meditation and is meditating on itself. You must learn to cycle them up through the body out of the root chakra which is the land of Saturn who is Brahma who most are now calling Abraham. Women who are with a man who spills his Semen carelessly inherits his weakness through kinetics, ever watched a weak man and see how it makes you feel after? So it should be clear now a unhealthy relationship will prevent you from activating Kundalini.
This experiential day aims to give you a wealth of opportunities to re-visit the Golden era of Atlantis. Connect to the ancient wisdom of the Master Hilarion and be reunited with your sacred staff of power. If you are drawn to this workshop or feel a calling you are destined to revisit your historic past.

Contact Andrea for details and dates of the next workshop 07740663875 Or Workshop Dates where you can book online. Whilst this Zia Symbol has similar features of the Christian Cross, it has a Pagan origin in that it symbolises rays of the Sun, which was, and perhaps still is, revered by the indigenous Zia people of New Mexico.
Whilst Kachinas are not considered deities to be worshipped, it makes sense to treat such powerful beings with respect and not upset them. In the uprising of 1689, for both the European settlers and the indigenous population, issues other than religion were also at stake.
Today, it is recognised that the Zia are no threat and their belief system is tolerated, even respected, to the point that a Zia symbol is incorporated in the flags of New Mexico State and its largest city, Albuquerque.
Red and yellow were used on 16th century flags of the Spanish conquistadors, since their military flag was a red Burgundy Cross on a yellow field.
You are going to love this simple Firming and Softening DIY Body Scrub ~ it’s my go-to therapy for rough dry skin.
Melt the coconut oil and pour over the coffee grinds, stir with a spoon and put aside to set.
Also, apply to areas that are prone to develop cellulite and need a little firming action, like the belly, thighs and bum. Use caution and stand on an old towel or paper towels if you don’t want to risk falling.
Of course, other factors help reduce the appearance of cellulite too, such as a regular workout regime and a clean healthy diet*. It stripped off all that dry skin I had from the cold days and now my skin looks and feels soft and beautiful to the touch. It’s still fine to use as the coconut oil will coat the coffee grinds and it will not spoil.
I started to make teeny batched of the coffee and coconut oil Mixture in a small bowl per shower and I noticed that the coffe grinds in my jar (that I left in the bathroom sealed at room temperature) started to mold!! I personally like to use it after I use soap and then using the scrub and just rinsing it off. I don’t drink coffee but my friend gave me a box of coffee and I had no idea what to do with it. Loves healthy food, photography, sunshine and dancing in the kitchen with her two daughters. It is a rude awakening for anyone to realize their desire was not for transcendence, it was at core escapist. We now make a distinction between those achieving “head enlightenment” and those achieving “whole body enlightenment”.
Inner Smile to radiate Heart Presence of spirit body into the physical body-mind and the larger body of humanity and nature. This practice presupposes some skill in the Daoist external sexual cultivation art of semen retention for men and partial lessening of the menstrual cycle in women. The one which we all possess within each an every cell is the energy we call the original one, "Primordial Life Force" or the one that comes from source.
Is not a far fetch idea that this source in which we all seek to find at the end of this quest is the realization we are what we have always been searching for. In Buddhism, it can also refer to an abiding in which mind becomes very still but does not merge with the object of attention, and is thus able to observe and gain insight into the changing flow of experience.
Ones out of duality you realize everything services it self, Consciousness servicing consciousness.
Many men right now are wondering why they have no clear dream recall, no energy, often sick, can't think clear, can't focus, feel like the glass is half empty etc.
When they remain locked in the base of the spin your consciousness basically remains locked in the base of your spine or hell like state.
Pulling the Native Americans away from their beliefs required strong action by the conquistadors and Zia's ancient religious festivals and ceremonies were outlawed. So unsurprisingly the Zia resisted the conquistadors' demands and fought (literally) to keep their old customs, festivals and ceremonies.
These ingredients especially are my favourite because I love to reuse things, leave no waste and keep it all natural and pure.
Together, the coconut oil and coffee grinds are an amazing all-natural firming and skin softening therapy at home mask. Only thing I worry about is clogging up the bathtub, but I guess it is able to manage a lot of my hair! Or is that after you cook the coffee and whats left in the white thing after coffee is cooked? One Cloud’s Daoist Water and Fire approach translates into the liberation of the spirit hidden within matter-body, and the rebirthing of deep earth consciousness.
Laboratory alchemy is more accurately described as a spagyric art rather than an alchemical art. This meditation creates a feeling of spiritual pregnancy, a deep body bliss known as the formation of the “immortal embryo”.

When this consciousness, this conscious presence, merges in itself, the state of ‘Samadhi’ ensues.
Despite their firepower and modern military tactics, the Spanish were defeated and fled south.
The grinds will settle near the bottom, if a mixed consistency is desired (like mine in the photos) (really not required though) just mix it a few times as it’s setting. I am from India, coconut oil is an everyday ingredient in my cooking, so after a cold shower won’t the soon be oily and sticky? Maybe a mild soap would be good for you to use so you don’t remove all that coconut oil goodness.
I have a very dry skin so using it with coconut oil means it’ll keep my skin moisturise. The Kan & Li method of “spiritual self-intercourse” couples primal fire and water qi in the body. It is the conceptual feeling that I exist that disappears and merges into the beingness itself.
You must raise them to the more lofty regions or chakras and then you will experience the corresponding change in your life. The two thus enter a vampiric relationship in which the female drains the male of his seeds and then places them on infertile ground in which they die. Nine years later, however, the soldiers returned in greater strength and took control of the territory, almost wiping out the Indian population. We are sharing them because we feel they penetrate and resolve the problem of the BODY which plagues so many meditators seeking perfect union with Spirit. We are escaping the failure to recognize and accept the spiritual nature of the physical body. Alchemy is a special kind of meditative gift that is dynamic, accepts the sexual nature of the body, and seeks to refine the entire body into an elevated spiritual state.
This position is accepted by such prominent scholars as Mircea Eliade in his history of alchemy, The Forge and the Crucible. This dissolves the personal mind-body split (and its resulting diseases) by coupling and unifying all male and female soul fragments in the lower belly cauldron (the navel center), our center of gravity. So this conscious presence also gets merged into that knowledge, that beingness – that is ‘Samadhi’. This is why the first male that wasted his Semen in the Bible was destroyed immediately as an example that when you destroy and discard your Semen you are truly doing it to yourself and your lineage. This is very deep knowledge and will determine whether you make it or not so take it very serious. I’m trying to move away from chemical-filled products so this a very good recipe for me. We falsely believed if we opened our third eye and come out our crown, that our spiritual journey was complete.
There is a misconception floating about that because Daoist adepts and Emperors died from ingesting mercury, that internal alchemy was invented as a later alternative.
Some people enter samadhi and experience the ecstasy, so they are able to control the sexual energy.
Any real teacher will walk the Path with his or her students, I'm telling you clearly we are now about to raise the ship, we are starting at level one. The Seed should never be released unless it is to make a child, a man can have even greater sexual pleasures if he learns the secret to cycling his Semen. I’d like to make a batch to keep in the bathroom to avoid forgetting to run into the kitchen each time I shower! That would only mean our kundalini is wide open, but we are only using it to go one way, instead of seeing its circular-cyclical nature. Most people, when they have not reached that level and they experience the sexual energy, it feels so good that it makes them off balance. I would also like to make a point, they say Jesus was like Man but without sin, then that would mean he was not like man, period.
When a male has strengthened himself through these techniques and then chooses to have a child this child will not be like the normal offspring of weak men, this is a fact.
Just like after initiation or when you come out of samadhi, sometimes your body feels weird, is shaking, or something.
Basically, God is calling for us to understand he has us, will protect us and should trust him in all we do.

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