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With the number of people catching dengue fever seemingly on the rise every year in Costa Rica, especially during this rainy season, the demand for a simple and inexpensive remedy has never been higher, and as with so many common ailments, the modern medical system is not very helpful. Dengue is a virus transmitted by the Aedes-type mosquito, a species not native to Costa Rica. There are four strains of Dengue, and each can develop into the more serious Hemorrhagic Fever, which requires hospitalization and can be fatal. Until now, the treatment for Dengue was simple been to wait it out, letting the body’s immune system do the job in two weeks or so while the patient suffers painfully, and needs to go to the hospital regularly to check the blood for signs of Hemmorhagic Fever. Green part of two papaya leaves, with the stems removedAt this time, the only known cure for Dengue is papaya leaf, which is still not well known to doctors or the public. Specialists from the Indian Institute of Forest Management have recently conducted a thorough study on five patients.
After the study was conducted and the results were promoted in the pharmaceutical world and the internet, many companies have begun to formulate medicines made from papaya leaf extract.
Another amazing benefit of papaya leaves is that they can fight other viral infection such as the common cold virus. I would like to share with everyone this discovery from a friend’s son who just recovered from dengue. He was in the hospital and his blood platelet count had dropped to 15,000 [normally should be 150-400,000], after 15 liters of blood transfusions, and was still in a critical state.
His father became so worried that he sought recommendations from various friends, and the advice he received saved his son. Fortunately, her mother-in-law heard that papaya juice would help with her fever, so she found some papaya leaves and squeezed the juice out. Papaya leaves with the useful part cut away for juicingFor both of these methods, it’s very important to remember that papaya leaf has to be RAW, which means no boiling, nor cooking. Most patients who suffer of dengue see sign of improvement within 24 hours of starting the papaya leaf treatment, and many are totally cured within three days. Geoff lives in and overseas the Rancho Delicioso eco-village, overseeing his grand vision to build an amazing sustainable community in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. The good news is that researchers in India have managed to discover a good remedy for dengue based on an old folk cure. It’s a painful flu-type disease that exists in many tropical towns and cities where there are lots of people who create habitat for it such as old tires, coconut husks, blocked gutters, plastic tarps, and anything else that can form small pools of water. The juice or pulp made from this plant has been found to be quite effective not only in fighting the symptoms of dengue fever, but also in curing it.
They have realized that papaya leaf is not only helpful in fighting dengue, but also possess some extraordinary anti-cancer and anti-malarial properties.
These amazing natural ingredients have been found to regenerate white blood cells and platelets. Both methods have been reported to work well, but the leaves must be fresh, and do not make tea out of them.

Within 24 hours from drinking the juice made of papaya leaves, all the subjects reported a significant improvement of their overall health, reduced side effects and increased comfort. According to a 2010 research from the reputable Journal of Ethnopharmacology, many enzymes found in papaya leaves are known for their anti-cancer properties, fighting breast, liver, cervix, pancreatic and lung cancer. Not only that, but they contain over 50 ingredients that support the immune system, including important Vitamins such as A, C and E. These studies showcase the properties of papaya leaf and outline that it does not have any toxic effects on the body.
After removing the stems and other fibrous parts you should crush the other part, the greener one. Symptoms include an intense recurring fever, a splitting headache, extreme muscle and joint pain, and a very noticeable skin rash, followed by weeks of extreme fatigue caused by low white blood cell and platelet counts.
Some doctors have moved even further, beginning to recommend papaya leaf as an integral part of chemotherapy treatments. The disease is spread by one of those black and white striped mosquitos, Aedes aegypti.What is Chikungunya?Chikungunya is an infection caused by the chikungunya virus and also spread by mosquito bite. If you don’t use raw fresh papaya leaves, the outcome might not be that good and the positive effect will be minimized.
Like palm trees, but with short flat leaves and papaya fruit of course!What it feels like to have tropical bone-breaking feverI woke up in the middle of the night with a pain so intense behind my eyeballs that I couldn’t see, my joints felt like they were being stabbed with knives and pried apart, and my body temperature was wavering between hot as lava and cold as ice. The fever kept me in bed, but I had a tiny bit of energy to walk around and do routine things like shower, at first.After a few days of gorging on coconut water and taking the only medicine that helped, acetaminophen, the fever broke but the body pain remained. Take two tablespoons of juice every six hours, three times a day and you will certainly feel better. As the body aches subsided, funky side effects crept in like the chicken pox-like rash which quickly spread from head to toe, 2 more nights of sweaty painless fever, giant swollen lymph nodes on the entire left side of my head, and unbearably itchy hands.As the weird body sensations subsided, exhaustion set in.
Walking down the stairs to the bathroom caused my legs to burn with exertion, my heart rate to soar, and my head to swim with the promise of passing out. I drank a couple shots of the extremely bitter leaf juice, passed out for a couple of hours, and then woke up feeling a spike in my energy level.
I want to call it a miracle cure, but that feels a little ridiculous because it’s juice from a plant that grows like a weed in many parts of Costa Rica.
The more the better, especially if you have a juicer that doesn’t juice greens very efficiently. You need to extract the juice for maximum potency.Cut the inside sections of the leaves away from the stems.
The other ingredients are to push the leaves all the way through the juicer and to mask the bitter taste. At first, I only added carrots and cucumber and shot the gag reflex-inducing bitter juice like it was cheap, nasty liquor. After gaining some energy back from the papaya leaf treatment, I experimented with papaya leaf juice recipes by adding apples, beats, carrots, cucumber, ginger, and pineapple.

After I started feeling better, I made a big batch of pure papaya leaf juice and poured it in to an ice cube tray and froze it. The papaya leaf reportedly works by increasing the immune system’s response to the virus, not by directly attacking the virus. This is super cool because that implies that papaya leaves could be effective on other viruses, too. I could feel my energy levels decrease and my tonsils swell up in the telltale sign that I was about to get sick. I’m not a doctor.ReferencesDoes Carica papaya leaf-extract increase the platelet count? I share stories from my adventures of letting go and starting a new life in Costa Rica.Related Posts How to find a place to live in Costa Rica: Part 2 21 September,2012 September 21, 2012 Noni fruit sucks! I’d been dealing with a parasite in my stomach for over a year and had taken all the medicine doctors could throw at me but it still kept coming back. Then my friend Eduardo’s mother sent over a big bag of avocado leaves with instructions to make tea with it. I saved your web site for future reference.John Frigault Junquillal, Costa Rica Reply Erin Morris on January 26, 2016 at 4:17 pm Gracias! Since 2004, I do not have any health insurance anymore – which is of course a risk in case of accidents.
Doctor suggested to repeat the test next day to see if count decrease is too much every day.
But next day it was 120000 platelets and 40 pcv,Doctor suggested not to worry but will have to be very careful for next 48 hours till virus effect is over and his body starts gaining platelets, suggested all fluids and kiwi fruits, and complete bed rest, 7 year boy was difficult to manage as he was always full of energy, always appreciated from his school teacher for his work and was leader in his class for all sort of activities.In past heard from many people friends and online social media posts about this papaya leaf juice treatment for dengue and such sort of fevers also getting cure but was bit conscious to do experiment on my own child. But after looking at him for 3-4 days getting weak and more weak every day decided to try.And we were successful to give him 2 doges of papaya leaf juice with honey, it was raw juice not boiled. Decided not to disturb him because he had enough fluid in day and also had eaten some home made food.Morning we again tried to give him some papaya leaf juice but was without water so his stomach was unable to take and thrown out. Required fields are marked *COMMENTName * Email * Website Notify me of new posts by email.
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In 2010, I quit the cubicle to live the good life in Costa Rica and since then have been living a life unscripted.

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