Palliative (emergency) treatment of dental pain - minor procedure

We understand how upsetting it is having a sick or injured pet and not being able to get help quickly. Although an appointment is not needed, we ask that you telephone the hospital to alert us to your emergency so that we can prepare properly for your pet’s arrival.
Our staff doctors confer daily on all hospitalized cases, and your pet may be under the care of more than one doctor.
Before any patient is admitted to the hospital (unless it is an emergency situation), we ask that all vaccines be current and that the patient be free of ticks and fleas.
Visitation Policy: Although we realize you may be anxious to visit your pet while hospitalized, visitation is done on a case by case basis.
In some instances the advantage of visitation outweighs the disadvantage and your veterinarian may permit you to visit your pet. A brief report will be faxed to your veterinarian when your pet is seen for emergency care.
Our technologically advanced equipment and the highly developed skills of our staff serve us in diagnosing and caring for critical and challenging cases.
When not at work or with family and friends, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga and spending time with her two cats, Gordon and Pablo, and her dog, Stitch. Maggie Winter received her DVM from Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine and her B.A.
With its town centre benefiting from an ongoing program of investment in public spaces, and some of WA’s fastest-growing suburbs located nearby, healthcare infrastructure in the region has also been boosted. As a 290-bed general hospital, Armadale Health Service takes pride in improving and promoting healthy outcomes for our local communities by providing quality health care.
Although the doctor may be unable to receive a phone call at that time, a summary of your pet’s condition will be available from the telephone receptionist. Visitation may not be recommended in order to avoid anxiety caused expectations of going home.

These visits must be restricted to 10 minutes in length since we do not wish your pet’s treatment schedule to be interrupted or delayed by prolonged visitation. Your veterinarian will be updated through progress reports during your pet’s hospital stay as well as a detailed summary report upon discharge.
We are prepared to assist your veterinarian in the treatment of your ill or injured pet at any time. Donna volunteers her time and professional expertise to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies.
Gannon also supervises the emergency and critical care residency program which requires 3 years of training and ensures eligibility for board certification. Karlecke enjoys hiking (with her dogs), reading, photography, and actively working with her registered pet therapy dog. O'Malley attended Siena College for undergraduate studies and then attended Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine.
Kati Tumielewicz graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada then did an internship in small animal internal medicine and surgery at the ASPCA in Manhattan. Tumielewicz's special interests include emergency and critical care, trauma and lactate derangements. During her free time she plays ice hockey, capoeira, and enjoys exploring Hoboken with her goldendoodle Butters. Morgan graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota, and then completed a one year internship in surgery at Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists in Vermont. Keep up to date with the latest get the bigger picture health projects and more.Regional WA is transforming. Staff veterinarians along with technical support staff are on premises at all times working as a team with skill and compassion to respond to emergency calls during the hours your veterinarian is unavailable. She completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the Animal Medical Center in New York City.

She then completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Oradell Animal Hospital.
As Director she supervises the entire ECC team which is staffed by veterinarians and certified technicians with advanced training. She completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Oradell Animal Hospital. She joined the staff of Oradell Animal Hospital with a special interest in emergency and critical care medicine but enjoys all aspects of veterinary care medicine.
During veterinary school, she worked in Cornell University's emergency room as a technician for four years gaining invaluable experience. We will stabilize your pet, perform any necessary diagnostic tests and continue treatment as needed. She completed a three year residency in emergency and critical care medicine at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston.
She continued to develop a strong interest in emergency and critical care and joined the Oradell team in 2016 as a member of the emergency staff. After veterinary school, Maggie completed a rotating small animal medicine and surgery internship at Oradell Animal Hospital. Cortes is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. Carr has two cats at home - Spud and Beans and in her spare time rides horses and enjoys going on adventures with her husband Michael.

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