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An in-depth look at the upcoming classic NES rerelease: Games, expandability, its inner workings, and more! The system ships in throwback packaging, too, though NES diehards will probably wish Nintendo had gone with the original NES packaging style rather than the red-and-gold mid-generation design refresh. They resemble original NES game pads, but in fact they're Wii Classic Controllers shaped like NES pads.
There's a pretty good chance you might be able to go wireless by syncing a Wii remote to the system, but that's unclear at the moment. Most devices like this have shifted from system-on-a-chip hardware clones to Android-based emulators. This thing is very likely a second-model Wii, with an HD-capable GPU replacing the optical drive.
Probably, but Nintendo is probably going to do all they can to prevent this from being used for piracy. Again, it's not a solution that is workable for the kind of person that would want to purchase the mini-NES in the first place, I get that.
At $60 for a Mini-NES, you'd be paying for 30 games what you'd normally pay for just one new release. I think it's a really cool concept, especially the recreation of the original NES controllers for use with modern systems. Honestly, I use Linux as my main OS and, while I've contemplated a Retro Pi set up, I haven't bit. I don't have an NES or much of a history with that system but I am interested in sampling some of its top games.
I'm just disagreeing with the premise that having expandability would necessarily make it "much more expensive", given that hardware performing MORE functionality and including expandability options is substantially cheaper. I'm still confused as to why Contra NES hasn't been released on Virtual Console; not even in Japan!
It would be hilarious if Nintendo was just buying RasberryPi boards and stuffing them into Mini-Nes cases.
Let's assume that Nintendo is re-purposing Wii hardware for this project because they already have emulators built for it. 1) Wii hardware is different than a Raspberry Pi, and could cost more or less, but until the teardown the system cost is an unknown. 4) Even if most of the hardware is the tried and tested, the assumed new GPU will require a new round testing to confirm that everything still works when upscaled on HDTV's (more money).
5) Adding a SD card reader would cost money, as would the necessary (and inevitably compromised) copy protection to keep people from adding in every NES game ever.
6) Nintendo is licensing content from a total of 6 different publishers for the Mini NES, which is costing them more money than if they only went with games they owned the rights to. Further, if the player names are still intact in Tecmo Bowl, that could be an additional cost.
Taking all of this into account, $60 for the Mini NES seems like a really good deal, especially if it means getting the Wii's M2-sourced emulation in a nice looking package.

I personally think this is not a repurposed wii 2 and more of a way for Nintendo to run their new Nintendo so before the launch of the nx.
Since I already have all NES, SNES, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 and more on my hacked Wii, this thing is pretty useless to me. Shop smartly with this breakdown of ever classic game release available for Wii U Virtual Console.
Promising Class of 2018 forward leaving Windward for the former high school home of Baron Davis. This inspired a great many questions from readers, and we've attempted to answer them here (getting official statements from Nintendo where possible).
Unlike Classic Controllers, they don't require players to plug them into a Wii remote — they can plug in to the mini console itself. Based on this footage, games look crisp and colorful, lacking the hideous blur and darkening filter that afflict NES games on Wii U Virtual Console.
This being Nintendo, though, there's another possibility: The Classic Mini NES could be simply a repurposed Wii. The Wii had much better NES emulation than Wii U and 3DS do, and the advantage that would be lost with the move to HDMI-based visuals (true 240p resolution support) would be made up for by the move away from standard-definition graphics (no upscaling lag). Throw in a $10 USB gamepad and you've got $45, still a full 25% cheaper than the Mini-NES at $60, and you've got a device that will do everything this thing can do and then some.
But the lack of features is cost-saving in the sense that Nintendo wants more profit off of each device, not because they can't figure out a way to include expandability features at that price point. The target audience here is very broad; the sort of people who likely have not heard of Linux and have no idea how to start with a Raspberry Pi. For starters, once I add in the cost of a nice case for the Pi and two controllers, I'm looking at nearly $100, not counting time for configuring everything. I'd like to think that Nintendo is not so inept with hardware that it really would cost them much more to include a USB port, at the bare minimum, when a much cheaper solution already does so and more for less than their CURRENT asking price. But if I wasn't around and my kid wanted to play old games the wife would get this NES rather than the Pi. Just hope Nintendo doesn't under produce like usual and have to be forced to deal with the vultures on eBay!
Ditto for running the online infrastructure to maintain servers to store games, transfer games to customers, maintain records of customer purchases, and have security to help prevent credit card and person information from being stolen.
Sure you could pirate those games-- and that's what most people who building mini consoles with Raspberry Pis do-- but that's not an equal comparison then.
Now complete for all systems: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NES, Game Gear, Super NES, and 3D Classics! You can secure a preorder right now at GameStop and the Microsoft Store.The standard edition Xbox One Elite controllers were, for a time, very difficult to find.
Our answers are incomplete at the moment, but we'll update this guide as new information comes along! Anyway, the Mini Classic NES is about the same physical dimensions as an NES cartridge, so you'd destroy that $2,000 copy of Little Samson by even making the attempt.

Having it loaded with crazy expensive NES rarities like Panic Restaurant, or Chip ’N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 would have been wonderful!
Nintendo sold a revamped Wii model that removed wi-fi for $100; that makes a $60 price point perfectly reasonable for this device, since it drops the Wii's two most expensive components (its optical drive and Motion Plus remote) and may not include other features such as Wii remote wireless support at all. I also understand that the audience it is shooting for is not the kind of tech-savvy audience that could actually build a RetroPi-styled rig, so it's not really relevant to them.
There are plenty of good-quality Android- and Linux-based emulators to choose from, it's got the HDMI port, AND it has Ethernet, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, a MicroSD slot, and 4 USB ports instead of two proprietary connectors.
They're charging $60 because they know people will pay $60, just like they charge $5+ for a couple of kilobytes of 30-year-old digital data because they know people will pay $5+ for that data.
This system gives me every thing I need for $70 ($60 for the system and $10 for a second controller) and zero time commitment for setting it up. I personally do not use them because I have mixed feelings on downloading games I did not buy.
I set my Pi up with an arcade stick and 8 buttons with a screen, so it did wind up costing more than the NES, not to mention the time building it (but that was the fun part for me). So assuming you want to do everything above board, even if you bargain hunted for all 30 of those games at use shops, you're probably looking at more than $60 overall on software alone, never mind hardware. The Roadrunners won the CIF Division IV state title in 1997.Crossroads has been a middle of the road program in recent years but had a brief period of success in the mid-1990s with Baron Davis on the roster. The console ships with one controller in the package, and additional controllers will cost a painless $9.99 apiece. Because the controller ports are the same as the controller expansion ports on the Wii remote, it won't accept any original NES peripherals like the NES Advantage (sorry, no slo-mo) or — alas! Super C versus Super Probotector), so it appears you'll be receiving the 60Hz NTSC versions — generally regarded as superior to NES PAL conversions. Of course, Nintendo already has a quick and inexpensive line on NES game emulation for Wii available through Virtual Console, meaning quality testing on this thing would have cost approximately nothing.
That, and while I can get get more usage emulating through the RPi, I want the replica NES controller (I have used the imitation ones and they do not feel the same at all), I want the box that looks like an NES. My soldering iron is on standby to install something to read extra ROMs if it turns out to be possible. By its latest count, more than 1 million of the unique, transforming controllers have been made.Announced at E3 2016, the Gears of War 4 Elite controller features Gears of War-themed thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles.
So too would the cost of licensing a cartoon-based property like The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak — assuming Nintendo could even figure out who owns the rights to rarities by defunct publishers (like Meldac's Zombie Nation). Microsoft is launching a blood-splattered Gears of War 4 Xbox One controller and a JD Fenix-themed one in October.Gears of War 4 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning you can buy it (digitally) on Xbox One and get the Windows 10 PC version free or vice versa.

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