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Moxibustion, or short "Moxa" is beside acupuncture, another important element in the oriental medicine. Nuga Best NM-5000 thermal massage bed adds moxibustion on same time as it adds massage through a gently move along the spine with the internal heated jade-lamp rolls. For thousands of years, foot reflexology has been utilized to improve health and wellness in Oriental Medicine.
Put your Circulator mat in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink, next to your bed… somewhere you’ll be sure to step on it to enjoy the foot health benefits of this quick and easy foot massage.
Enjoy using your Circulator: Foot Reflexology Mat for healthy feet and start feeling better all over! The bowel (colon) is the most direct route of removal of toxins aside from the liver and kidney.

According to oriental medicine an adult should have 2-3 bowel movements per day and pass 2-3 feet of fecal matter a day.  This occurs in only about 20% of cases that I see so bowel congestion is quite common. Bowel inefficiency is associated with some of the top nutritional syndromes seen in society today.  Optimal thyroid function for example is extremely important to intestinal health as a sluggish thyroid causes poor stool transit. Here in this article we will focus on colonics, enemas, herbal support, visceral manipulation, and mineral supplementation.
Common physical symptoms associated with bowel congestion include allergies, food intolerences, fatigue, abdominal discomfort, headaches, gas, nausea, malodorous breath, cold extremities, leg swelling, skin diseases, menstrual problems, lack of appetite, and cravings. Basic chemistry dictates that water moves into areas where there are greater numbers of mineral ions (colligative properties).  When the bowel is hydrated waste passes out more easily. An enema uses about 2.25 liters of water to flush out the distal end of the large intestine (sigmoid colon) where waste collects.

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