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Hong Kong Baptist Hospital’s Chinese Medicine Clinic (CMC) was set up as early as in 1997 to meet the increasing demands towards diversified medical services. Our Chinese Medicine practitioners are all registered under the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong. In line with the concept of complementary and alternative medicine, CMC extends its services to Tokwawan with a new clinic at the Hospital’s newly established Kai Tak Community Health Centre. The two clinics of CMC, which located at Franki Centre and Kai Tak Community Centre respectively, have consultation and private treatment rooms to let patients relax in a comfortable environment.
Chinese Medicine ConsultationChinese Medicine Clinic provides general and specialist medicine services which internal medicine, oncology, gynaecology, acupuncture, dermatology, orthopedics, Tui-na therapy, gerontology and after care treatment.Patients are allocated to different Chinese Medicine practitioners according to their symptoms and needs to ensure that they receive suitable specialist medical service. Chinese Medicine Clinical Research ProgramIn addition to the provision of quality Chinese herbal medicines and decocting service (available at Franki Centre clinic only), a hassle-free choice of Chinese medicine granules is available. Mediflower (English name for Conmaul) Hospital of Oriental Medicine takes a step towards the most optimal collaboration between Oriental and Western Medicine. Mediflower Hospital of Oriental Medicine is comprised of the Woman's Oriental Medicine Clinic, Oriental Internal Medicine, General Health Examination Center and Dental Clinic. Mediflower Hospital of Oriental Medicine has grown exponentially for the past 18 years and we are making a new leap toward becoming one of the leading global oriental hospitals.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. JCI uses an accreditation system and issues its approvals to medical organizations worldwide that have passed strict inspections of international medical service. Intraocular LensIt is suitable for patients with extreme high myopia or too thin corneas who are not suitable for laser correction, distinguished by the position of inserted lens. Oriental medicine has been practiced for more than 2,500 years and includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, Oriental massage and Oriental nutrition. CMC is one of the first Chinese Medicine specialty clinics in Hong Kong and it has been devoted to providing a range of Chinese Medicine out-patient services.

With extensive clinical experiences, they are specialized in healthcare hygiene as well as the prevention and treatment of various illnesses.
The new clinic does not only provide Chinese medicine services, but it also organizes health talks and interest groups to promote health awareness. It is mainly held during a€?Sanfutiana€? * (the hottest period of the year) and a€?Sanjiutiana€? * (the coldest period of the year). Moreover, there is a range of well-packed oral tea and Chinese herbal soup ingredients for selection to promote healthy life through daily diet. The practitioners dispensed their signature ash-like medicine and administered acupuncture to treat various aches and ailments.Yet in recent years, she’s cut back drastically on her consultations with traditional doctors as some of their once trademark herbal concoctions have become available without prescriptions and at lower prices.
We treat infertility, woman's diseases, menopause, menstruation related illnesses, invigoration before child birth, and post child care. In order to be accredited by JCI, hospitals must be scrutinized through 1,033 items in 368 standards from 11 areas from the moment the patients enter the hospitals to the time of their discharge, for the purpose of providing patients’ safety and organizational performance improvement. It is generally recommended to receive the treatment for three consecutive years to bring great effect.
Ahn-Kyeon(AK) Eye Clinic prepared for accreditation voluntarily, and was assessed by JCI to provide safe, standardized medical service for patients. Chinese medicine practitioners will paste some spicy warm Chinese herbs on the designated acupuncture points of patienta€™s body. Government regulators stand behind the fundamental shift in the Oriental medicine business as new regulations no longer require a practitioner’s approval for some medications.
Ahn-Kyeon(AK) Eye Clinic is a trustworthy eye clinic which pursues accurate examination based on international-level patient safety and precise vision-correction surgery. A bitter pill to swallowIndustry insiders estimate that Oriental medicine was at its peak between the late 1990s and early 2000s.
It is suitable for treating allergic rhinitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough, stomach pain, arthralgia, back pain, rheumatic pain, dysmenorrheal and people who are easy to get sick.

It was common for me to work after hours because I needed to make herbal medicine and was swamped with orders,” said Choi Jin-sung, who runs a clinic in Busan.Yet times have changed. Liu), qi and blood circulation is improved, immune system defense is enhanced, toxicity of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is lessened, Yin and Yang balance is reestablished, and self-repair system is restored. Given the sagging demand, more and more clinics are shutting down, with more than 800 closing in 2007 alone. Relieving pain by acupuncture A A A  By puncturing specific acupoints on a patient's body, blood circulation is increased, and neurotransmitters (a chemical that acts as pain relieving agents) in the nervous system is released. Liu (master degree of acupuncture, doctor degree of TCM internal medicine)Copyright 2016 JOHN & JENNY ACUPUNCTURE CENTRE AND COLLEGE. So, for the patients, there is less incentive to go to traditional healing clinics,” he explained.Traditional practitioners insist they are not opposed to changing with the times.
The rise in red ginseng extract sales is the biggest factor behind the contraction,” said a source at the FDA. Struggling to find jobs As demand for their services continues to fade, Oriental medicine practitioners are facing fiercer competition in the workplace. Each year, 11 universities churn out more than 800 graduates with degrees in traditional medicine, packing an already crowded market.
The number of closing Oriental medicine clinics increased from 503 in 2002 to 880 last year .
From 2000 to 2002, when demand for traditional medicine was strong, only students who scored in the top half percentile on the College Scholastic Ability Test were eligible for admission to the Oriental medicine department at Kyung Hee University, one of the most prominent schools in the field. But standards have gone down as fewer students have grown interested in the major given the questionable job prospects.

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