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Basil is a common herb in most of our kitchens, but did you know that, besides tasting good in our chicken and pasta dishes, it can be of use toward having more healthy bodies? Grown originally in Asia and the Middle East, basil traveled the world along the spice trail. The volatile oils of dried basil are weak, so fresh basil is usually better in both our cooking and our healing treatments.
Many naturopathic doctors prescribe basil in treatment of diabetes, respiratory disorders, allergies, impotence, and infertility.
It is also know that basil is very high in antioxidants, especially when it is used as an extract or oil. Additional scientific research has shown that the volatile oils in basil, combined with their antioxidant effects, make it a great health boost for our immune systems. Healing: Sharpen memory, use as a nerve tonic, and remove phlegm from your bronchial tubes. Fevers: Basil leaves are used for quenching fevers, especially those related to malaria and other infectious, eruptive fevers common to tropical areas.
Sore Throat: Water boiled with basil leaves can be taken as a tonic or used as a gargle when you have a sore throat.
Respiratory Disorders: Boiling basil leaves with honey and ginger is useful for treating asthma, bronchitis, cough, cold, and influenza. Children’s Illnesses: Pediatric complaints like colds, coughs, fever, diarrhea, and vomiting have been know to respond to treatment with the juice of basil leaves.
Mouth Infections: Chewing a few leaves twice daily can cure infections and ulcerations of the mouth. Skin Disorders: Basil juice applied directly to the effected area is good for ringworm and other common skin ailments. Tooth Problems: Dry basil leaves in the sun and grind into powder for a tooth cleansing powder. DISCLAIMER: Please remember these treatments options are only meant as guidelines and in no way replaces the advice or treatment provided by your medical practitioner. I am having tons of trouble finding anything about Ocimum x citriodora (Greek Columnar Basil, aka Aussie Sweetie, aka Lesbos basil?). Thai Basil is a completely different taste, I just had it in green tea with a little honey; WONDERFUL. My favorite restaurant The Thai House in Orlando, puts up with my requests for herbal experiments around me eating papaya salad, squid and the occasional cucumber salad.
Research studies indicate that Basil can also assist in controlling one’s blood pressure. I am familiar with the oils, but if anyone can recommend as to how to cook the leave that would be a lifesaver.
I read the article off basil medical uses my question is how basil oil is made so I can make it at home…. Thanks for all the great ideas, I personally make a tea out of fresh basil, Rosemary, and a peppermint teabag, it REALY helps with my irritable bladder flair ups, now I know it’s doing all kinds of good things. We love the Pacific Herbs products and have been recommending them to our clients for years. Concentrated herbal granules are faster and more bio-available than products in capsules.
This combination of herbs is a highly effective natural sexual enhancement herbal supplement used successfully by men and women for generations. The 100% natural herbal ingredients in our natural sexual booster have been tested by the largest supplier in the world of herb granules to ensure quality control This product is made by a GMP and ISO certified manufacturer, and packaged in California. Unlike many supplements claiming to improve sexual performance, Libido Booster Herb Pack contains only tested herbal ingredients recognized for their safety. Our Libido Booster formula is based on a combination of herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for sexual health for centuries. Thyroid nodules are generally not harmful and can be treated naturally with intake of right diet and a healthier lifestyle. Iodized salt, shellfish and seafood are rich sources of iodine and should be included in the daily diet.
Shilajit in its organic form contains over 85 minerals and trace elements that are required by the human body to function optimally. Foods prepared in polyunsaturated oil or vegetable oils have negative effect on the thyroid gland. Yoga can help in treating many thyroid disorders by alleviating stress and anxiety to a great extent. Pranayam, the breathing control exercise, also works miraculously in treating thyroid problems. Anyone know if this info also pertains to diagnosed Hyperthyroidism, with nodules, and symptoms that correlate with Hyper and Hypo. Studies show that eating a small amount of dark chocolate two or three times each week can help lower your blood pressure.
Blackberries are sweet and succulent fruits that grow on fast growing perennial trailing vines or on bushes. Hemp’s practical uses are amazingly varied and numerous with its different parts yielding a total of 25,000 different end products[1].

Arugula is a popular fresh salad vegetable with a distinct peppery, bitter and nutty flavor. Angelica Keiskei Koidzimi, more popularly known by its Japanese name Ashitaba, is a biennial herb that has been used in both Japanese and Chinese traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Our ancestors thrived on a diet of whole grains for millennia, until the 19th century when large mills were used to strip the outer layer of the grain, diminishing the nutritional value. Loved for their texture and their ability to easily absorb flavors and seasonings White Kidney beans are part of many delectable and healthy recipes.
This blog post is an attribute to my friend, Chef, and Johnson & Wales Providence Alumni, Chef Brian Wilson in Philadelphia, PA. Kelps are large brown algae or seaweeds that thrive well in clear, cold and shallow oceans in the Northern Hemisphere.
Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus) has long been enjoyed since the time of the ancient Greeks, the great Roman Emperors and ancient Chinese Royalties.
It has been grown and used for 5000 years and has hundreds of varieties and is now cultivated in many countries. It is similar to the compounds found in oregano and medical marijuana – and may be used as a substitute for the later because it offers the same relief without the “high.” The same compound that makes it useful as an anti-inflammatory is also believed to help combat bowel inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. This may be because basil contains cinnamanic acid, which has been found to enhance circulation, stabilize blood sugar, and improve breathing in those with respiratory disorders. These antioxidants can protect your body against free radical damage associated with aging, some skin ailments, and most forms of cancer. Boiling leaves with some cardamom in about two quarts of water, then mixed with sugar and milk, brings down temperature. Boiling the leaves, cloves, and sea salt in some water will give rapid relief of influenza.
In cases of stones in your kidney, the juice of basil leaves mixed with honey and taken daily for 6 months will expel them through the urinary tract. Some naturopaths have used it successfully in the treatment of leucoderma (patches of white or light-colored skin). It is always good to seek the advice of your physician, homeopath, naturopath, or herbalist for professional advice in any matter related to your health. In the meantime, as I was cleaning I dropped a heavy glass on my pinky toe and I think I broke it. My husband has epistin brr and he had very low inmuni system , he was very sick for 1 year he went to many different Doctor , took loud of medication , vitamins and did not get any better, then I thought about my grand mother’s tea recipe which was 3 Little onions , 1 good peace fresh of turmeric ,1 peace fresh of ginger, 3 little brunch of oregano and 3 little brunch of basil mashed a little bit one by one put all together in a tea pot added boiling water, caver for a few minutes drink in the morning .
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Anyone who's looking for the highest quality, tested, Chinese herbs should find and use Pacific Herbs. Results will be noticed quickly, most people experience a change within the first week of taking Libido Booster.
Satisfaction within a week of use and 90 percent of our customers report a noticeable difference in their desire and fulfillment within 2 weeks.
These herbs have been clinically studied and known to improve desire and enhance your sexual performance. Sound immune system and proper intake of iodine are the two major concerns that demand attention for alleviating the problems concerned with thyroid nodules.
Eating healthy and controlled diets at regular intervals makes the immune system stronger.It increases metabolism rate and the body is able to burn calories faster than normal. Intake of vegetables like broccoli, mustard greens, soy, turnips, Brussels sprouts, beans and cauliflower also helps in stimulating thyroxin hormone.
They reduce the size of nodule very effectively.All these natural herbs help the nodule appear smaller and not protrude through neck region. Coconut oil helps in maintaining optimum metabolic rate and in producing less unsaturated fats.
Ujjayi, kapal bhati and anulom vilom are widely recommended as they clear out the toxins from the body and enables it to take in enough oxygen to regenerate the cells.These natural remedies are safe and harmless. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Despite its being called a berry, a Blackberry is not actually a berry but an aggregate accessory fruit, based on botanical definitions.
Often confused with marijuana which is also a variety of Cannabis, hemp barely and in some cultivars does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC; the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. Once collected in the wild or grown in home gardens together with other cooking herbs, Arugula is now grown commercially in different parts of the globe and widely available by itself or part of premixed salad greens.
The name Angelica, which in Latin means angel, was given to the plant due to its so-called godly effect of slowing down the aging process [1]. Plucking a leaf from the plant at dawn often results in the growth of a new sprout the very next day. However, with the popularity of wholegrain foods and awareness of their natural goodness, supported by research, wholegrain is back on the menu.
Although native to Central and South America these beans have become part of traditional European and even Asian cuisine. After our conversation on 8-15-14, about the future of our world, I did some research on Kelp.

Beets have been around since prehistoric times and were reported to have grown abundantly along the North African, Asian and European coastlines. This tiny fruit is the smallest member of the stone family which includes peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines. All of its varieties have unique and individual chemical make-ups; and yet the base medicinal properties remain consistent from one strain to another.
Antioxidants have become an important part of keeping our bodies healthy, and basil may be among the safest and most effective sources of these life-giving compounds. An extract of basil leaves in fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours; between doses you can give sips of cold water. These combinations should be boiled in about two quarts of water until only half the water remains before they are taken. Both of these methods will counter bad breath and can be used to massage the gums, treat pyorrhea, and other dental health problems. With fragrant Jasmine rice and finishing of with sticky rice, coconut and a fresh mango splayed out across the rise with pools of sweet chili sauce in big dots all around the plate.
It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box.
Gary Lawrence Davis-Hollander is the Director and founder of the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy. Because this is such an interdependent community I am learning the joys of nearly free gardening. Common herbs like ginger and licorice are also referred for the treatment of thyroid nodules.
Healthy eating and proper intake of herbs can effectively shrink the thyroid nodule in the long run. It is preferable to cook food in coconut oil or consume two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil orally for best results.
Like the raspberry and strawberry, the Blackberry is composed of a cluster of tiny fruits or drupelets attached to a central core. Hemp’s contribution to health however is stored in its seeds that have been an important source of nutrition in different cultures for thousands of years. Known as cannelleni in Italy these legumes don’t just make delicious meals but they deliver good nutrition for they are packed with vital minerals, vitamins, protein and fiber.
The genus Nereosystis luetkeana and Macrosystis, for example, grow rapidly at a rate of half a meter a day reaching a length of some 30 to 80 meters [1]. During that time, it was the beet greens which were eaten and not the plant’s fleshy deep red root.
Having a great visual appeal due to its attractive ruby red hue, the tart yet sweet taste also makes it very appealing to the taste buds. Basil used in your cooking or taken as a nutritional supplement can assist in combating common viruses like colds, flu, and the herpes family of viruses – in a manner similar to that of Echinacea. You can also make a paste of basil leaves pounded with sandalwood to apply to your forehead to relieve headache and provide coolness in general.
I have an ice pack wrapped around a cloth to keep the swelling down, and mixed the necessary oils. Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion.
No yeast, corn, salt or alcohol No coloring agents, gelatin, artificial flavors or preservatives.
It also stimulates the hormones of the thyroid gland.Yogic asanas such as sarvangasana, matsyasana, sinhasana, ushtrasanaand halasana improve the functioning of thyroid gland and metabolism. Each of the tiny Blackberry drupelets has a juicy pulp and a tiny seed which all contribute to the fruit’s overall nutritional value.
It was only during the era of ancient Roman Empire that cultivation of the beet plant began for its taproots. Commonly eaten fresh, dried, used as toppings in cherry pies or made into juice or syrup, Tart Cherry has much more to offer than its color and unique taste. All of our herbal extracts are made using state of the art extraction procedures and the highest quality ingredients available. Edible part of bamboo plant with hot tea diminishes the nodule appearance and prevents it from swelling. Studies have revealed that this tiny fruit’s flesh is packed with nutrients that have a significant impact on health and well-being. Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated. Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away.

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