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In southwest China, a young boy was found stripped down to his underwear with buttocks exposed, sobbing bruised and strapped to a tree. The young boy had apparently missed school a couple days and failed to return home on time. A student at Marknoll Father’s School named Melody Koo wrote a letter to the South China Morning Post in she stated, “They believe that once the pain is over, the lesson will be engraves on the child’s mind and the mistake will not be repeated. A 2010 study by the Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment suggests that half the girls and 3 in 5 boys in China are subjected to ‘mild’ corporal punishment monthly. It’s no doubt that the young boy in this story experienced severe punishment at the hands of his father. The photographer says it was around 5 degrees Celsius when the child was stripped and beaten.

Mild Punishment is described by the International Journal of Paediatrics as spanking, hitting, slapping or hitting with an object. When he father saw him in the market when he should have been at school, the young boy tried to run but his father caught him, took him home and beat him. With its many years experience, Hellokids is one of the most popular kids websites worldwide. In China, this type of corporal punishment is lawful as long as it isn’t excessive and seen as child abuse. Additionally, 10 percent of girls and up to 15 percent of boys reported being subjected to severe punishment such as hitting or slapping on the face, head or ears and in some cases beaten with an object.
When the crowd gathered, interfering with the disciplinary session, the father untied the boy and took him away.

Would you like to offer the most beautiful Blue Color by number coloring page to your friend? The law even allows authorities to order parents to give ‘strict discipline’ to their children whenever they misbehaved.

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