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EX13 5ANNote: If you hand write the address, the envelope will be treated as 2nd class post. There is no VAT on prescription-only medications for human use.Don't have a prescription?If you do not have a valid UK prescription, you may get one from PharmaDoctor. To use the PharmaDoctor service, simply click the green button above to be referred through to PharmaDoctor. Product DetailsSeretide 50mcg Evohaler Inhaler is available to buy online from our UK registered online pharmacy. All content on this web site is for information purposes only and is no substitute for professional medical advice as provided by your doctor or pharmacist. PharmaDoctor work with us to provide an online consultation service that may lead to the issue of a prescription.
If you don't have a prescription for Seretide 50mcg Inhaler, click the green banner above 'Buy now' to access our UK online doctor service. If you don't have a prescription for Flixonase, click the green banner above 'Buy now' to access our UK online doctor service.

If successful, you pay a fee to PharmaDoctor that includes prescription issue and the cost of the medicines. The Seretide 50mcg Inhaler could be with you as soon as tomorrow using the next day UK delivery. The Flixonase nasal spray could be with you as soon as tomorrow from our Uk registered online pharmacy.
You should always seek help from your doctor if you are currently being treated for any conditions and you should always inform your doctor of any medication you are taking. Prescription allergy relief that reduces inflammation, reducing swelling and irritation in your nose.
Seretide Evohaler 50mcg contains both a 'preventer' and a 'protector' in a single inhaler. Remember to take this offbefore using the spray.A new spray (or one that has not been used for a few days), may not work first time. You need to‘prime' the spray by pumping the spray a few times until a fine mist is produced.1.

Put your forefinger and middle finger on the collar either side of the nozzle and put your thumbunderneath the bottle.3.
Keep your thumb still, and press down with your fingers to pump the spray.• If the spray does not work and you think it may be blocked, you will need to clean it. Please see thesection below, Cleaning your spray.3• Never try to unblock or enlarge the tiny spray hole with a pin or other sharp object. Your doctor will help stop this happening by making sureyou use the lowest dose of steroid which controls your symptoms.

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