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SHAKEEL YOUSUF KAMAL Yusuff Kamal was bron on 29th May: 1938 better known as Shakeel is a versatile, respected and veteran Pakistani television actor who has been on the scene for almost 4 decades. If you need technical support or general information about FreeAds, feel free to contact our customer support department at the below address. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited.
Fennel is a tall Plant of the umbel family, with feathery blue-green leaves and yellow flowers.
Fennel seeds are also used to flavor bread, cakes, pastries, cookies, soups, stews, sweets and pickles. The explosion occurred in Iqbal Medical Company located in a four-story Al-Falah Building on Wednesday morning.

Of the injured, eight were rushed to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, while three were shifted to Mahroof International Hospital.
According to PIMS Spokesperson Dr Ayesha Ishani, the two injured were in critical condition. Amongst his most famous roles are the lead in Uncle Urfi and Mehboob Ahmed in Aangan Terha. Spasms in the digestive tract are relaxed by the effective carminative properties of the Fennel.
Whenever in thin times, the PM looks at him even if he had paid him billions during his last visit. Its also helps in relieving excess abdominal wind, it aids in bringing about a reduction in colic and in reducing the discomfort of hiccoughs.

After completing his BA from Islamia College, Peshawar, he appeared on television as a singer.
The audience response was lukewarm, so he switched over to acting, appearing for the first time in a Hindko drama, "Budnamee They Toway." Today, he has to his credit 300 television plays in Urdu, Pushto, Hindko, and Punjabi, 150 stage plays, 200 radio programmes and plays, and 50 films in Urdu, Pushto, Sindhi, and Seraiki.
Fennel used make into a tea is given for snake bites, fever, insect bites, backache, toothache, obesity, blood purifier, or food poisoning.

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