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In a text message to supporters, the presumptive Democratic nominee said, “I’m thrilled to tell you this first: I’ve chosen Sen.
Kaine himself tweeted, “I’m honored to be her running mate.” The two will make their first appearance together as a ticket Saturday at a rally in Miami.
Clinton’s decision caps a highly secretive, months-long process to find a political partner. Clinton weighed two finalists: Kaine and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, a longtime friend of the candidate and former President Bill Clinton. Kaine and Vilsack each had friends and allies lobbying the Clinton campaign on their behalf. Kaine is viewed skeptically by some liberals in the Democratic Party, who dislike his support of free trade and Wall Street.
Notably, a campaign aide said Kaine made clear “in the course of discussions” that he shares Clinton’s opposition to TPP in its current form. Clinton’s campaign closely guarded the selection process, keeping the names of finalists under wraps to try to maximize the impact of the announcement.
Clinton’s campaign teased the announcement throughout Friday, encouraging supporters to sign up for a text message alert to get the news — a favorite campaign method for getting contact information about voters. As Clinton finalized her decision, Trump met with supporters in Cleveland to run through a long list of thank-yous after his four-day convention. But rather than stay focused on Clinton or reach out to the general election voters he now must court, the newly minted Republican nominee spent considerable time stoking the fire of his bitter quarrel with Republican former rival Ted Cruz. Trump boasted of his TV ratings, his primary victories and other achievements, including winning over his wife, Melania, in a stream-of-consciousness delivery with Pence, standing quietly nearby. No matter, perhaps, as that time will belong to Clinton and the Democrats, whose own convention begins Monday in Philadelphia.
Before entering politics, Kaine was an attorney who specialized in civil rights and fair housing. His wife, Anne Holton, is the daughter of a former Virginia governor, a former state judge and, currently, the state’s Education Secretary. Some Democrats believe Trump’s selection of Pence, a conservative white man from a largely Republican state, freed Clinton from pressure to add another woman or a minority to her ticket.
Democrats argue that Kaine can help her woo moderate and even some Republican voters turned off by Trump’s provocative rhetoric. Kaine got some practice challenging Trump’s message when he campaigned with Clinton last week in northern Virginia, where he spoke briefly in Spanish and offered a strident assault on Trump’s White House credentials. Licking County Commissioner Duane Flowers read a prepared apology during a meeting Thursday, after The (Newark) Advocate reported on the comment he made during a meeting earlier this week. Flowers says he made the remark during a casual conversation with two other officials and a reporter from The Advocate that he thought was off the record.

Sure to be a typical democrat that loves welfare, no borders, cop killers, and free drugs for the people to keep them stupid. Patty, Hillary launched a new website called 'Trump yourself' where you can upload a photo, choose a Trump quote and superimpose it on the photo.
With Hillary as president and the Senate being Democrat we can save the future of the SCOTUS. You may not know that you can request an advance ballot (for November) so you can carefully fill out your ballot at home where you can research your choices if you need to. Perfect Pergolas, based near Cirencester, has been awarded a Scoot Headline Award in the National campaign to find Britain’s most successful companies. In the competition, organised by the Scoot Online Business Directory – one of the biggest and most successful in the UK, Perfect Pergolas were up against 400 other nominations in the Awards, and they will be presented with their winning trophy and certificate at a glittering presentation ceremony in the Millbank Tower, London on April 28th.
HistoryThe Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation was established by an Act of Parliament - The Broadcasting Ordinance 1976.
It was established to provide a high quality broadcasting service, by radio, of a wide range of programs for the information, education and entertainment of all people living in the sovereign borders of the Independent State of Solomon Islands.Radio broadcasting was established by US military forces in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate (BSIP) during World War Two.
As the Pacific war moved northwards, the AFRS stations closed and BSIP listeners returned to tuning to broadcast programmes from Australia or further afield for entertainment and information. By 1952, the broadcasts were on a much stronger footing and the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Service (SIBS), an arm of the Government, was established. LocationSIBC's headquarters are located at Rove in Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands. Tim Kaine, D-Va., speaks at a rally at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Va. Tim Kaine as her vice presidential running mate Friday, adding a centrist former governor of a crucial battleground state to the Democratic ticket.
It’s also the final puzzle piece for the general election, pitting Clinton and Kaine against Republican Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence, the Indiana governor. Active in the Senate on foreign relations and military affairs, he built a reputation for working across the aisle as Virginia’s governor and as mayor of Richmond. Kaine’s strong ties to politically important Virginia, as well as his foreign policy experience, put him over the top, according to a person close to the campaign, who insisted on anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss the process publicly. But Kaine had a particularly powerful backer: Obama, who told the campaign during the selection process that the senator would be a strong choose. Clinton held two lengthy private meetings with Kaine, including a lunch at her New York home last Saturday with their spouses and children.
The Democratic candidate made no mention of her impending pick during a somber meeting with community leaders and family members affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando and a later campaign rally in Tampa. He promised to work “so hard” as the nominee and vowed his campaign was “not going to disappear,” even though he has no plans to campaign this weekend.

Kaine is expected to speak Wednesday, with Clinton delivering the closing address the following night.
When there is no proof she did anything wrong they want to be investigator, judge and jury.
But when it's time to vote, take your ballot to the election office and put it in the box yourself. Ordering is simple and straight forward and can be done via the website and the pergola is delivered free of charge to the customer together with all the necessary fixings for a quick and easy assembly.
In 1944, the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) developed small, mediumwave stations at Lunga on Guadalcanal and Munda, New Georgia.
In 1946, a rudimentary weekly half hour of news and service bulletins was established by the BSIP Administration. In 1976, new legislation converted the SIBS into the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC), a totally independent public service broadcaster charged with providing national radio coverage and a full range of news, educational and entertainment services. It is currently not broadcasting, but serves as an important communications link between the remote islands and the capital. What are the key values you need to configure in a multi-site failover cluster for heartbeat detection? He’s also fluent in Spanish, making him a valuable asset in Spanish-language media as the campaign appeals to Hispanic Americans turned off by Trump’s harsh rhetoric about immigrants. During his political career, he’s demonstrated an ability to woo voters across party lines, winning his 2006 gubernatorial race with support in both Democratic strongholds and traditionally Republican strongholds. These were designed to provide information and entertainment to the hundreds of thousands of US service personnel then based in the BSIP. The service was transmitted from Honiara on regular inter-island radio frequencies using Government transmission equipment and soon developed a regular following. The stations were part of the Mosquito Network, a loose network of similar AFRS stations stretching through the South-West Pacific, from Bougainville in the north to Auckland in the south, and including outlets in Espiritu Santo and Noumea. Perhaps if it's rigged again we'll have a way to use our proofs to put a stop to Republican dirty tricks. With the nature of Azure and the distribution of workloads, it is possible for some intermittent network interruptions that will quickly self-heal however the default thresholds for cluster communications may result in premature failovers.

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