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Borututu, and check out Borututu on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Bitters (or more specifically non-potable bitters) are an essential ingredient in many cocktail recipes, and indeed form one of the four essential components in the traditional definition of a cocktail being spirit, sugar, water and bitters. First produced by the German Dr Johann Siegert in 1824 in the town of Angostura, Venezuala, the bitters originally being marketed for their restorative properties of medicinal value.
Nose: A generous does of clove sits above a complex base of botanicals and spices that evokes memories of Christmas upon the briefest whiff. Neat: Most notable is the relative sweetness compared with many other bitters, making these almost potable on their own.
Mixing: The length of time the product has been around means that many classic recipes call for them by name, and for good reason as these bitters make for some great cocktails.
One of my favourite nigerian dishes is Ukwa(Treculia Africana)which is the seed of the African Breadfruit. Did you know that taking oats daily in form of porridge, Baked goods, Drinks has a wide range of health benefits? Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, established a snail farm with the assistance of the National Biotechnology Development Agency, the Minister of Science and Technology, Chief Grace Ekpiwhre, has said.The minister disclosed this in Abuja on Tuesday at the 2008 ministerial press briefing by the ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communication. Snail farming in Nigeria expert, Ismail AbdulAzeez, Direct lines: +2348023050835 , +2347033632285.

Despite many historical bitters having fallen by the wayside as events such as prohibition took their toll, Angostura are one example of a product that has most certainly stood the test of time, and remains a likely find in almost every venue from which liquor is served. The recipe is s closely guarded secret but interestingly does not contain any Angostura bark. Cinnamon, orange peel, cola nut, caramel, and some mysterious floral notes are all present and create a delightful bouquet. Clove is dominant as with the nose, but grapefruit replaces orange on the citrus front and the cola nut comes through rather pleasingly alongside some intriguing but faint smoky notes.
Also apparent after just a short space of time, is the incredible versatility they offer, with a wide range of spirits and cocktail styles working well in combination. The construction of the snail farm began in 2006 although it opened for production on May 12, 2007. Whilst whiskey based cocktails such as the Manhattan, or Old Fashioned are obvious choices and very tasty, they also partner well with white spirits such as gin in the simple Gin Sour or the more complexOh Cecilie!
The relatively light bitter element makes them both versatile and approachable, meaning they will be enjoyed by enthusiast and newcomer to the cocktail scene alike. So i woke up this morning with a strong Craving for Palm oil stew and after the early morning service, i scurried to the market to get ingredients for this native dish. I usually buy mine from the market but as they say, nothing tastes as good as homemade food.

Apart from the establishment of the farm, our correspondent learnt that NABDA officials trained workers of the Obasanjo Farms before handing over the project.It was also learnt that within five months after the establishment, the farm, which began operations with 10,000 snails, had produced 80,000 adult male snails. Much of this versatility comes as a result of the moderate sweetness which balances the bitterness and ensures they do not dominate. Palm oil stew is a traditional stew which is quite popular in the villages and road side food hawkers. Little wonder why it's highly priced in the market due to its nutritious and tasty values.
I got to learn more about the health benefits one could gain by taking this wonderful meal.
Such a delicate touch in the bitter department does however offer up the opportunity to use in much greater proportions than one commonly would with aromatic bitters, and the signature Last Dance (recipe below) is a good example of how they might be used as an ingredient in the own right, rather than as a modifier.

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