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I am very excited to announce that this site has partnered with Mountain Rose Herbs to offer you organic herbs at low prices.
Over 70 Recipes created and complied by Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Sharlene Styles for everyday living.
A 47 page resource aimed to educate and inspire you to make lifestyle changes to improve your overall level of stress, mood and energy. Spa Marvel is a natural alternative that is an organic, biodegradable, earth friendly water treatment system that eliminates the need to add harsh chemicals such as bromine or chlorine to your hot tub. Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to remove oils, hair, dirt and grime that gets trapped in the fabric of cartridge filters without the use of bleach or harsh acids.
If you would like to learn more on any of these excellent products visit the Spa Marvel website or send us an email and we would be happy to answer your questions or take your order. At 30 I left my job and home in the USA to live, travel, eat(!), and work in Australia for a year. You may not guess it from reading my posts about macarons and other sweets, but I love eating healthfully.
As much as I love healthy eats (and sweets…), I also love to research and gather information on topics of interest.
About Life just may be the largest, most well-stocked health foods store I’ve found in all of Australia.
If you’re not in the mood for coffee, the freshly made juices are delicious and refreshing. I stumbled upon Wholesome en route to the Broadway Shopping Centre and was delighted to find great tasting natural peanut butter at a great price! There are only a couple of aisles dedicated to teas, nuts, flours, etc., and the rest of the shop provides an assortment of vitamins, supplements, and home and personal care products. Wild Food has produce, refrigerated and frozen items, and several aisles with packaged and dry goods.
Wild Food also has a cafe that’s located just outside of the food shop where you can pick up a healthy meal or snack to take away or enjoy at a small dining area beside the main shop.

A cafe takes up the front half of the store, while the back half has a few boxed goods and organic items for sale. One of my bus routes took me past OneFiveSeven routinely, so on a day off from work, I walked to this tiny shop known for quality gluten free goodies that don’t sacrifice on taste. I did not know about the Gluten-free Australia blog until I was doing a bit of research for this post.
I hope you found this post helpful if you were searching for the same type of information I was! If you use Gowalla, you can bookmark and eventually complete the Sydney Health Foods Shops trip! Anne-Marie, I’m so glad you found the blog and it made you smile It’s amazing how little differences can sometimes feel like big ones or totally surprise us! There are also a whole bunch of organic food co-ops which are awesome and much cheaper than those listed above.
Thanks so much for this – planning a trip and travel is sometimes nerve racking and tedious as i do best on a grain free, flour free, dairy free diet. Just out of curiosity – i am allergic to a lot of cleaning products that have artificial fragrance but can tolerate good ole clorox in limited quanitity – assuming they have the same cleaning products over there? I wish I remembered what kinds of cleaning products they have O:-) I do know that these types of healthy stores do have products for the home as well, and I’m pretty sure About Life probably had some natural cleaning products! Decoybetty: Heather it was such a pleasure to meet you – and I have to say one of the LEAST awkward blog meetings I've ever had – and Gav. During your appointment, ask us to guide you in determining which products are best suited for you. Spa Marvel Cleanser is a fast acting proprietary cleanser that penetrates deep inside your spa’s plumbing and equipment, removing organic, mineral and chemical contaminants. Now, I’m a 30-something back in the US, working with university students, baking and learning about food, enjoying life with my Brit, and plotting the next adventure. Fresh fruits and vegetables and lean sources of protein make me smile, and I try to live gluten and dairy free as I’m sensitive to both. Before traveling to Australia, I searched for shops selling healthy, organic food and hoped to find a store similar to Whole Foods (♥) back home.
Since online searches and asking locals led to few results in my quest, I thought it may be helpful to share the list of places I have sought out or stumbled upon during my time in Sydney. The family owned store has a selection of fresh fruit & veg, refrigerated and frozen items, and dry and boxed goods.
The freezer had a decent selection of meat and veggie pies, and I picked up a few frozen vegetarian meals from Syndian, one of my favorite brands in Australia. The prices are on par with the other health food stores and just slightly higher than About Life. Earth’s store is long and narrow, and if you just glimpse in while walking past, you could easily mistake it for a vitamin-only shop.

It also has a small produce section with limited quantities of the items they have in stock. The muffins at the cafe looked fantastic so I had to try one — sadly I found it to be completely average. It looks like it could be a really helpful site to uncover products and restaurants that cater to gluten free eating. Pat is the lady that runs it and she goes to Flemington markets twice a week (Mon’s and Weds mornings I think) to restock on organic fruits and vegetables that come freom all over.
They provide organic raw goats milk (absolutely delicious)for those that are looking for it.
Depending on the location they have a small selection of organic vegetables a reasonable range of organic meats and throughout the shelves quite a large number of organic products (honey, jams, potato chips, pasta, canned vegatable dairy products and lots more. Mountain Rose is local to me, based in Oregon, and uses sustainable practices and organic methods to grow healthy plants. PURE’s aim is to guide you to nourish yourself naturally, from the earth, with wholesome, organic, local foods, however we do carry various products to assist you when more than food is required.
One of the greatest advantages of using Spa Marvel (other than it being 100% natural) is that you only need to add the product to the water once every three months and change your water once a year.
It’s the kind of list I wish I had been able to find as I was starting my year of traveling and living here! However, they had many of the dry, refrigerated, and frozen brands as the other shops, and their produce, while not necessarily organic, looked incredibly fresh and beautiful — some of the best I have seen without question! While the main focus does not appear to be on organics, like Maloney’s, the produce is plentiful and appears fresh.
This makes hot tub care extremely low-maintenance, user-friendly (particularly for the absentee or travelling homeowner) and very affordable (in comparison to conventional chemical treatments). The website says they have a range of organic, gluten free, and preservative free products, and I was impressed by the quantity of items they have in stock. The back half of the store is home to fresh produce (limited quantities), a few small refrigerators, and dry goods. I am glad I am only 1 bus away from a big store and I’ll be heading there today thanks to your generous sharing.
Surprised, I thought SURELY there must be a few organic, health food stores in a city the size of Sydney!
I picked up a loaf of gluten free bread, my favorite candy bar from Ireland, and a few apricots and plums (which have both tasted perfect).
About Life, Maloney’s, and the Thomas Dux in Crows Nest are all of similar shop size.

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