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Introduction: Effectiveness of hospital management of disasters requires a well-defined and rehearsed system. Hospitals have a key role in medical management of human impacts of mass casualty incidents and disasters. The Incident Command System was created in 1970 in the United States, by California Fire Service partners, and then was adapted by California Emergency Medical Services partners for hospital use in 1991. HICS is a standardized management system with clearly delineated and functionally based operating procedures for hospitals.
California EMSA also supports the modification and adaptation of HICS in order to meet the organizational needs to hospitals both in the United States and internationally. This paper describes the process and outlines the modifications to HICS that seek to optimize its applicability for managing disasters in hospitals in Iran. The modification of HICS for Iranian hospitals was implemented on the basis of the experts’ consensus. While the experts’ feedback was received, the items having 85% consensus of the experts were accepted. To comply with ethical requirements, all participants were informed they could refuse to participate or could withdraw from the study at any time. For each of the HICS positions there is a Job Action Sheet that explains the main mission and the expected tasks within immediate, intermediate and extended operational time periods; specifically, 0-2 hours, 2-12 hours, and beyond 12 hours, respectively. Public information, security, and quality control officers work with the chief operating manager.
All clinical departments, such as the emergency department, operating room, and internal medicine are coordinated by the chief clinical manager. The experts who participated in this study were medical doctors (n=6), nurses (n=2) and health system specialists (n=3). All participants were highly educated with a degree such as PhD (n=4), Doctorate of Medicine (n=4) and Master of Science (n=3). As a modification, some of the HICS-2006 positions (69 positions) were merged; the modified HICS for Iran has 62 positions. Despite these modifications, the Job Action Sheets of the HICS-2006 remained applicable for the positions of the HICS for hospitals in Iran.
The main objective of this position is to assess the performance of the system, and recognize possible gaps and relevant reasons, and then report them to the Incident Commander to facilitate solving the problem.
Despite this reorganization, there is no change in the actions of the Security Section, considering the Job Action Sheets of the original HICS-2006. The “Staff Food and Water” Unit remained in the Logistics Section, but was placed as a unit of the Support Branch.

Furthermore, the “Food Services” Unit was moved to the Support Branch, because it is more suitable to the Support Branch, considering the organization of Iranian hospitals.
In Iran, a single hospital unit usually manages both medical devices and medical gases; therefore these units were merged as the “Medical Devices and Gases Unit”. The Support Branch was kept in the Logistics Section, with a new unit as “Food and Water.” This unit is a combination of the “Staff Food and Water Unit” from the Service Branch, and the “Food Service Unit” from the Infrastructure Branch. The roles and responsibilities of the Planning Branch and relevant units are same as delineated in the Job Action Sheets of the whole Planning Section of the HICS-2006. The “Business Continuity Unit” was condensed into a smaller unit in this phase to make the hospitals familiar with its function during disasters. In this study, three non-medical branches of the Operations Section were moved to other sections to make the Operations Section function lighter, quicker and more focused on the medical mission. Furthermore, Iranian hospital buildings are vulnerable to disasters19,24 and may suffer both structural and non-structural damage, for example, during an earthquake. Adding Security as a section in the HICS will likely result in better performance of the relevant operations, such as control of access, regulating traffic, and search and rescue operations during disasters. Planning is a core element of disaster management, and it may be considered as a part of preparedness.1 In the preparedness phase, the hospital manager coordinates planning activities as a part the administrative section. This modified HICS is more suitable to the managerial organization of hospitals in Iran, therefore it may enhance performance of hospitals during disasters and reduce mortality and morbidity. The approach described in this paper may be used by other countries with high human impacts of disasters that are looking for a model for an incident management system to implement within their hospital systems. They have same reason, because they have a big desire to look perfect and wonderful even their age are starting older. But considering that she used to a beauty queen and her age is still 31, plastic surgery is really disastrous for her.
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The Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), as a standardized method for command and control, was established in Iranian hospitals, but it has performed fairly during disaster exercises.
Effectiveness of hospital response to disasters requires a well established readiness before receiving a surge of casualties.
It is the most commonly used model for hospital disaster management in the United States and is also used in Taiwan and Turkey.6,7,8,9 California EMSA is also in communication with representatives from Puerto Rico, Columbia and Japan who report their use of HICS.
Participants each had at least 5-years background in hospital disaster preparedness training, research and management.
In the first step, the study objective, supportive documents, and first draft of a modified chart of the hospital incident command system was explained to the experts. It differs among public, private, and university hospitals, also depending on the number of beds, and type and level of medical services.
A chief operating manager and a chief clinical services director work with the general director. In addition, all non-clinical sections such as logistics, finance, and administrative are coordinated by the chief operating manager. However, a new Job Action Sheet was defined for the “Quality Control Officer” which is the only additional position in the Iranian HICS.
In the United States, these duties could be assigned to a Technical Specialist in Quality Improvement (Figure 1).
This is because in Iranian hospitals the administrative section has responsibility for planning and conducting hospital business. The reason for this movement is that communication, information technology (IT) and information services (IS) are usually under the administration department, in Iranian hospitals.
This new unit is responsible for provision of food and drinking water to staff, patients, families and visitors.
The following units were placed under the “Administration Branch,” because these units manage the administrative office of a hospital during daily work, therefore it is better to keep them in the same function during disasters. The control of hospital performance and quality in responding to disasters is essential to detect and eliminate gaps and weaknesses in hospital disaster management functions.
As in many countries, emergency department crowding is a major issue in Iran,21 especially during disasters.
This hazard dictates that well prepared search and rescue teams are needed for Iranian hospitals. The subjects of the Infrastructure Branch Units could be classified as structural and non-structural elements of hospitals,25 which are non-medical technical services. Additional studies are needed to test the feasibility and outcomes associated with the modified HICS in Iran, both during simulations and real disasters.
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This paper describes the process for, and modifications to HICS undertaken to optimize disaster management in hospitals in Iran.
The experts were asked if they agree with the modifications, and whether they have any comments. It is more reasonable to refer these activities, during disasters, to a group who performs these functions in their daily jobs. The sections, branches and positions were redesigned, merged, and moved to make the HICS more suitable for Iranian hospitals.
These actions may improve the clinical outcomes of the casualties.16,17 The Quality Control Officer provides real-time analysis of HICS performance for the Incident Commander, while the hospital focuses on management of disaster victims.
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Methods: In 2013, a group of 11 subject matter experts participated in an expert consensus modified Delphi to develop modifications to the 2006 version of HICS. After getting the feedback of the second round, the items were accepted or deleted on the basis of consensus level as 85%, and the modified HICS-2006 for Iran was finalized and confirmed by the experts.
It is expected that this new position will be effective in enhancing HICS performance in Iranian hospitals, however this theory must be tested in future studies. To maintain these services in the Logistics Section may facilitate a safe hospital strategy as well as making the Operations Section free of non-medical services while the hospital manages a disaster. Expert opinion and experience and knowledge gained from major events and disasters, such as terrorist attacks in the USA and Japan, and biological outbreaks led the researchers to seek improvements in disaster management. Conclusion: An expert consensus group developed a modified HICS that is more feasible to implement given the managerial organization of hospitals in Iran.
The sponsoring organization of HICS regularly updates and modifies this system to remove possible gaps and deficiencies in its organization and activities and to enhance its performance.3,4,5,6 However, HICS may need modification in some countries depending on existing infrastructures.
Further studies should evaluate the efficacy of this modified HICS during exercises and actual disasters in Iran. Additional studies are needed to test the feasibility and efficacy of the modified HICS in Iran, both during simulations and actual disasters.
This process may be a useful model for other countries desiring to improve disaster incident management systems for their hospitals. Recommended modifications and applications of the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System for hospital emergency management.
High-reliability teams and situation awareness: implementing a hospital emergency incident command system.
The perceived usefulness of the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System and an assessment tool for hospital disaster response capabilities and needs in hospital disaster planning in Turkey (abstract).
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Assessing level of preparedness for disaster in hospitals of a selected medical sciences university -1388. Survey of natural disasters preparedness in public and private hospitals of Islamic republic of Iran (case study of shiraz 2011).

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