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How Is The Procedure Done, How Does It Feel, and How Many Treatments Will I Need?The experience is so wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, that you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. What Results Can I Expect and How Long Will It Last?Expect to turn back the clock on aging.
Pore size is improved along with textural irregularities caused by acne, eczema, melasma, rosacea and more. It increases skin elasticity and firms, tones and tightens the facial contour by re-activating the muscles.
Midwest Natural Medicine is a clinic that strives to care for patients of all ages with any acute or chronic illness, as well as those just trying to reach a higher level of wellness. Naturopathy is effectively an 'Independent Alternative Healthcare Profession' but does aim to work in an integrated way with the modern "allopathic" medical model when required. Registered Naturopath (ND) receive extensive training in anatomy, physiology and pathology: they have an excellent understanding of how the body works and what happens when things go wrong. Often a qualified Naturopath has to assess clients modern pharmaceutical drug plan and then work out protocols to combine with 'natural medicines' with the aim that the reliance on modern drugs can be reduced (by the GP or consultant) and sometimes even eliminated. Naturopathic medicine works on all levels – Body, Mind and Spirit and uses various modalities to conquer health issues. Initially a deep level of individual assessment will be done on the part of the practitioner in order to establish the root cause of the disease. Janet Wrathall has 12 years of Naturopathic Medicine clinical experience having recovered from her own health challenges of ME, Breast cancer, thyroid, other endocrine imbalances and heavy metal toxicity. She has undergone training both nationally in the UK and Internationally in Dublin and New York and with some of the most talented forward thinking innovators in the Natural Medicine sector. Sometimes second appointments can be covered in 1 hr in which case the hourly fee of £60 will be charged. These charges are just for the consultation so there will be an additional budget consideration for treatment supplements or body therapy. I do try to work together with you in order to work out a manageable budget for you and respect very much that it is not always easy to juggle getting better with financial constraints. Reduce pain, inflammation and heal naturally. Natural Medicine treats the individual person, finding and treating the cause of their condition. Natural medicine recognises that symptoms are a message to you, that your body is not in balance.
Incorporates a blend of aromatherapy with therapeutic and deep tissue as well as pregnancy massage. The Natural Medicine Clinic employs a distinct system of health care that is comprised of the philosophy, science and art of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease with natural and conservative means.  Our techniques include modern, conventional, scientific, traditional, and empirical methods.

Our type of health care combines the best of modern science with natural medicine traditions that have been proven to be extraordinarily effective.
Although at the Natural Medicine Clinic we employ powerful protocols — potent remedies and impressive technological instrumentation – one of the most important keys to recovery is directly associated with the relationship that occurs between patient and staff, as we assist to empower the patient to take responsibility and control over his or her own health. If what you read strikes a chord with you, we invite you to allow us to facilitate your journey.   We look forward to meeting and being of service to you.
Historically, there are over 50 years of data and clinical trials that substantiate its anti-aging benefits. These microcurrents penetrate through the layers of skin to the muscle fibers thereby causing greater tonicity in the musculature of the face or body.
Specially formulated skin products are first applied over the targeted areas of the face or body. Toning is cumulative, meaning that you will see greater improvement with successive treatments.
You will achieve overall improved skin quality and a natural youthful appearance to the face, chest or entire body!
Our goal is to treat our patients with the most up to date, effective, least invasive and most natural options for their condition. They are also trained in one or two specialist areas like modern herbal medicine or homeopathy. On-going assessment is usually done on a monthly basis and treatment plans changed accordingly. Janet's continued education in health related fields combined with a passion for healing inspired her to open her practice of Natural Medicine in the beautiful market town of Garstang in Lancashire, UK. You can use these messages to bring the body back into balance and take control of your own health. Although the clinic contains some of the most technologically advanced medical equipment, we prescribe foundational therapeutics such as customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, natural nutritional medicines and other complementary therapies as part of our treatment protocols.  At the Natural Medicine Clinic we support the body’s innate defenses and healing processes. By testing these points we have a system to determine exactly what deficiencies you have and what your body needs.  We monitor your body at each visit in order to identify what the body requires and how well we are meeting that need.
Recent studies at the University of Washington demonstrated that microcurrent treatments to the skin increase natural collagen production by 14-percent, elastin by 45-percent and blood circulation by 39-percent. This essential blend is used as a conductor to enhance the effectiveness of the wave form, penetrating deep into the skin as the wands gently glide over the treated areas.
Typically, the toning and tightening process continues for the next 48-72 hours after each treatment.
Our practitioners are highly trained to seek out and treat the underlying cause of a disease rather than just treating symptoms.

This system has proven to be extremely accurate clinically and allows us to predict, with certainty, what is needed and wanted by the body to get you to the next stage of improved health.
As a result of the microcurrent stimulation, cells are energized and nourished, and wrinkles are softened and lose skin is tightened and firmed.
The improvements can be quite dramatic with a series of treatments, and are cumulative over time. In essence, the facial muscles are re-educated, restoring them almost to their original shape. Utilizing this philosophy creates a very personalized medical experience and optimizes your healing potential. However, once you have received the optimum number of treatments, you will only require treatments periodically to maintain your aesthetic gains. Once you’ve reached your desired results, there are preventive measures you can take in order to maintain your newly found image.
Please do browse the site but do feel free to call us on 0207 352 3087 if you have any questions.Our goal is to provide to the highest standards, a comprehensive portfolio of complementary, holistic and natural health care treatments to our clients in Fulham, Chelsea, London and the rest of the, well whole wide world. Through regular practices you will learn how to be with your experiences as if for the first time, without judgement, pressure or wanting it to be different. There can be many different foot types that can be affected by this condition and it can aggravate all the areas of the foot, including the heel, inner or outer arch and even the ball of the foot.Plantar fasciitis means inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a strong band of tissue that runs from your heel bone, (calcaneus) to the base of your big toe. It supports the arch of your foot and acts as a shock absorber.WHAT CAUSES PLANTAR FASCIITIS?The main cause of plantar fasciitis is over pronation of the foot.
SYMPTOMS OF PLANTAR FASCIITIS:The main symptoms are pain and stiffness, which may be found anywhere on the sole, or the underside of the heel of the foot.
The pain may vary from dullness to sharpness with or without a burning sensation in the foot.The pain is often worst first thing in the morning, or after a long period of rest where no weight is placed on the foot. Some people may even have plantar fasciitis in both feet at the same time.HOW IS PLANTAR FASCIITIS DIAGNOSED?The Osteopath can usually diagnose plantar fasciitis just by talking to you and examining your feet. Some patients may find relief with painkillers, or in extreme cases, a steroid injection may be used. The injection may not solve the root cause of the problem however, as it will not stop the foot over pronating.

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