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Applying hair oil at least once a week is the easiest and commonly used remedy to prevent hair fall. Cut onion into two pieces and apply its juice on your scalp in a manner that every area is covered. Combination of lime seeds and black pepper is the most effective treatment for small bare patches on the scalp. You can always use the latest shampoos and conditions or you can go for a hair spa but these natural home remedies will give you better results and without any side effects.
Beetroot is not just important for the fetus but also it can help in regulating the blood pressure level of the mother. High silica and calcium content of beetroot helps in preventing decalcification of bones or teeth. Adding beetroot to diet can help in taking care of digestive disorders, which in turn ensures healthy bowel movement. The discussion here is about two things, a natural hormone, Estrogen and a natural human phenomenon, Menopause.
Estrogen is often called the female hormone as it is responsible for development of female sexual characteristics including reproduction and lactation and it is also the primary hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle. Estrogen is a steroid compound hormone consisting of three hormones, estriol, estradiol and estrone. The estrogen level generally maintains the right balance till a woman approaches menopause.
But when this level remains high even at the normal age when women generally are supposed to experience menopause then it becomes a matter of concern. Since breast density is also directly related to estrogen level, having higher estrogen level can result in another type of problem, the problem of breast cancer. Cancer is one of the most deadly and potentially life threatening diseases among many others today. Though rapid advancements and developments in medicine, science and technology have caused the invention of new drugs, instruments and easier, possibly minimally invasive methods to treat cancer, it still remains one of the major causes of death around the world. Uterine cancer, accounting for 4.5% cancer deaths around the world, is a serious condition of the uterus, occurring mostly in women after the age of 40. The cancerous tumors originating in the uterus may have different names, depending on their location within the uterus. The cervix is the lowermost portion of the uterus, and when a cancerous tumor originates in this area, it is known as a cervical tumor.
The endometrium is the innermost lining of the uterus and the tumors found here arise from the glandular cells present here. These arise from the connective tissue layer in the endometrium of the uterus and are very rare. Women who have crossed their menopausal period and elderly women are more likely to fall prey to endometrial cancers, according to recent studies. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are among the most popular treatment modes for all types of uterine cancer tumors. Some of the common problems experienced by many women post birth may include weight gain, pregnancy stretch marks, low libido, vaginal dryness, etc. Postpartum vaginal dryness can give you a difficult time but you should have patience because it will gradually decrease and disappear on its own, after a few months. If you are suffering from postpartum vaginal dryness then you can deal with it by taking certain measures. Pregnant women suffer a lot of fluid loss at the time of delivery, which results in dehydration. Consumption of alcohol should be altogether avoided because it is likely to have a drying effect on your body including your vagina.
The use of douches, perfumed soaps and certain other products may interfere and meddle with the natural chemicals present in the vagina. Foreplay plays the role of naturally lubricating the vagina and preparing it for penetration.
Many women tend to opt for oils, lotions, or petroleum jelly like Vaseline, to lubricate their vagina for getting relief from the postpartum vaginal dryness.
Postpartum vaginal dryness can be dealt with effectively by making certain dietary changes. Certain vitamins play a key role in maintaining the elasticity of the vagina and in reducing the vaginal dryness postpartum.
It has been observed that foods that are rich in a nutrient called isoflavone, help to combat postpartum vaginal dryness problem. If you do not get relief from vaginal dryness even after following the measures mentioned above, then you should definitely consult a doctor. While dealing with the postpartum vaginal dryness, you should keep in your mind that it is not a permanent problem.

But have you ever noticed the strands of your hair clogging your drains while you take a shower or when you comb? Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil are considered best for hair loss treatment. Egg can be used in various forms, you can directly apply it on your scalp or you can mix it with the henna powder.
Aloe Vera contains enzymes that directly promote hair growth and prevent damage and hair loss. A balanced diet chart with proper exercise is something every pregnant lady needs to ensure. Not only that, eating beetroot or drinking its juice also helps on complete spinal cord development of the unborn.
Beetroot is one of the best ways of dealing with this problem as it is rich in iron that increases hemoglobin count during stage.
Eating beetroot regularly during the pregnancy months can help in dealing with osteoporosis in an effective way. Rich potassium content of this fruit also stabilizes electrolytes, which in turn helps in regulating metabolism effectively.
Some women complained of gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea after consuming this vegetable. In fact, it is one of the four hormones that play important parts in regulation of the menstrual cycle in a female. So a woman can suffer from weight gain, mood swings to irregular monthly periods and even infertility. The risk group is that of women who have high breast density and a long reproductive period. Uterine cancer is also known as endometrial cancer and the tumors originating in the uterus may have different names, depending upon their nature and their occurrence in the uterus. The myometrium is the outer muscular layer of the uterus, and cancerous tumors within these account for 11% of cancer deaths.
Some of these are readily treatable, like the well differentiated endometrioid adenocarcinoma, while some others are highly aggressive and much difficult to treat, like the uterine papillary serous carcinoma and the uterine clear carcinoma.
These studies also reveal that this cancer is more than 70% hormone sensitive; meaning the growth and spread of this cancer is largely dependent on hormonal fluctuations. The postpartum period poses many difficult problems to most women and they find it quite difficult to deal with them. Vaginal dryness is usually experienced by most women during their pregnancy but many women also experience it after childbirth. These measures will naturally help to eliminate the vaginal dryness and thus give you relief from it. When your body is dehydrated, your brain signals it to send all the available fluids to the crucial organs, so that they maintain their proper functioning. But when you are suffering from vaginal dryness, this amount of water intake may not be sufficient.
Therefore, you should avoid alcohol intake until your body is able to produce sufficient lubricants and you get rid of the vaginal dryness. Therefore, use of these products should be avoided in order to prevent the occurrence of vaginal dryness. During the first few weeks post childbirth, your body may take a longer time to produce sufficient lubrication in the vagina.
Penetration in the absence of lubricants, can lead to pain, discomfort and an internal injury too. But the use of these products should be avoided because they contain perfumes and chemicals that might cause serious infection in the vagina. Consuming a balanced and nutritious diet can be very helpful in increasing natural lubrication and reducing the vaginal dryness over a certain period of time. Therefore, women suffering from postpartum vaginal dryness should take care to meet the additional demand of vitamins. Both men and women can suffer from hair fall at any age but it is the most common problem in females.
The baby not only fills her life with joy from within but also make her the center of attraction in the family. When it comes to balanced diet during pregnancy, one just cannot ignore the importance of beetroot. Eating beetroot can be helpful in this regard as it is proven to give substantial increase to the immunity level. Anti-inflammatory agent, betaine present in beetroot is known for preventing swelling and joint pain in pregnant women.

This hormone also plays a vital role in preserving bone density, increase in uterine tissue growth, decreasing risk of heart diseases and accelerating metabolism. Estrone is produced by the adrenal glands and estradiol is a byproduct of the other two and it is produced mainly in the liver. This may include those who have late menopause naturally or those who have induced it with hormone treatment. Read below to find out more about how uterine cancer tumors can affect the health and how it can be treated. Cervical carcinomas are common among patients who have chronic conditions and addictions like excessive smoking, chronic genital infections and immunodeficiency for over a period of time. Changes taking place in the levels of hormones during and after pregnancy is one of the chief causes of postpartum vaginal dryness. You should always use a non-perfumed and non-medicated soap for the purpose of cleaning your vagina.
Hence, you should encourage and support your sexual partner to perform some extra foreplay. Hence, if your body is unable to produce adequate natural lubrication, then you should apply a good-quality personal lubricant. Vitamin A, Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins are the crucial vitamins that should be consumed to deal with vaginal dryness. Cherries, soy, apples, celery, nuts and legumes are rich in isoflavones and hence you should include these foods in your daily diet to get relief from the vaginal dryness. In severe cases of postpartum vaginal dryness, the doctors often recommend their patients for Hormonal Replacement Therapy. She is pampered by others in the family but just pampering is not enough during these crucial months. This small vegetable can make a remarkable difference and expecting mothers can take a glance at the benefits it offer. Though the range of attaining this stage is between 38 and 58, the age around 51 is often considered normal.
However, such high estrogen level can mean different things in different age groups and estrogen dominance is generally associated when the level is high in women below the age of 40. Since estrogen plays an important role in a woman, its early decrease resulting in early menopause makes her vulnerable to risks of heart and bone diseases. Hormonal balance is regained after some time and dryness in the vagina reduces and disappears. So the best way to deal with postpartum vaginal dryness is to consume plenty of water and maintain the hydration level of your body. Hence, in case of minor vaginal dryness, their consumption should be restricted and in case of severe dryness, they should be completely avoided.
You should choose lubricants that are water-based because they are much safer for your body.
You should also add flaxseed to your diet because it is high in isoflavones as well as phytoestrogens, which help in balancing the hormones.  Thus, flaxseed helps in dealing with the vaginal dryness problem. Hair fall mainly occurs due to weakness, anaemia, stress, lack of proper nutrients, unclean scalp, hereditary problems and hormones imbalance.
Women who consume this in excess may complain beeturia, leading to reddish urine and stool.
So, many believe that having high level of estrogen till late in life is actually beneficial as it preserves the health of a woman for a longer period. So a woman who started menstruation early and experienced late menopause is in a very high risk zone.
Surgery is recommended for those who fail to respond to drugs and to whom major therapies have proved to be ineffective. Hence, you should include foods such as fish, particularly mackerel, salmon and tuna, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, raw pumpkin, etc.
We use latest technologies to curb this hair fall but it is advisable to use natural home remedies to prevent hair loss.
Therefore, to get the best benefits of beetroot, it is always recommended to consult your gyanecologist or dietitian before adding this fruit to your diet. Another group of women are at risk and they are those who had their menopause late due to various fertility treatments but could not complete their pregnancy cycle.

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