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Taste:  Taste of this vegetable can be compared to that of Jicama but devoid of the sweetness.
The first word of the scientific name of radish literally means “fast appearing” in Greek language.
These root vegetables can be segregated into four main categories depending on their seasonal growth. These radishes are planted in cooler climatic conditions and cultivated in the spring season.
Though the taste of radish is not much prominent or delectable but the health benefits of eating this root vegetable are highly valuable. The root vegetable supplies more amount of fresh oxygen in the blood and restrains damage of red blood corpuscles in jaundice. Consuming this root vegetable fills up the stomach and keeps from hunger pangs for longer hours without harmful fats.
It has been proven that consumption of this vegetable helps in curing intestines, kidneys, colon, oral and stomach cancer. Radish seeds, soaked in vinegar in powdered form and consumed, applied on Leucoderma patches on skin decreases the patches.

Drinking radish juice with a bit of black salt cures internal infections, curing fever from the very roots. It decelerates the process of inner body aging by repairing cells and preventing further destruction as well as supplying fresh oxygen in blood.
Though radish is an extremely nutritious vegetable but still the amount of its consumption needs to be restricted during pregnancy. Though the root is the main vegetable considered of the radish plant but the flowers, leaves and young pods are also edible.
Over eating this root vegetable can disturb the digestive tract even under normal circumstances also.
Being an edible root vegetable and extremely nutritious thus being beneficial for health, radish is obviously eaten around the world. The root is the primary vegetable is the most common and nutritious edible part of the whole plant. In Mexico and Oaxaca, people celebrate a radish festival named Noche de los Rabanos on 23rd December.
These leaves are rough in texture and the outer ones are broader and bigger than the rest of the inner leaves.

It is evident from ancient Egyptian records that radish had been a very popular edible vegetable in there. These plants are brilliant trap crops against pests, protecting the surrounding crops from pests. Specially, avoid eating this vegetable raw during pregnancy as that can contaminate bacteria. Be further safe by avoiding eating or consuming radish in any form under the following circumstances.
The common name of this vegetable has originated from the Latin word “radix” which means “root”.
The high value of this vegetable in Greece has been proven by the fact that gold imitations of radish were also made from valuable metals like gold. Local people engrave sculpture of different famous people or religious figures on radish and display them in open.

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