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Acupuncture during pregnancy can be especially good to relieve morning sickness, as well as help you manage a range of other pregnancy symptoms you’d rather not put up with. Acupuncture can also be successful in helping to induce labour, however it should only be used in overdue pregnancies. For many centuries moxibustion, which is an adjunct to acupuncture, has been used to turn breech babies. Chinese medicine, which includes a range of practices such as acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure and the use of herbs, believes that our health problems are caused by blockages or imbalances. Although acupuncture is something that we’ve only become more open to over the last decade or two in the Western world, its practice in the East has a history of more than 2500 years. When an acupuncturist pokes a patient with a needle, it’s not some kind of random poking. There are times when an acupuncture needle enters the body, and you’d hardly know it had gone in.
Generally acupuncture is considered to be safe during pregnancy, but as mentioned at the beginning of this article, make sure that your medical team approves of high you’re going, and ideally get a recommendation.
On the lower abdomen there is a point where the acupuncturist needs to be careful of not needing to deep. Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing. Indirect moxibustion is currently the more popular form of care because there is a much lower risk of pain or burning. In traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion is used on people who have a cold or stagnant condition.
Although moxibustion has been safely used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, it is not for everyone. Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort ( a small, spongy herb) to facilitate healing. Practitioners use moxa to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi. Fall of 2006, I was so excited to be pregnant with our first child and like lots of moms-to-be I read all the pregnancy books on what to expect. On the morning of February 26, 2007, I experienced a mild backache and found it difficult to sit at my desk at work. Instead of amazing memories of bringing a precious baby into the world, I will never forget feelings of utter powerlessness and disrespect. Pregnant with my second, winter of 2008, I knew I wanted a completely different birth experience and chose the care of a midwife. On October 19, around 8 p.m., labour started as it had with my first, although 12 days after my due date! I was nervous, and unsure of what to expect, andI found it extremely frustrating when the hospital staff tried to deter me from my decision: pushing a detailed, scary, waiver in my face, pointing out risks involved in a breech delivery.
It wasn’t until I let go, my instincts taking over, that I felt me and my baby working together; I was squatting on the bed and groaning with all my inner being. As we neared the end of the 2 hr mark, my “time limit” for pushing as a VBAC, my midwife negotiated with the obstetrician to give us 30 min more as I was doing so well. I had nurses ask me the next day why I would try to deliver naturally when I knew the baby was breech.
Fall of 2011, my third pregnancy, I was overjoyed and optimistic that I would get my home water birth.
For weeks we tried to turn the baby using moxibustion, hypnotherapy and acupuncture, to no avail. Around 38 weeks I was exhausted—mentally and emotionally— with the realization that nothing was going to work. My husband could tell contractions were only a few minutes apart and called our midwife back.
Our obstetrician was in surgery and the resident on duty was very cheerful and suggested, ”Lets break your waters and get things going.” I relayed the information that had been discussed beforehand with my obstetrician—we wanted things to progress on their own naturally, with the hep-lock and intermittent fetal monitoring. Now that I was at the hospital, had met the staff, who were on board with our wishes—I started to relax. I was apprehensive of experiencing pain being propped up on the bed, yet this time was different; I was better able to work with my body. The tone in the room was so positive and encouraging with this birth, as opposed to questioning why I would birth a baby breech, as with my second.
Do you mind sharing the information (books, websites, doctor’s knowledge) regarding birthing breech babies? Just recently i had a natural breech footling water birth for my first son and it was fantastic. I love that you were so determined to get the birth you wanted!you are a brave woman who has 3gorgeous babies. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and for giving me hope to have a successful VBAC one day. It is generally considered to be safe, and some women who go for acupuncture during pregnancy, will go back to the acupuncturist after giving birth.
Previous research has shown that the success rate of this method of returning breech babies is around 80%.
What seems to be a cigar stick is placed to smoulder away above a particular acupuncture point, in this case the relevant pointers on the little toe. Chinese medical practitioners and acupuncturists operate based on the belief that we have meridians, which are basically a series of internal pathways, in our bodies.
Each of us have over 1000 acupuncture points in our bodies, that are placed along these pathways called meridians. In direct moxibustion, a small, cone-shaped amount of moxa is placed on top of an acupuncture point and burned. In indirect moxibustion, a practitioner lights one end of a moxa stick, roughly the shape and size of a cigar, and holds it close to the area being treated for several minutes until the area turns red.

The burning of moxa is believed to expel cold and warm the meridians, which leads to smoother flow of blood and qi.
Because it is used specifically for patients suffering from cold or stagnant constitutions, it should not be used on anyone diagnosed with too much heat.
It is believed by some that mugwort acts as an emmenagogue, meaning that it stimulates blood-flow in thepelvic area and uterus.
I knew I wanted a natural birth but never once entertained the thought that things would not go the way I planned. It felt amazing to finally meet my baby, but discouraging that I had to park myself outside the ICU in order to care for my healthy child, with good Apgar scores. I was still unsure of birthing at home, because I didn’t know anyone who had experienced a homebirth, yet this seemed like my only alternative outside of the hospital (birth centers do not accept women who have had previous cesareans, or VBACs—vaginal births after cesareans).
I learned about breech tilts, pulsatilla, chiropractic Webster Technique, Craniosacral therapy, walking on hands and knees, laying on an ironing board, even the use of ice packs and headphones on my belly.
Used to working with midwives, he said he was comfortable with vaginal breech and sharing my care with my midwife. This time when I felt the dull ache in my back and it wouldn’t go away, I knew it was labour. I was told my obstetrician was working, but the staff quickly took over in their roles, and it felt as though they didn’t share the same values as my midwife, obstetrician, or me. Since a breech VBAC is considered high risk, I was prepped for a cesarean in case things didn’t go as planned.
It was close to his shift ending and, although he agreed, he brought in the obstetrician that would be taking over after his shift.
I touched my perineum and felt a little male part, my baby was right there presenting frank breech! Eventually, I was told to push continuously without stopping; it is customary to push a breech baby within 7 minutes of seeing their body parts. Having gone through both a cesarean section and natural breech delivery—I would take the breech delivery any day!
I tried to remain optimistic, telling myself baby would turn, and went to bed every night listening to the Hypnobabies script on turning breech babies. However, I felt really uncomfortable and hopped in the rental birth pool my husband prepared. I tried not let it distract me but I yearned for the depth, space and privacy of our birth pool at home.
With coaching from my midwife and nurse, and after only 17 min of pushing, I gave birth naturally to Blake Carter! The obstetrician and resident were great and genuinely interested in my well-being and in being involved with a natural breech delivery.
With Brooke, I learned that things don’t always go the way we plan and sometimes things happen outside our control. Natural unmedicated vaginal breech births can be done and can be a wonderfully amazing and beautiful birth experience! I still don’t understand why some doctors are adamant about c-sections with breech babies and some are not. I was bullied into believing i needed a c- section birth and yet completely trusted in myself and my baby in our ability to birth naturally.
My daughter was born on February 20, 2014 and I was forced to have an emergency caesarean when I was 9 cm dilated because my doctor discovered she was footling breech. However like any other treatment that you are considering, make sure you check with your gynaecologist before going for acupuncture during pregnancy.
Often it may take a couple of days for it to work, but sometimes it can have a really quick effect.
So a qualified acupuncturist knows exactly what combination of acupuncture points to needle you with, in order to have the desired effect.
The purpose of moxibustion, as with most forms of traditional Chinese medicine, is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi and maintain general health. It is claimed that moxibustion militates against cold and dampness in the body, and can serve to turn breech babies. After my second bath, still not being able to sleep, and getting sick, I realized I was in labour! I brought home a thriving, beautiful baby girl, yet her birth was one of the most painful and traumatic times of my life.
I felt again like circumstances were out of my control, and was afraid of the unknown; it made all the difference to have my familiar and caring midwife with me. Just like last time, the medical staff attempted to scare me into having a cesarean section. The constant fetal monitor and IV did not allow me to move freely and were as annoying as the back labour. As my birth history was reviewed the new obstetrician commented, “She’s already had a cesarean and this baby’s breech, perhaps there is something wrong with your pelvis and you cannot have a vaginal birth”. I started walking the halls, taking deep breaths in hopes this would bring the contractions back.
He told us that he was going to stay but would not help deliver our baby if he was off duty. I was supported by the obstetrician on duty and a resident as our obstetrician and midwife watched—it was an amazing experience! With Brady, I confronted fears from my first birth; I realized that I could have a natural birth in the hospital. We did and i still believe breech is a natural variation of birth and not one to be feared. It’s through sharing our experiences and supporting eachother that we can all achieve the birthing experiences that we want.
I attempted natural birth with my 1st only to be forced into c-section due to having a frank breech baby.

I was rushed to the OR minutes later and they put me to sleep because I had the urge to push. Please always talk to your care provider when making any decisions about your pregnancy and birth.
Some acupuncturists specialise in working with pregnant women, so the ideal situation would be to get a recommendation from your doctor. Acupuncture can help reduce pain during labour, and if the labour is especially long it can also be used to increase the mother’s energy. Although, it is probably best known in the West as a technique used to help turn a breech baby. With scarring moxibustion, the moxa is placed on a point, ignited, and allowed to remain onto the point until it burns out completely.
Patients with respiratory problems may request that their practitioner use smokeless moxa sticks as an alternative.
I did not question these decisions that my caregivers made and never thought that I could advocate for a vaginal breech birth. I had come to terms with homebirth but, because midwives do not have the jurisdiction to perform breech births (despite the fact that they have the training to do them safely), the choice was being taken away from me. You will just have to plan for the best breech birth possible!” It was with her support that we set out to prepare for a natural breech birth.
I was grateful that they had such a good working relationship, as I benefited from their collegiality. It was a real moment of release for me — releasing the negative feelings around what I was giving up. I confided in my husband that I really did not want to leave the safety of our home and felt apprehensive about going to the hospital. He broke my bag of water and relayed to the other obstetrician that I was still 9 cm dilated and he felt feet rather than a bottom. But if it presented itself, I will no longer just blindly agree to a c-section thanks to stories like yours and this wonderful site!
I am 5 weeks away from my due date, have a doctors appointment next Monday and I just cannot wait to ask my doctor for the information.
Your strength and experience will give others who read this confidence that they too can have amazing breech birthing experiences! I’ve never had a breech delivery, but both my sons waited until the last minute to turn. She was already in the canal and I was dilated yet they still wheeled me into surgery with no other option.
The tip of the needle is then wrapped in moxa and ignited, generating heat to the point and the surrounding area.
It seemed like breech presentations meant babies could not be physically birthed naturally. Later I realized that even if I had the system would not have listened to me—unless I transformed myself into a screaming and angry woman, which is uncalled for. I knew that in reality a vaginal breech birth with an experienced caregiver is as safe as a cesarean section, that mortality rates for women significantly increases with cesarean sections, and that cesarean sections increase the risks for subsequent pregnancies.
I didn’t know what to expect and in the beginning was not pushing effectively: either because this was my first time pushing or my worries about how I sounded and looked inhibited my body from working as it needed to.
It felt like I was stuck at 9 cm and I was starting to feel an urgency for things to happen. With Blake, I was grateful to experience a shift in the medical system in regards to attitudes toward the safety of vaginal breech births.
If that doesn’t work she spoke of doing an aversion (she said I am a perfect candiate as this is my 3rd baby and both the others were vaginal deliveries with no problems).
Chi Runs through these internal pathways, and when its flow is smooth and regular we experience good health. With non-scarring moxibustion, the moxa is placed on the point and lit, but is extinguished or removed before it burns the skin.
Non-informed consent and blind trust have been institutionalized for so long that no-one even notices this hospital culture. There was extra staff in the room voicing their opinions which I found distracting, but was able to focus on my husband and midwife. I felt in control, easily able to focus on my breathing and to visualize a peaceful and natural birth. With my second I prepared for Vbac but once she presented breech they gave me no other option. The patient will experience a pleasant heating sensation that penetrates deep into the skin, but will not experience any pain, blistering or scarring unless the moxa is left in place for too long. I know that sounds so ridiculous to most people but I have the phobia of it and everyone that knows me knows this.
My doctor also knows how I feel about this and she said she will try everything in her power for that not to happen but can’t make any promises. Now we are pregnant with our 3rd and have begun researching into midwives since they are the only ones who will even touch me after 2 surgeries and have given me options if in case I too just have breech babies.
I’m just a wreck honestly at the mere thought of this and my stress level is going to go through the roof now I just know it. I would love more insight on research cause that is my most fearful part in going a head with delivering breech.
It is like taboo talking about delivering breech and I am so ready for a positive experience in what our bodies were designed to do. Your story gives me confidence in humanity with your third experience cause truthfully I am more afraid of the hospital than complications of a natural delivery.

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