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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. A Queens Army Reservist who took fat-burning pills spiked with illegal stimulants suffered insomnia that caused her to act so bizarrely she was committed to a mental hospital, according to a shocking lawsuit.
At the height of her sleep deprived delirium, Sainah Theodore, 26, got into arguments with strangers, stopped her car in the middle of a busy intersection and finally tore a screen door at her home and stabbed pillows and pictures until medics had to be called, her lawyer Brian Pascale said Wednesday.
In a lawsuit filed Monday in Brooklyn Supreme Court asking for unspecified damages, the Cambria Heights woman placed the blame with Natural Health Food Center in East New York. In December 2012, the health shop sold Theodore a product called Natural Lipo X - which she successfully used a year earlier. She spent the next five days in a mental institution and her upcoming deployment to Afghanistan had to be put on ice, possibly forever, she said.
Lab tests of the capsules she took confirmed they contained high levels of caffeine, a laxative called Phenolphthalein that's restricted from over-the-counter meds and Sibutramine, a weight-loss stimulant that was banned by the FDA in 2010 due to a long list of side effects that includes sleeplessness, the suit stated. Kennedy Angeliz, who said he is the store manager's son, claimed the insurance company indicated that Theodore was fasting while on the pills. Industry insiders said that spiked supplements - which can enhance a pill's performance to meet its grandiose promises - are a known problem.
This book establishes meaningful safety classifications and labeling recommendations for botanical ingredients and herbal dietary supplements in the U.S. To rebuild consumer trust, the natural products industry must exhibit compliance and transparency. Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) magazine asked those schooled on the subject to discuss this topic, and offer their thoughts on what the industry can do to make safe products, comply with government regulations and gain the confidence of consumers. NIE: What are your thoughts on recent actions by New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman?
McGuffin: AHPA and its members share New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s goal of ensuring consumer access to high-quality supplements. Potocnjak: Our industry is lacking in educated, informative media response to the sensation hungry media and general public. Sudberg: Claims were made, decisions were changed, the New York Times colluded, and the industry lost the confidence of the ultimate rainmakers, the consumers. Soltero: It was unfortunate that an ill-informed, non-scientific process received so much media attention. Thomas: Dietary supplement companies are striving to restore and maintain brand integrity by demonstrating their commitment to producing safer products for their customers. What is important to understand is that NSF International certification can help consumers and retailers identify safer supplements that have been analytically tested to confirm the label contents. McGuffin: The herbal supplement industry has been working hard to comply with the comprehensive and complex current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) requirements, but this is only the first step. Fabricant: When people are looking at certifications or education, they really have to look at the credentials of the people, and look at the transparency of the program. This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them.

ANAHEIM, Calif.–NOW Foods received the 2011 Herbal Industry Leader Award from the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), recognizing the company for setting an example of outstanding business practices that move the industry forward. NOW technical director Michael Lelah, who accepted the award, said, “We continue to actively support natural products, and what could be more natural than herbs? Founded by Elwood Richard in 1968, NOW has grown from a small, family operation to a global manufacturer of natural health products. The NY AG’s investigation continues to rely on the testing of herbal products using DNA barcoding. GNC and the NY AG reached an agreement to affirm that the company’s Herbal Plus products meet FDA GMP requirements and thus validate their quality. In response to the reaction from industry, GNC CEO Mike Archbold penned an open letter to the industry to explain the supplement giant’s agreement with the NY AG.“Our assessment was quite simple,” he wrote. AG Schneiderman works with over 650 Assistant Attorneys General and over 1,700 employees in many locations across New York State. May 11The Natural Products Association was the next to make an announcement following a meeting with the NY AG’s office. AHPA’s McGuffin: We already have a working label database so why we would shift that to a mandatory system under the FDA? Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Sports nutrition and anti-aging are categories that have a need for natural collagen synthesis.
After a few days of light sleep, she descended into six days of complete insomnia, court papers alleged.
19, she sent her mom irrationally aggressive text messages, told a friend she's hearing voices and ended up a€?causing total destruction of her home,a€? Pascale said.
It provides readers not familiar with the chemistry and pharmacology of herbs with a good guide to herbal dietary supplements. While Schneiderman’s goal is commendable, the test methodology employed to assess the quality of products he investigated was not appropriate or scientifically valid and ultimately sparked a host of misinformation and an inaccurate portrayal of the herbal supplements industry. We allow inexperienced people to create factitious conclusions about our industry without providing our voice of reason and confidence. Then, when experts that included industry critics informed the self appointed leader (for the week) of the FDA (U.S. Any self-respecting scientist would have been ashamed to be associated with what was apparently just raw political ambition presenting itself. This is why NSF International dietary supplement certification has played such an important role in the last few months. We have been working closely with our customers, regulatory agencies, industry trade organizations, media and the public to educate consumers about how NSF International Dietary Supplement certification can help them find supplements with confirmed label content. The industry needs to better educate consumers; the media and policymakers about the steps manufacturers must take to be in compliance.
None of the information in this web site is intended for or should be used as medical advice. As an industry, we face the challenge of determining and insuring purity, and we hope we have contributed to that effort.

NOW manufactures and distributes more than 1,500 dietary supplements, natural foods, sports nutrition and personal care products. A lot has happened since NY AG Eric Schneiderman launched his investigation into herbal supplement quality. The AG’s office was demanding detailed ingredient and quality control information on every herbal supplement they sell in New York.“As part of a broader investigation, NYAG is reviewing the sufficiency of the measures manufacturers and retailers are taking to independently assess the validity of their representations and advertising in connection with the sale of herbal supplements,” wrote Schneiderman in his letters to the companies. I had no recollection of my behavior,a€? said Theodore, a sociology student, emergency room clerk and Army Reservist.
The regulated herbal products industry is continuously looking for ways to improve and welcomes inquiry from regulators; however, industry also requests that appropriate test methods are used during an investigation to ensure the results are accurate. Food and Drug Administration), Eric Schneiderman, that his team employed bad science that dishonored an entire industry, no retraction nor retest using the appropriate suite of testing was performed. Several respectable chain stores and their suppliers were needlessly subjected to political pressure that jeopardized their reputations.
When consumers see over 400 companies and over 700 products passing the strict requirements of the NSF Dietary Supplement auditing and testing programs, they are confident that industry is improving and verifying the quality and safety of their products. But what it does show us that we have some perception challenges and we need to address those. This will help bolster the industry’s reputation and help ensure consumer purchasing decisions, media coverage and policy development are all based on accurate information. I think that once upon a time certifications were just there for marketing show, but now they mean a lot more.
Jerry Moran, R-KS, the chairman of the Senate Commerce subcommittee responsible for consumer protection issues, Rep. It was further unfortunate that the backlash against the publicized reports by the attorney general did not get commensurate media attention.
As bad as his study was, and it was of really little value, there is some part of the marketplace that has this perception that we are doing these things routinely and I think that that’s something that we need to be concerned with on a global scale and we are looking at ways to move past that. You have firms that use them repeatedly to qualify their suppliers, so I think that’s an incredible important part to your business and how can you risk it to some who can maybe doesn’t necessarily do things in the certification sense in the most transparent way, or is predicated largely on marketing, not the quality of the auditor. The company has more than 600 employees, and its products are sold in more than 60 countries. He used the wrong test methods to test the wrong materials and made a mockery of all of us.
Anything over and above that industry might want to set up, or the states might want to undertake, if it strengthens the industry we are all for that,” she said.April 15Organic and Natural Health Association becomes the first trade association to meet with the NY AG’s office.
To find some light in this darkness, I know the fruit of all this is a globally heightened sense of awareness of quality from the consumers all the way through the industry; quality has moved one step closer to the most important value proposition standing.

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