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Indicated forCervical spine traction in sitting position to relieve pain associated with muscle spasm (contraction due to tension), surgery, whiplash injury, etc. Coated, metallic spreader bar to attach the head halter to the weight system through traction rope. Heavy duty, graduated, weight bag to fill water or sand helps to apply desired traction force. Choose a convenient place to put a chair near the door (in home or hospital or other place), and fix the 'Over the Door' metallic fixture. Pass the traction rope through the pulley of 'Over the Door' fixture and use 'S' shaped hook at both ends to attach weight bag and head halter through spreader bars. Attach the head halter to the edge grooves of the metallic spreader bar, which is in turn hooked to one end of traction rope. Add water to the level of graduated weight bag or sand of known weight to have desired weight to apply traction force as recommended, or trained for, especially in your case. Note that the time period for the application of traction (whether continuous or intermittent in nature) is strictly adhered to as per the instructions of your professional medical advisor. APCOD is a vitamin d supplements in sachet that was produced and marketed by health shield Chennai.This should be taken a very morning and in the night . Out of your order profit we share a large percentage to acquire medicines for poor people and their treatment.

Bookmeds presents advanced devices from the house of Citizen to assist you in keeping yourself healthy, disease-free and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Montra range of high end bicycles is created on par with international performance biking standards. Adequate Calcium with vitamin D3 intake as a part of well-balanced diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. As per instructions from a qualified medical professional, apply the cervical halter to the chin and back head, as shown in the picture. This is usually advise to be taken by women with PCOS problem, that suffers from irregular menstruation and having a hard time to get pregnant. But of course if you really want to loose you weight having daily exercise is the best and healthy diet.
Certain products discussed herein are available only upon prescription from a medical doctor or a qualified medical professional. Montra bicycles are designed and manufactured by TI Cycles, the first Indian company to manufacture carbon framed bicycles. These bikes are built for the ideal urban riding experience, cruising pavements with ease and road trails with tact. This lost calcium is replaced by our body through taking calcium from bones to perform other functions.

This is also be used bu women ho are in big size, this can help you stimulate your hormones and have the chance to loose your weight.
Because we don't stock, Actual Price may vary when we acquire it from one of our 3000 vendors.
Consumers should not construe any information herein as medical advice or as a substitute for discussions with a prescribing practitioner or other qualified medical professional. OMSI and its affiliates accept no responsibility for the reliance on or use of any information contained herein. Montra Rock 1 Series comes in two hues – red and blue – and boasts of Shimano derailleur, Promax brake set, and alloy frame. Reader understands and agrees to the foregoing as well as all terms and conditions of the Legal Statement.

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