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IMDb Picks: August Morris From America The coming-of-age story Morris From America is on our radar this month. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The earliest recorded use of cannabis dates back 10,000 years to an ancient village in the island of Taiwan off the coast of mainland China. As hemp and marijuana became more integrated into Chinese culture the use of this plant spread to India where we begin to see the development of one of the biggest marijuana oriented cultures in the world.
In addition Persia, Greece, as well as parts of France and Germany became permanent settlements of the Arians, who notoriously integrated the marijuana plant into Indian culture. The Hebrew term “bosm” means aromatic and sweet smelling is found in connection with the word “qeneh” which put together creates the word “qeneh-bosm”. The Lady Nurse of Ward EIn 1909, not long before her death, Akin published this description of her nursing experience; it includes material from her letters and journals. Armory Square HospitalIn August 1862, Armory Square Hospital was completed on land bordering Seventh Street and B Street (now Independence Avenue) SW, in Washington, D.C.
Esta noticia del Universal (por cierto algo viejita), si que hara felices a nuestros sexonautas. 08:00 Gran sorpresa causaron los resultados arrojados por un estudio llevado a cabo en Alemania y publicado a traves de las paginas del New England Journal of Medicine, donde se concluyo que los hombres que tienen cierta fijacion con  los pechos de las mujeres podrian llegar a vivir mas anos de los esperados.
Elsy, propongo como tema de debate que tan natural es que a un hombre le llame la atencion ver a una mujer guapa.
Mas que nada, celebro un post que justifico poner esa bendita foto XD, y creo que Leon Felipe tiene razon… y por lo de que si es cierto o no, lo que si es cierto, es que quiza no vivamos mas, pero como es uno feliz! I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of blogging.
A study revealed that smokers, especially women, are at an increased risk of developing subarachnoid hemorrhage or bleeding in the brain. A recent study revealed that smokers, especially female smokers, were more likely to suffer from subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding inside the lining of the brain, compared to people who don't smoke. The study, published in the American Heart Association's journal Stroke, suggests that smoking has a dose-dependent and cumulative association with bleeding in the brain, with the highest risk in women that are heavy smokers. The researchers discovered that as the participants increase their daily smoking habit, so is their risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage also increases. However, researchers noted a significant decrease of subarachnoid hemorrhage risk among the participants who quit smoking.
A new study showed that low-frequency earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault tend to occur during the waxing period of the tidal cycle. A new study revealed that the formation of the Earth, Sun and Moon that cause changes in Earth's tides can also trigger a special kind of Earthquake along the California's San Andreas Fault. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, is based on previous researcher suggesting that the gravitational tug of sun and moon is not only affecting the sea levels of Earth, but can also stretch and compress that Earth's crust, producing tremors and quakes. For the study, the researchers looked at about 81,000 low-frequency earthquakes from 2008 to 2015 along the Parkfield section of the San Andreas Fault and compared it to the two-week tidal cycle known as the "fortnightly tide." Low-frequency earthquakes are named due to the rumbling sound they make and not by the rate of its occurrence.
The researchers discovered that low-frequency earthquakes tend to occur during the waxing period of the tidal cycle, when the tides are getting bigger the fastest. According to the researchers, low-frequency earthquakes show that some part of the San Andreas Fault is creeping, or slowly moving, almost all the time. Their discovery could also be used to predict future earthquakes because whenever the deep part of the fault slips, the stress gets transferred in the shallow parts of the fault. The findings provide reassurance that increased risks of birth defects are unlikely for the children of childhood cancers survivors and can help guide family planning choices for those survivors. Childhood cancer patients frequently receive aggressive, life-saving radiation and chemotherapy treatments that can affect their ability to have children. In the current study, investigators used information from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study, a large retrospective study of treatment and outcomes in more than 20,000 childhood cancer survivors diagnosed between 1970 and 1986.
Of the survivors, 63 percent (1,736) had received radiation for their cancer as children, and 44 percent of men (496) and 50 percent of women (810) had received chemotherapy with alkylating agents. The researchers noted that a strength of their study is the comparison they made to the children of other cancer survivors and not to the children of people randomly sampled from the general population.

A collection of four holy books called the “Vedas” told the tales of wars, battles, conquests, and the eventual settlement into the land of the Indus. Ganja is prepared using flowers and upper leaves of the marijuana plant and is more potent than Bhang. It is only natural that marijuana use would spread throughout these regions through trade, wars, and other forms of communication.
While the ancient Greeks were unaware of the mind altering affects of the cannabis plant, they still recognized the durability and strength of its fiber. Roman Emperor Aurelian imposed a tax on Egyptian cannabis, however there are still very little hemp fibers in Egypt due to the climate.
The relation between the term qeneh-bosm and cannabis was discovered by Semitic etymologist Sula Benet.
The site was adjacent to the Smithsonian Institution grounds and a few blocks west of the Capitol, where the National Air and Space Museum now stands.
Lamentablemente en el New England Journal of Medicine no hay ningun articulo de la Doctora Karen Weatherby. Me refiero a esto porque entre los hombres creo que la mayoria de las veces al ver una mujer guapa no podemos evitar voltear, a veces podemos no voltear, pero solo porque conscientemente no queremos voltear para que no se enoje nuestra pareja, sin embargo yo lo veo como algo parte del instinto masculino y me parece que es algo que no se presenta tanto en las mujeres como en los hombres. Health information of the participants was obtained using questionnaires and physical examination. They noted that there is no safe level in smoking and recommended that people should never start or just quit the bad habit.
Furthermore, the new study showed that small tremors deep underground were more likely to occur during certain periods of the tidal cycle. These kinds of earthquake only occur about 15 to 30 kilometers below ground and are no larger than magnitude 1 in the Richter scale.
It is already known that the strongest Earth tides occur when the sun and moon are aligned, while the tide is at its weakest state when the sun and moon are 90 degrees apart. With the help of the tidal forces, low-frequency earthquakes could provide more information about the deeper part of the fault. For girls, radiation to the pelvis – and the resulting damage to the uterus – has been associated with a risk for miscarriage and preterm birth, and effects on the ovaries can lead to infertility. Previous studies have not determined whether genetic damage from a parent’s treatment could be passed down to their offspring. Signorello and her colleagues examined data from 4,699 children of 1,128 men and 1,627 women who were five-year childhood cancer survivors. Overall, 2.7 percent (129) of the survivors’ children had at least one birth defect, such as Down syndrome, abnormally short stature (achondroplasia) or cleft lip. Signorello said that comparing cancer survivors to individuals in the general population can be difficult because the latter may not be as thorough in reporting health problems of their children, and the children of cancer survivors may be under heightened clinical surveillance and may appear to have higher rates of birth defects as a result.
Many ancient Chinese manuscripts are filled with passages urging people to plant the cannabis hemp plant. These books also mention that the God “Siva” brought marijuana from the Himalayas for their use and enjoyment. Charas, the most potent of the three concoctions, is created from flowers of the marijuana plant at the peak of their bloom.
The Persian prophet “Zoroaster” around the 7th century BC wrote the “Zend-Avesta” , the Persian counterpart to the Vedas. From the beginning of the 6th century BC Greek merchants had a lucrative business transporting cannabis fiber to the ports along the Aegean Sea. The Greek historian Herodotus mentions that the Scythians would ritually eat cannabis seeds between 500 BC and 100 BC. Nuestro estudio indica que dedicarle a esta actividad algunos minutos diarios reduce en un 50 por ciento los riesgos de ser victima de ataques cardiacos.
Seria interesante saber si hay estudios al respecto y tambien la opinion de otros y de otras sexonautas.
The study begun in 1972 with average follow-up of 21 years after the enrollment until first stroke, death or study completion on December 21, 2011.
Genetic-based birth defects are rare in the general population (about 3 percent), and while previous research indicated little or no increased risk for birth defects among the offspring, the studies were relatively small in size and lacked detailed information about radiation and chemotherapy treatments, such as specific radiation doses to the testes and ovaries.

The survivors reported their children’s health problems through questionnaires, and investigators also examined medical records, focusing on survivors’ history of radiation to the testes or ovaries and chemotherapy with alkylating agents. Researchers found that 3 percent of children of mothers exposed to radiation or treated with alkylating chemotherapy agents had a genetic birth defect, compared to 3.5 percent of children of cancer survivors who did not have such exposures.
The investigators determined that the prevalence of birth defects among the cancer survivors’ children was similar to what has been reported in the general population. The Vedas mention that Siva became angry over a family argument and stormed off into the fields by himself where the cool shade of a tall marijuana plant brought him comforting refuge from the rays of the hot sun.
Charas contains a relatively large amount of resin and is similar in strength to hashish in potency. Professor Mirceau Eliade, a renowned historian of religions, suggests that Zoroaster was a user of Bhang to bridge the metaphysical gap between heaven and earth.
As the Greeks became more experienced cannabis producers in different geographical regions, they undoubtedly realized the additional uses of cannabis, namely a remedy for a back ache during the 4th century BC.
As knowledge of the marijuana plant’s euphoric properties became more widespread, its recreational use began spreading through the Middle East.
As the cannabis plant became more and more popular throughout Middle Eastern culture its uses were brought to the attention of the Europeans.
Creemos que si se hace constantemente, el hombre promedio podria alargar su vida de cuatro a cinco anos”, comento la Doctora Karen Weatherby. Secondary crops were vegetable gardens and orchards, followed by textile plants namely hemp.
Interested about the plant that sheltered him from the sun, he decided to eat the leaves of the plant and thus became the “Lord of Bhang”. Bhang in India has been and is still used the same way alcohol is used in today’s western world. In one of the few surviving books of Zend-Avesta, Bhanga is referred to as Zoroaster’s “good narcotic”. In the Middle East cannabis is most popularly smoked as Hashish, a compressed brick of resin created by THC trichomes that the cannabis plant creates.
Marco Polo gives a second hand report about Hasan ibn al-Sabbah, who between 1090 and 1256 AD would recruit followers to commit assassinations.
It was discovered that the hemp plant was differentiated between male (hsi) and female (chu). Bhang is not necessarily referring to the marijuana plant itself, but as liquid refreshment made with its leaves, which gives a similar effect to the marijuana used in modern day America. Through this differentiation the Chinese recognized that male plants produced a superior fiber compared to female plants.
It is said to keep away evil spirits that hover over the bride and groom and is also a symbol of hospitality. Hasan ibn al-Sabbah would give his followers copious amounts of hashish to smoke and bring them to beautiful gardens and sanctuaries and were given a glimpse of paradise. Bhang is also used as a drink warriors would drink before they would go into battle, the same way Western warriors would take a swig of whisky before going to battle. The legendary emperor Shen-Nung lived around the 28th century BC, and is credited with experimenting with China’s plant life in order to find curative medicines. A 15th century Indian document refers to Bhang as light hearted, joyful, and inspirational spiritually to the mind and body.
The cannabis plant was primarily used for rheumatism, gout, malaria, and various other diseases.
India’s holy men ritually use Bhang in order to facilitate communication with their deities. Then in 1378 Ottoman Emir Soudoun Scheikhouni issued one of the first edicts against the eating of hashish. According to a legend, Siddhartha Gautama lived on a daily ration of one marijuana seed and nothing else during his six years of asceticism.

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