Medicine for sore throat cough and runny nose

Post Nasal Drip is a medical condition in which the sufferer constantly feels a fluid accumulation at the back of his or her throat. Sufferers of Post Nasal Drip Syndrome usually experience a number of discomforts like bad breath.
As aforementioned, people with Post Nasal Drip problems constantly feel the urge to clear their pharynx. The affected person also suffers from a blocked nose due to mucus accumulation in the nasal passage. The sufferer also experiences respiratory problems because of mucus accumulation and nasal congestion. The uneasiness in stomach often leads to a nauseating feeling or vomiting sensation in affected people. Excessive mucus accumulation at the back of throat is one of the main causes of Post Nasal Drip.
Rhinitis, whether due to allergic or non-allergic causes, can lead to an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose and be a prime cause for this condition.
A swelling up of any of the sinuses adjacent to the nasal cavity can also give rise to this syndrome. This disease gives rise to heartburn and can be a factor behind the development of this syndrome. Using birth pills can increase the level of estrogen hormones and be a causative agent for this condition.
The presence of polyps or fleshy growths in the nasal passage can lead to the obstruction of the nose and cause this disease.
The diagnosis of the condition is mainly done by observation and checking the medical history of the patient.
Antibiotics, nasal steroids, antihistamines and decongestants are some of the common Post Nasal Drip medicines. For worse situations like chronic Post Nasal Drip due to bacterial infections, surgery may be necessary for permanent treatment. Gurgling with warm water containing a little baking soda and salt can also be a good cure for Post Nasal Drip mucus.
Taking your face over a bowl of boiled water and inhaling the vapors often proves to be a suitable way to treat thick Post Nasal Drip. In addition, post-nasal drip can cause alterations in taste sensations, which can cause a loss in taste or a metallic taste in the mouth.
If you note Post Nasal Drip in children or adults in your family or suffering from the disorder yourself, you should seek immediate medical collection. In direct translation from Chinese classical texts, steam pears with rock sugar have the benefits of to reduce phlegm, clear heat, moisten the lung, and cool the heart. Yes, regular sugar would work just fine, but it might be better to cook without sugar and just add a little honey afterward.
In cooking the pear, does that change the property to neutral since fresh pear is cool in properties? You don’t need to add water to the bowel, but of course, you need to add water to the steamer. Well, of course you can boil it, but that would not be called steamed pear with rock sugar. Yes, but they are cooked very quickly in a steamer or normal pot, so you might overcook them in a pressure cooker. We went to San francisco Chinatown for all three ingredients – asian pears, the rock sugar, and the mandarin peel. We dont own a steamer but DIYed it by using a wide mouth stock pot of a contraption out of it by stacking a flat plate over a pan of water and letting the bowl of pears sit on the plate while steaming. It’s really nice to have something that my family loves to drink instead of forcing them to take something that taste terrible. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A cold is an infection which can be caused by a virus known as the “rhinovirus.” ‘Rhino’ comes from the Latin word for nose as it tends to affect the upper respiratory tract including the nose. You will need a lot of rest, plenty of fluids and time to allow your cold or flu to run its course. Take care of your symptoms with over-the-counter medicines such as CODRAL® - see below for appropriate CODRAL® treatments. CODRAL® has a wide range of products that can be tailored to address your cold or flu and their associated symptoms. Not to get all graphic or anything, but this hacking cough just wouldn't quit; I felt like the consumptive heroine of my very own Regency adventure. This also happens to be a cousin of the Irish Whiskey Skin, the hot little number that Nora shared with us last week.

Mix the bourbon, lemon juice, and water (if using) in a tumbler or mug and heat in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Coltalin - Cold Tablets (For Adults) are an effective cold tablet that can provide you with temporary relief from symptoms related to the common cold. For adults and children 12 and older: We recommend that you take two tablets every 4-6 hours.
Sufferers of the disease are seen to cough constantly to clear their throat and get relief from the uncomfortable dripping feeling. If determining the cause becomes difficult, an X-ray examination of the person’s nasal passage may be done to check if there is a sinus or nasal polyps. These Post Nasal Drip medications are generally used for people having mild cases of the syndrome. If nasal problems are found to be a result of allergies or acid problems, necessary medications should be used as cures for Post Nasal Drip. For people suffering from Post Nasal Drip natural treatments like these are often found to be effective. Usually, after the post-nasal drip has been resolved, taste sensations will return to normal.
As aforesaid, the condition is not fatal but it can lead to discomfort and cause a number of complications.
The mountain high pears remind me of a tasty home remedy for cough and sore throat that is common in this season. My theory is: If the patient is able to feel better with a little home remedy or change in lifestyle and to return the body to the natural balance, why medicine?
To put this in the modern context, steam pears with rock sugar can help to reduce swollen throat, smooth irritation at throat, reduce cough (especially loud ones), prevent dehydration of respiratory tract, clear phlegm, and reduce fever. And, to my surprise, it sometimes helps with constipation that sometimes comes with prolong cough or fever. This is one of the few herbs that boost both yin and yang energy and still taste good, so some people call Gou Qi berries the long life berries. Usually I don’t put in too many of these as pear should be the main part of this dish. Then place rock sugar and other smaller ingredients such as gou qi berries or chen pi in the whole at the center, and place the top part of the pear back. For those who is coughing, it is a good idea to eat the whole pear and drink the soup that is generated in the cooking process.
You can explore your own way of making this dish as it is very easy to make and can be turned into many different interesting dishes. It means that under normal condition, the boiling temperature for water is 100 °C (212 °F). Please remember to wash Bai Mu Er and soak it in water and cut it into smaller pieces before adding to the dish.
My journey to become a mom of 8 has been a bumpy one that has included infertility, being a foster parent, adoption, and special needs parenting.
When an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks, the virus will travel on droplets through the air where it can be easily picked up by the next person. If washing is not possible, keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your handbag can be useful.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The coughing kept me up at night, but I cannot stand drugstore cough syrup; it never seems to help, and the side-effects leave me woozy.
Patients suffer from a hoarse voice which can make it difficult to understand what they are saying. Applying a piece of cloth soaked in warm water over throat at regular intervals can give relief from soreness.
So you can avoid this disease by keeping away from spicy foods and beverages like caffeine, diuretics or alcohol.
Fluid accumulation builds up pressure in the ear cause Post Nasal Drip ear pain and hearing loss. Aberrations in taste are usually the result of bacteria and other compounds present in mucus.
For elderly or children who are more prone to seasonal flu, this is also a good remedy for flu prevention.
Tremella fuciformis, White wood ear, silver ear fungus, snow fungus, white jelly mushrooms, and etc.
Of course, my personal favorite is still the Asian pear because it is what I grew up with, but I do not see the reason to travel miles and troubles to get Asian pear.
Some say that it is better to use the yellow ones, but in my opinion, whichever you have access to would do the job.
I cook it this way all the time because it is quicker to prepare and I always make it for my whole family when I need to make this dish.

For those who are using this for its prevention purpose, half is good enough, and I would still recommend drinking the soup especially for those who use additional ingredients.
It is something you can see when you see air bubbles coming our from the bottom of the pot which becomes steam when reaching air. Of course, you can also just cook Bai Mu Er by itself, and it should have some positive effects with dry cough in general.
Of course, sometimes they are very similar, but in this case, you can consider them as different. I still like the taste from steaming, and I feel steaming works better for your sore throat and cough. They are usually caused by an increase in temperature, dehydration and even a blocked nose.
It’s just when it’s cold, people tend to be closer together, and more likely to share germs. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Taking a full spoonful of honey has been shown to be very effective at calming nighttime coughs (that, and gargling salt water, which is another very effective natural remedy for a bad cough).
It's an easy nightcap, steaming and warm, with a stiff shot of booze to put you to sleep, lemon for Vitamin C, and all that sweet honey to make it go down easy. If you want to avoid alcohol, hot lemon juice and honey (or hot milk and honey, for that matter) is a good nighttime drink too. Avoiding spicy dishes and beverages will reduce mucus production and help you prevent this annoying condition. One more thing is that pears are in season now, and it is always good to consume food while it is in season. Here is a short list for the common ones that people usually like to use and can be found in supermarket here in US. There are many many benefits of this herb, but the most famous benefit is that it can make your skin look more beautiful.
Second is that it can help with premature ejaculation, and spermatorrhea for man or excessive uterine bleeding and vaginal discharge for women.
The yellow one is usually in irregular shape, so additional effort might be required to break them into smaller pieces. If I make too much, I just put the extra in the refrigerator and serve it at room temperature or warm the next day or later in the week. If you are just cooking Bai Mu Er, I would recommend just boil it in water as cooking soup, and add honey when it is cooked. Since I can’t see you in person, so I can not tell you if pear is okay or not okay for you. But when I was felled last week by a particularly nasty cough, I had to turn to something stronger. Downing spoonfuls of honey is a little rich for me, so I mixed up a tiny tumbler of this hot remedy several nights in a row.
Dishes with chilies, green peppers and hot peppers are some of the Post Nasal Drip foods to avoid.
The theory behind it is that this fungus has the function of keeping the respiratory tract and the lung in a good moisture balance and also nourish the yin.
For those who should not eat too much sugar, this dish can be done with little or no sugar.
Let the pear steam for 8 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the pear and your preference of the taste. I normally prepare my Bai Mu Er in slow cooker and let it cook the whole night when I am sleeping. Lung, in traditional Chinese medicine, is the organ that control the skin, and yin energy is all about soft, smooth, moist, and etc. It is important to note that if you have any of the issues listed above, it is recommend to get advice from doctor or a licensed diplomate of oriental medicine. The benefit of the sugar is to help to nourish yin and clear heat, but it can be replace with Yin Er or other ingredients listed above. In addition, it taste good in sweet soup, so Chinese, especially ladies, like to put this in whenever they are making sweet soup-like dishes. Prompt medical attention is critical for adults as well as for children if you do not notice any signs or symptoms. And as a Frugal Mom I also love that all the ingredients are things I always have in my pantry.

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