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Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris) is an extremely powerful medicinal plant with a strong effect on testosterone and everything associated with it (libido, good mood, muscle building, restorative sleep, protection of the cardiovascular system, pain reduction…) It is also famous among athletes because it significantly increases endurance and is anabolic (and has helped Bulgarian athletes to win numerous sporting competitions without running into problems with anti-doping controls). Tribulus Terretris is composed of a large number of active elements including steroidal saponins, such as dioscin, diosgenin and protodioscin. It is not recommended to take Tribulus Terrestris for prolonged periods of time (it is strongly advised to take breaks of at least one week every two weeks). Tribulus Terrestris is very effective for increasing endurance and promoting muscle building (natural anabolic). Tribulus Terrestris is a very powerful plant but does not have side-effects within the recommended dosage.
Tribulus regulates the body’s different hormones (due to its action on the liver), especially the hormones associated with the reproductive system and sexuality. Lack of testosterone can have an effect on the libido, as well as sleep, physical fatigue, and cardiovascular disease. Tribulus Terrestris combines extremely well with Maca (libido, strength, endurance, powerful aphrodisiac), as well as with Ginseng (libido, nervous balance, endurance, stress, restorative sleep), Ashwagandha (stress, restorative sleep, libido), Rhodiola (endurance, stress, nervous balance) Guarana (nervous stimulant, presence of mind and energy) and Spirulina for active athletes (endurance, good fitness). Reproduction of the contents of this site is strictly prohibited - La reproduction du contenu de ce site est strictement interdite.
Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Statistics Advertise with us ContactWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. The plant, especially its fruit, has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as in Ayurvedic medicine (India) for more than 3,000 years. These elements are behind the plant’s well-known beneficial effects on the libido, on fitness and on the building of muscle mass (natural anabolic). The most common method of taking Tribulus is in the form of capsules, but it can also be taken in the form of mother tinctures.

It is thus particularly recommended for active athletes, because testosterone helps to significantly increase endurance, as well as strengthening muscles (including the heart), which are stronger and more resistant during different forms of exertion (Tribulus has a natural anabolic effect). Tribulus Terrestris does not necessarily increase testosterone, but regulates it (unlike medicines such as Viagra or Cialis). Thus, Tribulus is particularly recommended for the elderly, or men and women over 50 years of age. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Tribulus also contains phytosterols: especially the beta-sitosterols that act on the different problems associated with the prostate, urinary and cardiovascular systems.
The effects of Tribulus Terrestris are generally felt after 3-4 days, but more rapidly when combined with other plants. However, the benefits of Tribulus are not limited to that of a simple anabolic plant that increases endurance; the plant is also very effective against fatigue and lack of energy, as well as for balancing the nervous system.
Thus, if the level of testosterone is too high, Tribulus will force the body to reduce its production, whereas if it is too weak, Tribulus will greatly increase the production of testosterone in the body (from 20-30% extra, according to different scientific studies). Tribulus also has a powerful effect on the liver (liver tonic function), and thus helps with the regulation of hormones, as well as with converting fats into energy. Traditionally, it was used to combat diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as urinary diseases. It is also recommended for people over 50 years of age (whether men or women) because it helps to reduce problems associated with andropause and menopause, as well as reinforcing the cardiovascular system and promoting deeper, more restorative sleep. This is why the plant is much less dangerous than medicines that increase the production of testosterone without limits. In the 1980s, among Bulgarian athletes, weightlifters often used Tribulus to naturally increase their athletic capacities and to develop their muscular mass.

Origins, Composition, Expert opinions, Combination with other Plants, and more Information on Tribulus Terrestris. Today, however, the usage of Tribulus has evolved (especially in Europe, the United States and Canada), and it has come to be most broadly used as an aphrodisiac to stimulate the libido. The combination of stimulants such as coffee or Guarana, or medicines, with Tribulus should also be avoided, because no studies have been conducted to determine the possible interactions. This allowed Tribulus to gain its reputation as an anabolic plant in Europe and North America. The plant (especially its fruit) is also commonly used for its anabolic effect by bodybuilders because it promotes the building of muscle mass. Tribulus does not interfere with sleep when taken in the evening (unlike Ginseng or Maca), however it is nonetheless not recommended to be taken after 8pm. In strong doses, Tribulus can damage the liver, the eye and its retina, but these are still unconfirmed hypotheses.
Tribulus is considered by herbalists to be an excellent adaptogen (it adapts to the body’s different needs).
In terms of the libido and physical fitness, Tribulus Terrestris is much more effective when combined with aphrodisiac plants such as Maca or Ginseng.

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