Medicinal herbal plants in india

A climbing vine or shrub that can reach lengths of 15.2 meters (50ft) with oblong leaves that are finely toothed. Tea made from root bark has emetic and diuretic properties and is a folk remedy for liver ailments, skin problems, leukorrhea, and rheumatism.
Culpeper tells that the legend has it that if the leaves are eaten by a man and a woman together, it will cause love between them and they will stay in love all their lives. From several plants of the Vinca family is obtained the drug vinblastine sulfate, now being tested in America for the treatment of Hodgkins’ disease. A native of Madagascar the world’s fourth largest island, found off the east coast of Africa.

The plant produces tow alkaloids Vincristine and Vinblastine from its sap, which are very crucial in caner-fighting medicines.
The name alkaloid is derived from the word alkaline, they are derivatives of amino acids produced by animals, plant or fungi.
Alkaline: It is an adjective commonly used in English as a synonym for base, especially for soluble bases.
Seed requires 21-24 degrees C (70 – 75 degrees F) and they should be just covered with compost for germination. In Madagascar islands, the extracts from this plant has been used for more than hundred years in Herbal medicine for the treatment of diabetes, blood pressure and also used as disinfectants.

When potting, place 3-4 plants per pot, and pinch out a couple of times to encourage bushy growth.

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