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Here’s a fun fact from my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner: Did you know that acupuncture points and energy meridians were first discovered when people comforting crying babies realized pressing on specific spots relieved symptoms?
All ancient systems of medicine, including TCM, are based on the simple truth that we are one with nature and the universe around us.  Man created “laws,” but nature has its own laws we must follow. Thanks to Whole Foods, I can buy organic strawberries whenever I want, even when it’s -7 degrees in NYC. In our Western diet, foods are evaluated for protein, calories, carbs, vitamins, and other generic values. Just like the weather, the seasons and even the time of day influence what happens in our bodies. Winter should be full of root vegetables, slow-cooked casseroles, warming herbs like cinnamon, ginger and rosemary. As you’ve seen above, the cooling fruits you should eat in the summer are generally very sweet. Examples: Fresh ginger, onion, leeks, green onion, Sichuan peppercorn, garlic, celery, coriander, Chinese chives, fennel, spearmint, Chinese radish, radish leaf, chili pepper, sweet peppers, turnips, taro, leaf mustard, Shanghai cabbage, cinnamon, tangerine peel, kumquat, mustard seed and wine. Sweet foods affect the stomach and spleen (not the actual spleen but TCM’s “spleen” organ system and energy channel which actually means the stomach.) Sweet foods lubricate and nourish the body and intestines. Examples: Lemon, tomatoes, pineapple, apple, strawberry, papaya, pears, loquat fruit, oranges, tangerines, peaches, hawthorn fruit, olives, pomegranate, plums, pomelo, mango, grapes, vinegar and royal jelly.
Examples: wine, vinegar, tea leaf, turnips, apricot seed, lily bulb, gingko, peach kernel, seaweed, bergamot, arrowhead, asparagus, wild cucumber and coffee.
Examples: Amaranth, millet, barley, preserved jellyfish, seaweed, kelp, sea clams, shrimp, oyster, crabs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the spots on your face do not pop up randomly.
It’s important to note that when we talk about TCM organs like the “Liver”, “Gall Bladder”, “Lungs”, “Heart” etc., we don’t mean the Western anatomical organs which we are familiar with.
The TCM theory is based on years of observation rather than hard scientific fact, so whilst it may be wise to take things with a pinch of salt, from personal experience I believe that being open-minded about it could lead to some interesting realizations about yourself and your current emotional and physical state. Anecdotal story: One client of mine developed a single large spot exactly in the lung region following the saddening news that her partner wanted to end their relationship. Immunity problems: This includes issues with keeping immunity up, so people are more likely to get a lot of coughs and colds, and generally catch everything that’s flying around. Sweating irregularities like too much  sweating upon physical exertion or non-existent sweating upon physical exertion. Anger & frustration issues, whether  there is excessive anger, or suppressed anger, these situations can cause spots in the liver zones of the face. Menstrual issues: The liver is the main TCM organ related to menstrual health issues including PMS, period pain and irregular periods. Ligament and tendon issues like sprained ankles, injury-prone joints, as well as neck and shoulder pains. Excessive consumption of toxins either in food or in the environment, because the liver is the main organ involved in detoxification. Anecdotal story: A client who suffered from impatience, irritability and frustration in her job had terrible PMS and constant redness and pimples in her liver zones above her eyes and on her upper cheeks.
NB As a generalization, severe acne in general is often considered related to liver imbalances. Blockages of joy may manifest in spots in the heart area because joy is the main emotion of the TCM heart.
Issues with emotional sweating like sweaty palms when nervous and breaking out into a whole-body or localized sweat in response to emotional stress. Long-term experience of strong emotions of any sort like prolonged self-loathing, anxiety, restlessness, anger or grief, can lead to heart imbalances.
Issues with the emotional link of  the eyes: Ranging from dull, lifeless eyes, to “crazy eye”, to more physical eye problems. Experiencing inappropriate emotional responses: A side-effect of heart imbalances that may accompany spots in the heart region include inappropriate emotional responses like laughing or smiling when you hear someone has died.
Issues with speech like stuttering, stammering, speech impediments and fear of public speaking. Being startled easily is another symptom of heart imbalance alongside pimples in the heart region.
Tendency to have an imbalanced sense of enthusiasm which may be either deficient (as in depression) or excessive (as in manic states). Anecdotal story: One client was having a difficult few months of depression and self-loathing. Worry: The main emotion linked to the spleen is worry, over-thinking and general excessive mental exertion. Dampness: Being exposed to excessive dampness and heavy, damp foods which are hard to digest can cause problems in the spleen, manifesting in spots in the spleen area. Energy issues: According to TCM the spleen is responsible for giving us energy (Qi), so if there are problems with the spleen, you may have deficient energy. Reproductive health issues: This includes problems with the reproductive hormones, issues around fertility, menstruation in women, and conditions like PCOS.
Bone health issues: Spots in this area could relate to bone health, development and growth issues in some people.
Hair health issues: According to TCM the Kidneys manifest in the head hair, so good hair health depends on healthy TCM Kidneys. Jing-depletion issues: In TCM there is a special life-force called “Jing” and this is said to keep us alive.
In TCM the colon is closely linked to the lungs so properties described in the lung-section somewhat echo those of the colon region. Issues with courage, such as not having the courage to do some things you want to do and this being a particular issue in your life at the moment. On a physical level: the gall bladder is closely related to the liver in terms of physical signs and symptoms. Problems in accessing inner wisdom and judgement which makes decision making difficult, leading to indecision or rash decisions. It’s natural for us to go through periods of grief, anger, willpower struggles and other emotions. At other times, the trigger for spots in certain regions of your face are longer term problems, with spots repeatedly coming up in the same locations. If you believe in the spiritual concept of “the body speaks the mind” and “signposts of the universe”, spots on your face are signposts telling you something.
In all these TCM organ imbalances described above, going to a TCM practitioner to balance the TCM organ under stress will help set you on the right path. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate. Facebook us:Join the saywhydoi facebook fanpage to be the first to know when a new article is up!
This therapy has been around for thousands of years in China and elsewhere, where reflexology has long been practiced. Left foot or hand reflects the left side of the body and the right foot or hand the right side.
The toes and fingers mirror the head and neck as well as the parts of the body they encase. Halfway down the foot at the base of the long bones of the foot is represented the waistline of the body.
Foot reflexology quite simply refers to the reflexes that have been mapped out in the foot. Ear acupuncture can be a very effective method for relieving acute pains and chronically stiff joints, sometimes these have been cured within minutes. The main disadvantage of ear acupuncture is the requirement to find the most painful spot for it to be fully effective, and this is not pleasant for people who are very sensitive to pain.
Acupuncture needles are available from some medical-equipment shops, acupuncturists or from acupuncture supply companies, see the Yellow Pages of major cities for addresses. Sterilise a suitable needle in methylated spirits and rub the ear with a cotton bud soaked in methylated spirits (optional).
Often the pain shifts around over a reflex area and you must insert the needle and work out the pain in several points lying close together. The term Si Zhen denotes the four methods used in diagnosis and Ba Gang comprises the Eight Principles summarising the pathological condition of the patient.
The tongue can be divided in the following way: the root corresponds to the kidney, the middle to the spleen, the tip to the heart and lungs and its bilateral sides to the liver and gall-bladder. If the tongue ls shrivelled and tough, it suggests excess (fullness); when it is thick and tender, it implies insufficiency (emptiness).
White coating denotes mostly superficial diseases caused by the Cold Evil, but if the coating looks like accumulated powder and the tongue is dark red, it marks diseases caused by the Damp and Fire Evils. Yellow coating manifests mostly the inner diseases, mainly those caused by the Fire Evil, but if the coating is thin and the tongue tender, it manifests the decrease of the spleen Yang. Low voice and little talk mainly manifest the Yin diseases, while a sonorous, high or coarse voice and talkativeness belong to the Yang diseases.
Forceful breath manifests the Yang diseases while the weak breath manifests the Yin diseases.
Dry cough in a new disease indicates that the lungs have been injured by the Wind Evil; cough and hoarsiness in a new disease means that it is caused by the Wind and Cold Evils, but if they appear in older diseases, that means a serious stage in tuberculosis. Abnormal smell corning from the mouth, sputum, sweat, urine or stool is also helpful in diagnosis.
Besides the physician must know the normal construction of the patient, whether he has not any latent disease and which are the symptoms of the disease. If at the beginning the patient shivers but does not perspire and suffers from a headache with pain in his whole body, his disease is a superficial one caused by the Wind and Cold Evils.
Diseases in which perspiration is absent, belong to the category of superficial full diseases, while those accompanied by perspiration belong to the superficial empty diseases. Constipation suggests a full disease caused by the Fire Evil, while diarrhoea indicates that the spleen and stomach have been afflicted by the disease caused by emptiness and Cold Evil. A bitter taste in the mouth suggests that the liver and gall bladder suffer from the Fire Evil, while an insipid feeling in the mouth suggests that the intestines and stomach are invaded by the Damp and Cold Evils. When the patient suffering from pain refrains from touching the painful spot, it is mostly the disease due to fullness, if on the contrary he finds relief in touching the painful spot, it is the disease due to the emptiness. The taking of pulse was considered to be an art and it takes time and patience to grasp this technique.
The physician must first feel his own pulse in order to compare it with that of the patient. When pressing lightly the physician gets the superficial pulse, when exerting stronger pressure at a certain moment he can suddenly feel that he has found a pulse of quite different quality.
It has been suggested that the pressure required for the superficial pulse diagnosis is the diastolic pressure, while that for the deep pulse diagnosis is the systolic pressure.
According to the intensity of the pulse one can recognise whether Yang or Yin is excessive or insufficient.
The normal pulse is characterised as not floating, not deep, not violent, not feeble, not rapid, not slow, regular with 4-5 beats within the time of one inspiration and one expiration. It is possible to take the pulse correctly only after a long practice based on a long-time comparison of the pulses of different patients.

Classical records talk about 28 different qualities of the pulse, but only 14 of the most important ones are given here. It is already palpable when slight pressure is applied, in exerting stronger pressure it becomes deeper.
When pressed slightly it is unpalpable, only when exerting stronger pressure it can be felt.
It is the counterpart of the slippery pulse, manifesting lack of Blood, hindrance in Qi and injury of Jing. It is a palpable pulse from which the physician gets the sensation of elasticity as when touching the strings. Various causes of the diseases bring about different pathological changes which are manifested by different pulses. If the patient is shivering with cold and his pulse changes from the floating into a rapid one, it means the disease is penetrating inside.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), bird's nest is considered as having a neutral (neither hot nor cold) energetic property with special influence on the lungs, kidneys and stomach.
Ready-to-drink and suitable for consumption by all ages and can be taken chilled or warmed.
Best consumed before bedtime, at least 3 hours after dinner, sometime between 11pm and 1am. Out of more than 30 species of swiflets, only 2 species of the genus Aerodramus and 1 of the genus Collocalia make edible saliva nest.
The most abundant amino acids are serine, threonine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, proline, and valine1, 4. Aspartic acid- aids in production of immunoglobulins and antibodies, and helps fight against fatigue.
There are scientific findings by the researchers in Chinese University of Hong Kong that epidermal growth factor (EGF) is present in edible Bird's Nest. When the Heart, Lungs and Spleen systems are working in harmony, the skin glows with radiance. Ageing is a natural process that every woman goes through, but how to age gracefully and beautifully? I had the great chance to visit Japan twice in the last 12 months, and I fell in love with the country, the people and the city, Tokyo. Also, if you, like us, opt for an AirBnB a bit outside the city center (perhaps with a travel time of 30-90 minutes by train, depending on where you’re going), you can stay for a full week for less than 600 euro. Look below at our view from our four-bedroom Tatami Apartment, tucked in a local area called Nishi Nippori.
Naturally, we hardly cracked our Lonely Planet Tokyo guide—and then, only to find the places where Bill Murray was sadder than any human alive in Lost in Translation. Despite chaotic city life, Berliners still subscribe to that one German mainstay: timeliness rules all.
Unfortunately, although Tokyo has a marvelous transportation system (one that, unlike Berlin, has absolutely no chaos—with Tokyo residents actually forming a LINE instead of bursting into the train), the trains stop at around midnight every night. The bar might allow 10 people, tops, to fit, with various “surprise” BBQ specials… For example, we ordered what we thought were “pork skewers” only to discover later that one was stomach, one was liver, one was kidney… and the other, chewier one, was rectum.
For our second visit to Tokyo, we stayed at Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA – In Memory of Helen Keller. Although there were no labs or fancy testing methods thousands of years ago, somehow our ancient ancestors had a better understanding of the body and root of dis-ease than most doctors do today. But in the Chinese diet (including herbs), we evaluate not only vitamins and minerals but also the energetic properties of food.
If a person suffers from cold rheumatism (arthritis) and the pain gets worse on cold winter days, eating foods with a warm or hot energy soothe pain away! This is why onion clears mucus from your lungs (sometimes it even makes your nose run – it’s pushing the mucus out!) This is also why they say spicy “Taco Tuesday” will send you to the bathroom! They are also called “astringent” in taste, and arrest abnormal discharge of fluids and other substances from the body, such as diarrhea, vomiting, emission and heavy sweating.
Their position on your face is meaningful because in TCM different areas of the face relate to certain TCM organs. The TCM organs may have the same names but they relate to a theoretical “organ” which (slightly confusingly) has the same name. A period of life that has been associated with sadness and grief can lead to temporary spots popping up in the lung zones of the face. Problems with skin elimination in general (a lung-related function according to TCM) can lead to spots and pimples.
Related to blockages of joy are issues with self-love, self-acceptance, stress and uptighteness. These are the type of people who see you coming and still jump when you say “Boo!”, or jump more than the average person in reaction to an alarm or unexpected event. She exhibited almost all of the physical signs and symptoms associated with TCM heart issues and had a number of spots in her heart regions on her face. Problems in these areas can manifest as IBS, dysbiosis, bloating, bad breath, problems with appetite (excessive or deficient) and poor stool movements, amongst others.
You’ll find a lot of references and anecdotal stories that say that spots on your chin and jawline relate to hormonal problems, and according to TCM (and also Japanese and Vietnemses face maps), this is because the chin is the prime location of the reflex points relating to sex hormone production (in this case the TCM Kidney).
Feeling aloof or apathetic, or having trouble with self-discipline could be behind these spots. Common pathologies linked to kidney issues include osteoporosis, teeth problems like cavity-prone teeth and brittle bones. We’re born with a certain amount of Jing, and as we live our lives, it slowly gets depleted. The main emotional issues relating to spots arising in the colon areas are feeling stuck, or grieving, much like the lungs.
Sometimes a spot that arises in response to a temporary situation such as this will just pass once the person has dealt with that particular issue. According to TCM, this is a sign that the problem related to the TCM organ zone of your face has not been dealt with and it will continue to come up until you sort it out.
They’re telling you something is wrong that needs rebalancing, and they’ll keep showing up in the same locations until you do something about the recurring issue they’re reaching out to you about. Most TCM practitioners work with particular nutrition, Chinese herbs*, acupuncture, mental exercises and other lifestyle advice that can help re-balance the situation.
Make sure you’re working with a highly respected practitioner and safe sources of herbs. If you like a product that was recommended anywhere on this website, please consider buying these products via the links on this site, to help keep this website running. I haven’t researched this topic yet, but I would imagine that there is significance to different locations of breakouts in other places on your body. The most common theory is that the earliest form of reflexology originated in China, as much as 5000 years ago. Find the most tender spot in the appropriate reflex area of the ear by pressing with a toothpick or a similar probe. When the ear point is sore and still in need of treatment, the needle will feel like 'sticking' when it is twirled, while it will move freely when the tension is worked out.
Instead of using needles, you may press the ear with the head of a pin, a toothpick, a matchstick or a fingernail. Agitated expression suggests hot, Yang diseases, while a depressed expression suggests internal, Yin diseases.
From the nature of the tongue insufficiency or excess (emptiness or fulness, xu and shi) of the Five Zang Organs may be judged, from its coating the Six Evils and the depth of their penetration can be judged. When the tongue is dark red, it suggests an inner disease of a serious nature caused by the Fire Evil, and when it is scarlet, it suggests the accumulation of Blood. If the white coating changes into yellow, it means that the sickness gradually penetrating in to the body; if the yellow coating retreats and another thin coating appears, the disease is taking a good turn. If the fever is accompanied by perspiration, thirst, constipation and hallucination, it is an inner disease caused by the Fire Evil. If in the superficial diseases perspiration appears and the temperature does not drop, it means that the Evil has already penetrated too deep. Incessant diarrhoea (5 times a day) suggests the insufficiency of Yang in the spleen and kidney. When the pulse beats are long and the strokes markedly prolonged (chang), then the constitution of the pulse is as well regulated, when the pulse beats are short and without volume (duan), then the constitution of the pulse is out of order. When the pulse is normal there should be four beats during the time when he makes one expiration and inspiration.
Sometimes it happened that on the basis of the pulses the physician could recognise the coming disease before it broke out. The pulse can be influenced by the climate, environment, food and mood, but the changes are of not pathological character. It is very weak and the physician gets a sensation of softness as if touching cotton wool soaked with water. Diseases caused by the Wind Evil mostly have a floating pulse, those caused by the Cold Evil have a slow pulse, those caused by the Fire Evil a rapid pulse and those caused by the Damp Evil a weak and slippery pulse, etc. Thus if in the spleen disease the pulse is slippery, it means that wood is destroying earth. If a patient has a fever, his cheeks are burning and his breathing is difficult, it should signify a disease caused by the Fire Evil, but if at the same time the pulse is deep and weak, it is actually the so called false Fire Evil. In Yang diseases a Yang pulse should occur while in Yin diseases a Yin pulse should be found. It is ready-to-drink and suitable for consumption by all ages and can be taken chilled or warmed.
This gel secretion is an integral component to building the swiftlet nests, which are found in dangerous and highly inaccessible locations like steep cliffs, overhanging crags and deep caves. Aerodramus fuciphaga is the swiftlet that produces the highest quality of edible Bird’s Nest, because its nests are white and clean with minimum feathers. Scientific findings by the researchers in Chinese University of Hong Kong discovered that epidermal growth factor (EGF) is present in EBN. There had been studies showing that sialic acid aids in moderating the immune system receptors, preventing entry of bacteria and viruses. In fact, you can buy flights for around 600 Euro return—perhaps even less, if you’re lucky. I thought—perhaps—this “Friendly Tokyo” might offer the same benefits, featuring great, lesser-known places. Well we were lost so we decided to do the most touristy thing ever and go to the famous New York Bar at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo.
We bought the tickets to the tower, selected a menu (about 30-50 Euros per person) and within a few minutes we were in the restaurant way up the tower, looking over Tokyo.
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The energy and motivation of our body mirrors the  yang energy that the sun is providing us with. Some foods have cooling energy (raw vegetables like lettuce for example, mango, avocado) and some foods have a warming energy (cooked sweet potatoes, soup, onions, dates, etc).
For this reason, tropical cooling fruits like mangoes and bananas grow only in warm climates to cool us.

If you suffer from skin eruptions (cysts, acne, eczema) that get worse when exposed to heat, you can choose to eat cold or cool energy foods to relieve symptoms.
They also dry dampness (infection, mucus, sickness), stimulate appetite, and promote lowering effects like urination and bowel movements. Salty foods dissipate accumulations (think cysts, clots, blood stagnation), nourish blood, and lubricate intestines to induce bowel movements.
Each TCM organ carries with it both an emotional meaning and a connection to related body systems that need strengthening if a weakness (i.e. So just to clarify, when it is written below that there’s something wrong with your “Heart” region, this doesn’t mean you actually have something wrong with your anatomical heart, but rather with the TCM definition of the “Heart”. Addressing hormonal imbalances will often help prevent spots arising on the chin and jawline. The “signposts of the universe” theory states that it starts with little signs like spots on your face reaching out to you, but if you don’t listen to their message, the signs appear in other ways so that hopefully you’ll notice them. It requires a holistic approach and almost always begins with treating your state of mind and emotions.
Suggestions contained in this article are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a health professional. TCM-wise, my guess would be that the answer may be related to which meridians are found in the area where the spots are. However, often the pain will be felt as being beneficial, especially because it usually decreases with continued needling. For treating chronically weak body parts that do not have sore ear points, select the appropriate point or area from the ear chart and twirl the needle rapidly. Treat the indicated organ points or wherever there is a tender spot; press for a minute or more each day or whenever convenient. The red colour suggests the Fire Evil, the white colour the Cold Evil, the green colour the Wind Evil etc. If it changes from white into yellow and from yellow into grey and at least into black, the disease is deteriorating.
Yellow and red urine suggests the disease due to the fullness and the Fire Evil, while clear and long lasting urine suggests the disease due to the emptiness and the Cold Evil. When the pulse is quick and contains 6 beats to one cycle of respiration (shu), then it indicates heart trouble, and when the pulse is large (da), the disease becomes grave.
The physician takes the pulse with his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger in such a way that first of all he puts his middle finger on the spot Guan and then the other two fingers on the spots Cun and Chi. In spring the pulse is compared to the sensation one gets when touching the strings, in summer it is stronger; in autumn it is more superficial and in winter it is deeper. If associated with a disease it is caused mainly by the Cold or Damp Evils and the disease has a good prognosis. After a great loss of Blood the pulse should be weak, if on the contrary it is overflowing, it suggests deterioration of the disease.
They demonstrated an epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like activity in aqueous extract of edible bird’s nest that stimulated the DNA synthesis in 3T3 fibroblast in a dose dependent manner in vitro2.
Tokyo’s not stuck in the ‘80s anymore (some 40 years ago, guys) and is no longer thriving from that economic boom. Based on my trip in 2006, I knew that renting phones and SIM cards can be, at-times, horrendously expensive. There are expensive, popular ones you’ll find in your “Lonely Planet”—like Blue Note or Billboard Live.
If you increase the sun exposure that the plant gets (sun = yang and dry), you must also increase its water intake (water = yin and moist). Similarly, our digestive energy or digestive fire (think of logs of food going into a fervent fire) is strongest when the sun’s energy is strongest. We must look at the color, energy, and flavor of the food (such as sour, pungent, bitter, etc.). Cooking a raw food will often change its energy and cause it to have a warming effect on the body. Pungent foods promote distribution of stagnant energy and blood circulation while stimulating appetite.
Full sweets consist of complex carbohydrates that have a strengthening and nourishing action. Bitter foods supplement heart cooling (the opposite of heat and anger) and have a calming effect, especially following stress and mental strain. In addition, the related health and emotional implications of each TCM organ may sound bewilderingly unrelated to the organ in question (for example TCM “Kidneys” affect ear health and reproduction). Note that some references will say that spots on the forehead relate to digestive issues too. People who have other sex-related issues may also find spots arising in their kidney zones. All matters regarding health and supplementation require medical supervision and careful examination of contraindications.
Organ diseases and glandular disturbances may respond less dramatically, but ear needling will always be very helpful as a supportive method with other forms of treatment.
This pain may be considered as 'letting off steam' or congestive energy from a target organ through the 'safety valve' of an ear point. If it is not sore any more, move the needle to a different angle and twirl, and in this way gradually work around in a circle. In addition, it will be very stimulating to the whole body to massage both ears thoroughly by rubbing them between thumb and index finger simultaneously. Incontinence of urine with the clear urine indicates that the kidney and bladder suffer from the emptiness and are invaded by the Cold Evil. Felix Mann introduces an example of a diabetic who after a dose of insulin had almost a normal pulse. Women have a weaker and slower pulse than men, children have a faster one, the adult people have a normal, soft pulse, while the old people have a hard one; people working physically have a strong pulse while those working mentally have a weaker one.
EGF is a low-MW polypeptide, which stimulates cell growth and proliferation, demonstrating properties of skin and tissue repair. The other carbohydrate components present demonstrate important roles in signal transduction in cellular communication.
Most notably, my editor, Andrew, has challenged me, time and time again, demanding: “Why should this even be written?” And he’s right, at least initially. After all: Who hasn’t seen Lost in Translation and felt convinced by a sad and lifeless Bill Murray to journey to that city far-far-away? To save you some time, I’ve found the cheapest, most reliable and flexible service from NTT Docomo, here. Actually, if a train is late in Tokyo, you can request a ticket from the train’s platform inspector. Most notably, the park is a favorite in the springtime, when cherry blossoms bloom.?? For shopping, Kichijoji scratches the Japanese vintage-sneaker itch (apparently an obsession) with the Skit Sneaker store—where you can spend hours and hours.
Together with many friends, supporters, creatives, entrepreneurs and Berlin lovers, BERLIN LOVES YOU evolved into what it is today.
By listening to nature and the cycle of the sun, we know to eat our largest meal around 3pm. You can take a peach, which is usually cooling, and bake it with cinnamon (a warming herb) and this will warm the peach’s energetic effect.
They have a warming action, promoting energy to move upwards and outwards to the body’s surface. Too many bitter flavor foods cause diarrhea, dehydration, bone damage, and false heat in the heart. Though it may sound strange given our knowledge of medicine and science, through thousands of years of carefully developed TCM theory, it all makes sense, so an open mind respecting the potential of ancient wisdoms is needed whilst reading this article. This is because in some Chinese face maps the TCM small intestines are indicated across the forehead, and the small intestines are also involved in digestive health to a certain degree in TCM. For example people who have unbalanced sexual desires, or who indulge in excessive sex could have Kidney issues. Some activities deplete Jing faster than others, with some of the most depleting including taking drugs (particularly those that imbalance brain chemistry or speed things up), caffeine and stress. The author does not accept responsibility for the use of this information, nor shall the author be liable for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions in this article. However, chronically weak organs may also benefit from ear needling if no pain is felt in the corresponding ear point. In front of it in the proximal part there is a spot called Gun and in the distal part behind the apophysis is a spot called Chi.
What for one person might be a symptom of a disease, for another person can be quite normal. Why should a Berlin-based blog specializing in all things Berlin write about a city that’s 9,000 km away?
After having Sasaya for a number of years, places like Men Men  and Yume Kitchen in Neukolln are paving new ground, becoming incredibly popular. When you present this ticket to your employer, it states how many minutes late your train was. You should try not to eat after the sun goes down, because your body gets colder and your digestive fire dies out in order to save energy for organ restoration during sleep. When it’s winter, warming foods such as pumpkins start to bloom only in cold climates to nourish and warm us in times of frigid weather. Examples: honey, dates, shiitake mushroom, taro, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, carrot, glutinous rice, peas, soybean, rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane, peanut, milk, apple, pears, cherry, chestnut, grapes, lotus seed, longan aril, carps and abalone.
Such Jing-depleting activities can cause Kidney issues because Jing resides in the Kidneys. GB = gall bladder, LV = liver, LI = large intestine or colon – similar meaning to lungs, SI = small intestine which have similar meaning to the heart area etc. Generally, however, you may follow the rule 'The more sore the point, the more effective the treatmenta€™.
If it was sorer in a particular direction, insert the needle at a point 1-2 mm away from the first point in that direction and repeat the twirling and probing in different directions. That’s not to mention Zenkichi near Friedrichstra?e, which features a remarkable Sake selection. To him, Rosenthaler Platz is the most vibrant place in Berlin uniting all Berlin has to offer!
Find the bit I wrote above about the relevant organ for an interpretation of what spots along these meridians could indicate). Thus counting the three superficial and the three deep pulses on both hands we get twelve pulses corresponding to the respective organs.
They are retained in the ear for one to two weeks, covered with adhesive tape, and stimulated from time to time by pressing between thumb and a finger pad. On the basis of the examination of the pulse we can state the excess or fullness of Qi (shi) or the insufficiency or emptiness of Qi (xu) of the respective organs.
If an acupuncture needle is not available, you may use a bead needle or even a fine sewing needle.

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