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Some images in this site come from the most important resource of free images in the web. Although the conceptions of ancient Chinese medicine concerning the organs and their functions are in contradiction with the knowledge of modern medicine, still it might be used to become acquainted with them. Insufficiency of the liver Yang – dysmenorrhea, dizzy vision, weak eyesight, convulsions, etc.
Utter disorder of the liver Qi – pain in the chest, oppression in the chest, vomiting, diarrhoea. Insufficiency of the spleen Yang – anorexia, dyspepsia, exhaustion, tympanites, diarrhoea, edema of the whole body, cold limbs, jaundice. Excess of the lung Qi – quick and heavy breath, sensation of oppression in the chest, a lot of sputum etc. Insufficiency of the kidney Yin – dry throat, painful throat, dizziness, forgetfulness, tinnitus. Insufficiency of the kidney Yang – lumbago, sensation of cold in the back, inability to remain standing for long time, pollution, impotence, intestinal tuberculosis, incontinence of urine, swellings etc. Diseases associated with the gall bladder: fear, pain in the chest, bitterness in the mouth, shivering etc.

In ZHONGGUO ZHENJIUXE-GAIYAO these “unfailing and preserving intestines” imply the brain, marrow and womb. The brain, the marrow, the bones, the pulse, the gall and the womb of the women, these six organs have been produced by the atmosphere of the earth.
In form they are similar to the Fu Organs and in function they are similar to the Zang Organs. One branch goes around the face and ears to the hips while the other branch moves across the cheeks and goes to the gall bladder where it meets the other branch. Charts can vary pending on their source, and many may look different than this one just so you know.
It receives the nourishment digested by the stomach and transfers the energy to the spleen in order to distribute it all over the body. They are all viscera belonging to Yin and they are the natural symbols of the earth; therefore they store and do not expel and their name is ‘unfailing and preserving intestines.
They then join as they go down the legs to the tops of the feet where it meets the Liver Meridian.
In the case the spleen is not able to distribute nourishment, the stomach is not able to absorb it; in the case the stomach is not able to absorb nourishment, it cannot be distributed by the spleen.

Blockage in the Gall Bladder Meridian manifests itself as jaundice, nausea, or even a bad taste in the mouth.
In NEIJING its function is compared to a sewage system of the body, but the location is not given. Sometimes it is said to exist only in name and sometimes it is considered to be a link between the universe and a man.
The development, growth and extinction of the reproductive function is associated with the kidney.
It is divided into three parts: the Upper Warmer (shangjiao), the Middle Warmer (zhongjiao) and the Lower Warmer (xiajiao), each of which is associated with the corresponding part of the body. Thus the Upper Warmer comprises the heart and lungs, the Middle Warmer the spleen and stomach and the Lower Warmer the liver, kidney, bladder and the large and small intestines.
The intensity of its function can be seen from the growth of the hair and solidity of the teeth.

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