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In the Pakistan alone, 3 – 4 percent of the population considered to be infected by Hepatitis c virus.
Here below we tell you about hepatitis C, symptoms and treatment along with home remedies for treating hepatitis c disease. Liver function disorders often manifest themselves as bloating and nausea noticeable, rarely by pain in the upper abdomen. Physicians and doctors prescribe different medicines and injections for controlling and treating hepatitis c disease. If you don’t want to get medical treatment or you are sick of medical treatment, then you can get benefit from our hepatitis c home remedies. KARACHI- Voicing concern that diseases such as hepatitis and breast cancer are assuming alarming proportion, Sindh Health Minister Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahr has stressed the need for launching awareness campaigns about the diseases among the masses.This he stated during his visit to Dow University of Health Sciences’ (DUHS) Ojha Campus.

He said government will leave no stone unturned in providing assistance to the institution. Briefing the minister about the DUHS, Prof Masood Hameed said that 100-bed hospital for liver transplantation would start functioning soon, while 500-bed hospital for treatment of various other diseases was already functioning.
He said that the latest technology was being used for liver transplantation at the DUHS and 4000 lab tests were being conducted daily. An inflammation of the liver initially manifested by flu-like symptoms, later, the inflammation becomes visible jaundice.
The treatment duration depends on condition of disease, but normally patients are treated with drugs for 6 months. Take Anab a small berry like fruit, Kasni seeds (1 tsp), Mako seeds (1 tsp), Gul Nilofer (1 flower) and 2 Figs (Anjeer).

The DUHS vice chancellor Prof Dr Masood Hameed Khan and heads of other departments were also present on the occasion.
Since it constantly changes its structure, it is not always recognized by the immune system and so the virus can multiply unchecked.
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Describing Ojha Institute as one of the best institutions in the country, the minister said that DUHS should extend its services in all districts of Sindh.

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