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I use journal prompts as my go-to resource when we have a little time left over or when I need my students to settle down.
I've linked a couple of free prompts from my "A Year of Journal Prompts" bundle (which is aligned to the Common Core State Standards). I'd like to share with you 10 helpful websites for the secondary teacher when using laptops or utilizing a computer lab. When it comes to teaching, it's hard to compare jobs with other teachers because each level is unique. File Download GuideAfter checking out from our store, Astute Hoot will send you an email containing your links for the downloadable files. One significant change with the 16th edition of the Manual is that the bibliographic elements in both systems have been reconciled to a great extent, so that the Bibliography in Notes and Bibliography style and Reference List in Author-Date style are now treated in the same manner. Elements you will need for electronic citations include either a DOI ( Digital Object Identifier) or URL. Access dates are largely optional, unless the date of publication or revision cannot be determined from the online source.
Chicago style suggests that bibliography entries are not usually needed for individual newspaper articles, since most of the necessary information can be gleaned from the notes or in-text citations. 13David Denby, review of True Grit (film), directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, New Yorker, 86, no. 13Martha Nichomsin, review of Winter's Bone (film), directed by by Debra Granik, Cineaste 36, no. In section 14.247, the Manual suggests that "well-known" reference works such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica are normally cited only in notes and not listed in a bibliography.
However, the Manual strongly encourages those citing legal and government materials extensively to use footnotes, rather than awkward in text citations.

The Manual recommends that web sites and blogs be treated in notes, rather than in bibliographies, in most cases. And contrary to popular belief, practicing this skill does not have to be painful for students.
They force the students to think about things they may never think about, but they also give them an opportunity to pour out their inner feelings and thoughts they may never share orally. They are based on current events, historical events, authors, literature, art, music, sports, weather, science, pop culture, holidays, and more. Three differentiated writing prompts are included with Thanksgiving themed icons, sentence starters, and writing frames. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This style is used more often in the sciences, and is discussed at length in chapter 15 of the Manual. Abbreviations, capitalization, and the use of quotation marks are also the same in both systems. You may also wish to consult our links to online help pages or the Chicago Quick Style Guide for additional information.
Editor First Name Editor Last Name (Place: Publisher, year), page number, accessed Month day, year, URL or DOI. For reference works with signed entries or chapters by different authors, one can create a citation similar to that for a book chapter. Most citations in the Bluebook style use footnotes alone and do not include the same information in the bibliography. Note style for online documents is generally the same as print, with the addition of a URL.

The titles of unpublished theses and dissertations are given in quotes, rather than in italics.
They are a perfect way for students to practice writing without realizing they are "working" on their writing skills.
I used to have my students write three or four times per week, but I've found in recent years we haven't had as much time to devote to the activity. The download doesn't have the full-page slides, but it gives you an idea of what kind of prompts I use with my students. A turkey craft with turkey body and feathers is also included along with a Thanksgiving themed journal writing page.
I try to give my students 10-15 minutes to complete their responses, which means I expect them to write more than just a few sentences. My bundle contains handouts that give students more direction, but I usually just project the prompt on the board and students write in their notebooks or type on their laptops.
No matter what they are writing, they are practicing critical-thinking skills, as well as writing skills. Books that are appropriate for your child help increase their fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

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