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Part 2 presents the practice of IHRM, showing the decisions organizations have to make, and the dilemmas they face when implementing HRM policy and practice. Accessible language and real-life examples are employed, and no prior understanding of HRM or labour economics is assumed.
This makes the text perfectly suited for the large number of students who do not hold an undergraduate degree in business or HRM, or for whom English is not their first language. The text will also be welcomed by students who have taken an introductory module in HRM but would like to be reminded of the core concepts before exploring how these work in an international context.

This book links together aspects of HRM with key concepts around organisations; not many IHRM textbooks currently on the market start from these 'basics', hence students find them difficult to read and comprehend.
Crawley, Swailes and Walsh bring together everything that a student needs to know to get a complete picture of this area. The comparative approach in Part 1 ensures the student understands the implications of the changing business environment on IHRM, demonstrating the importance of national culture and institutional differences and how this informs the debates and theories. Francesca Andreescu, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour, Westminster Business School The examples used are up-to-date and are contextualised in a wide range of country contexts; this is really important given the cultural diversity of today's student cohorts. The book combines traditional and international aspects of the topic area, negating the need for more than one 'core' text.

Lynne Powell, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, Newcastle Business School I especially like the book's coverage of both macro and micro aspects, and the chapter on the dark-side - which is increasingly relevant nowadays.

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