Left flank pain colon cancer

Non-specific - 95% of people with back pain have this type, it is by far the most common problem I see.
Serious or specific back problems – these are worrying illnesses such as cancer and infection and fortunately very few people have this (less than 1%). The term non-specific lower back pain is a term used to describe all of the non serious causes of back pain and can include all sorts of problems – several of them can cause left side back pain. The problem with non-specific lower back pain is that it is exactly that – non-specific. Fortunately this problem is not serious and managing it with pain relief and keeping active is usually enough to get the symptoms back under control. The sacroiliac joint is a very stable joint with very little movement but problems with the joint can occur if this movement becomes restricted or if there is too much movement in the joint. Changes occur in the joints as we age and can cause stiffness and pain in the facet joints of the lower back.
Muscles and joints can refer pain in a similar way for example a facet joint strain can give you pain in the buttock.
This whole thing is further complicated if you have chronic lower back pain, as the way your body responds to pain changes if you have had it for a while.
Without an assessment it is impossible to be sure of the exact cause of anyone’s pain, therefore I recommend that you go along to a doctor or physiotherapist and get checked out. It is highly likely that you will have a very manageable non specific lower back pain problem that you can treat with success. The general information on this web site is designed to support, not replace, specific medical advice or the relationship between you and your health care provider.
Friday, an 11-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, arrived at Thal Equine showing signs of abdominal pain (colic).  He had not responded to pain relievers and fluids by stomach tube given by the veterinarian at the farm.
When a horse is experiencing abdominal pain (colic), it is the veterinarian’s job to identify the underlying cause, the Condition Causing Colic (CCC).
Depending on the diagnosis, the appropriate treatment may be simple, such as pain-relief and fluids by nasogastric (stomach) tube.
The colic exam is a special physical exam veterinarians do to look at certain aspects of the horse’s health that reflect the intestinal and cardiovascular systems. In a normal healthy horse, the spleen rests against the left abdominal wall and is connected to the left kidney by a short, thick sheet of connective tissue, called the nephro-splenic ligament.
One common approach to correcting a nephrosplenic entrapment is sometimes called the “drug and jog” approach.  A veterinarian administers medication (phenylephrine) to shrink the spleen, and then the horse is jogged and exercised for about 10 minutes. In Friday’s case, the “drug and jog” approach did not work, so I recommended the rolling procedure next. The “Rolling Procedure” is a non-surgical treatment that, when performed correctly, is thought to return the colon to its proper position within the abdomen in about 70% of cases. Before I describe how veterinarians do this, understand that this procedure is only to be performed by a qualified veterinarian who is confident in their diagnosis of left dorsal displacement of the large colon.  It is not a proper treatment for any other condition or diagnosis and could even be harmful. First, we medicated Friday with phenylephrine to shrink his spleen.  Theoretically, this gives the large colon more space within the abdomen within which to move back to its proper position.
This sequence is intended to move the colon out of its trapped position and back to its proper position. After the sequence is done, we determine whether or not the problem is fixed using repeat ultrasounds and rectal exam performed while the horse is still down. After discussing this risk of recurrence with the owner, I recommended a surgical procedure to prevent entrapment in the future.
The space is actually stitched closed, completely closing it, to prevent the colon from becoming entrapped there again. In this case, with a rapid and correct diagnosis we were able to successfully perform a specific non-invasive treatment.
Patients often present with the classic triad of left lower quadrant pain, fever, and leukocytosis (an elevation of the white cell count in blood tests).
Less commonly, an individual with diverticulitis may present with right-sided abdominal pain.
Most people with diverticulosis do not have any discomfort or symptoms; however, symptoms may include mild cramps, bloating, and constipation. The development of colonic diverticulum is thought to be a result of raised intraluminal colonic pressures.
Foods such as seeds, nuts, and corn were, in the past, thought by many health care professionals to possibly aggravate diverticulitis. People with the above symptoms are commonly studied with a computed tomography, or CT scan. Other studies, such as barium enema and colonoscopy are contraindicated in the acute phase of diverticulitis due to the risk of perforation. The differential diagnosis includes colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, ischemic colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as a number of urological and gynecological processes. Most cases of simple, uncomplicated diverticulitis respond to conservative therapy with bowel rest and antibiotics. Colonul are numerosi nervi care ii comanda miscarile prin care amesteca si evacueaza materiile fecale, ii  regleaza secretia, dar are si terminatii nervoase care culeg durerea.
Este foarte greu pentru oricine sa spuna ca o durere tine fix de un anumit organ, de accea este foarte greu sa spui despre o durere ca este durere de colon, chiar daca este localizata pe traiectul colonului. Sansa unei dureri din zona colonului de a fi data chiar de o boala a colonului este mai mare atunci cand persoana cu durerea respectiva are si scaune cu sange, diaree sau constipatie, balonare, bolboroseli in burta. Destul de des bolile colonului nu dau dureri, motiv pentru care sunt diagnosticate in stadii avansate de evolutie. Acest mod de a proceda este complet gresit si oamenii il aplica numai propriului organism, dar nu si masinii lor, pe care o duc la mecanic pentru a vedea despre ce este vorba. Cancerul de colon da rar dureri.” In alta parte a site’ului am gasit ca poate sa dea dureri uneori chiar din faza de inceput…Puteti sa ne explicati va rog?

Daca aveti probleme abdominale de genul celor din articol,  nu trebuie nici sa fiti disperat, dar nici sa neglijati problema, cel mai intelept este sa mergeti la un specialist gastroenterolog pentru o evaluare corecta a situatiei, orice amanare putand avea consecinte neplacute, uneori ireversibile. Absolvent al Facultatii de Medicina Generala a Universitatii de Medicina si Farmacie “Gr T Popa” Iasi cu "magna cum laude", sef de promotie (media generala 10) . Date despre balonare, durere in stanga, fisura anala, colita, etc aveti postate pe site si va puteti informa. Tratamentul durerii presupne mai intai descoperirea cauzei durerii, care in cazul dvs nu este cunoscuta. Investiga?ia ori interven?ia medicala la distan?a, in oricare dintre formele ?i modalita?ile existente, este permisa numai in situa?ia in care pacientul este asistat nemijlocit de catre medicul sau, iar scopul investiga?iei ?i procedurilor la care este supus pacientul este acela de a ajuta medicul sa determine diagnosticul, sa stabileasca tratamentul sau sa intreprinda orice alta masura medicala necesara finalizarii actului medical sau a interven?iei medicale in cazul opera?ilor. Am dureri de mult timp in partea dreapta ?i analizele medicale de la Tulcea nu au descoperit nimic.ce sa fac?
Ma plimb pe la medici de 4 ani, insa medicamentele nu m-au ajutat, mai rau cred ca m-au intoxicat, chiar cu regimul de alimentatie respectat, fara grasimi, prajeli, alcool, etc. Mi-au fost puse mai multe diagnostice, pe rand: gastroduodenita, hernie hiatala, infectie cu helicobacter pilory cu gastrita de care as fi scapat, bila lenesa (la ecografie mi-a iesit vezica biliara cudata) . Simptomele mele de acum sunt balonari zilnice atat in partea de sus cat si in partea de jos a abdomenului.
De ceva vreme asociez aceasta forma de cosntipatie si cu o durere in zona lombara in partea dreapta, durere care dispare dupa eliminarea scaunului sau a gazelor. Dupa o nastere grea care mi-a ,,paralizat” ambele zone de jos, am impresia ca muschii nu ma mai ajuta uneori in eliminarea scaunului(constipatie).
Ma numesc Adina,am 35 de ani,am facut o endosopie si o colonoscopie in Londra(aici locuiesc)si mi s-a spus ca am colon iritabil.Totusi am dureri foarte mari in timpul noptii si nu pot dormi,care sa fie cauza?ar trebui sa repet investigatiile?ar trebui sa ma ingrijorez?acum sunt insarcinata. Domnule doctor, daca va rog, sa postati informatii despre colita ulcero-hemoragica, recto-colita ulcero-hemoragica, boala inflamatorie intestinala, ceva de genul acesta m’ar interesa mult acum pe mine. Send Acesta este un serviciu tehnic, de programare pentru consultatie, NU pentru consultatii onine. The results showed no additional benefit from adding any treatment on top of keeping active.The Lancet's review (3) of current treatment advice also supports the need to self manage the problem with appropriate support from your doctor. Too much movement sometimes happens after a fall or injury but most commonly after pregnancy.
If you have chronic pain bear in mind that it is very difficult indeed to pin point the exact cause of the problem.
Cases that don’t respond to these treatments might require more aggressive treatment such as hospitalization with IV fluids and ongoing pain relief and careful monitoring.
It considers the complex anatomy and function of the 30-meter (100 feet) long equine gastrointestinal tract. The veterinarian inserts their gloved arm into the horse’s rectum and feels the abdominal organs, including the regions of intestine, through the thin rectal wall. We could feel the left colon caught in the space between the kidney and the spleen, hanging on the ligament that joins those two organs.  Based on this finding, we believed that he was suffering from a condition called Left Dorsal Displacement of the Large Colon, with a Nephrosplenic Entrapment. Sometimes, however, the very mobile, left part of the large colon (a bulky double horse-shoe shaped organ that weighs about 100 lbs) slides between the spleen and the body wall (called a left dorsal displacement), and can further become entrapped on top of this ligament, within the nephro-splenic space.  When the colon is trapped in this position, it is known as a “nephrosplenic entrapment”.
In this case, the prevailing wisdom is that abnormal movement (motility) of the colon causes dysfunction and gas accumulation within the colon, which then floats up or is pushed up into the abnormal position.
In this case, we used abdominal ultrasound to help us visualize the left upper region, and this confirmed our diagnosis.
In some “mild” displacements, medical therapy (IV and oral fluids and nursing care) may allow the colon to move back into position. In our practice, the rolling procedure has been a great tool for treating nephrosplenic entrapment. In these cases, the horse becomes more painful, and we immediately proceed to colic surgery if it is an option. Although the image above does not show it, we usually continue to roll a horse back over their chest and until they are left side up again, so we can examine the abdominal space on ultrasound while a horse is still lying down. Once he became stable, we walked him to a hospital stall and gave him IV and nasogastric fluids.
In this case, there were factors in Friday’s history and exam that we felt made it even more likely that it would happen again. A week later, Friday was transported to the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where he had a special standing surgical operation performed to close (ablate) the nephrosplenic space.
The word ablation means removal or destruction of something, the nephrosplenic space in this case.
It saved Friday from undergoing traditional colic (abdominal) surgery, a much more invasive and costly procedure that would have required a much longer lay-up period. I wouldn’t have thought that just by rolling the animal would help the organs on the inside. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, which involves the formation of pouches (diverticula) on the outside of the colon.
This may be due to the less prevalent right-sided diverticula or a very redundant sigmoid colon.
Other diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and stomach ulcers cause similar problems, so these symptoms do not always mean a person has diverticulosis. The sigmoid colon (Section 4) has the smallest diameter of any portion of the colon, and therefore the portion which would be expected to have the highest intraluminal pressure.
However, recent studies have found no evidence that suggests the avoidance of nuts and seeds prevents the progression of diverticulosis to an acute case of diverticulitis. This low-fiber diet gives the colon adequate time to heal without needing to be overworked. Whether the elective surgery should be performed is decided by external factors such as the stage of the disease, the age of the patient and his or her general medical condition, as well as the severity and frequency of attacks or if the symptoms persisted after a first acute episode.

El incepe de la radacina piciorului drept cu cecul, de care este agatat apendicele, urca pana sub coaste (acesta este colonul ascendent), merge apoi traversand partea de sus a abdomenului (acesta este colonul transvers) de unde coboara pe partea stanga a abdomenului (colonul descendent) pana in pelvis (colonul sigmoid – are forma literei S) terminandu-se cu orificiul rectului.
In majoritatea cazurilor colonul doare atunci cand diametrul sau creste peste normal, de obicei prin obstructie sau gaze, daca  apar spasme ale musculaturii sale sau daca este iritat sau ranit un nerv din zona colonului.
In medicina exista mii de exceptii, deci cancerul de colon da rar dureri, dar poate da dureri si din faza de inceput, sau bolnavul poate muri de cancer de colon fara sa fi avut vre-o durere.
Nu mergi la mecanic cand a crapat motorul masinii, ci cand ai vazut o picatura de ulei scursa sub motor. De-a lungul anilor am fost medic stagiar la spitalele Cantacuzino, Colentina, medic medicina generala la dispensarul rural Dorobantu Jud Calarasi medic rezident in specialitatea expertiza medicala si recuperarea capacitatii de munca la Institutul National de Expertiza Medicala si Recuperarea Capacitatii de munca Bucuresti, medic cercetator stiintific in specialitatea medicina interna la Institutul National de Medicina Sportiva Bucuresti , medic rezident prin concurs la spitalele Cantacuzino, Carol Davila, Colentina si Fundeni din Bucuresti. Uneori sunt atat de puternice incat imi ingreuneaza respiratia si imi dau si disconfort psihic. Una peste alta, tatal meu a fost diagnosticat cu cancer de colon acum 3 ani-la varsta de 69 de ani. Eu personal nu citesc alte site’uri medicale, numai pe al dumneavoastra si va FELICIT DIN SUFLET PENTRU EL ! Degenerative disc disease tends to cause central pain although pain can be referred outward to an area that is some distance away from the actual sore tissue. Assessment of diclofenac or spinal manipulative therapy, or both, in addition to recommended first-line treatment for acute low back pain: a randomised controlled trial. But when we diagnose nephrosplenic entrapment, we usually try one of several special treatments to get the colon unhooked from the ligament. We leave the horse in each position about 1-2 minutes, and we gently but firmly jostle their abdomen during each stage of the rolling. This surgery is performed through several small incisions in a horse’s left flank, using a laparoscope to visualize the repair. I am curious to know if this is a procedure that horses often get, or if it is really rare, because I have never heard of it before. If infection is the cause, then nausea, vomiting, fever, cramping, and constipation may occur as well.
Not only has this research shown that they do not appear to be aggravating the diverticulitis, but it appears that a higher intake of nuts and corn could in fact help to avoid diverticulitis in male adults. In order to extract the most information possible about the patient’s condition, thin section (5mm) transverse images are obtained through the entire abdomen and pelvis after the patient has been administered oral and intravascular contrast. However, recurring acute attacks or complications, such as peritonitis, abscess, or fistula may require surgery, either immediately or on an elective basis. In most cases, the decision to perform elective surgery is taken when the risks of the surgery are smaller than the ones resulted from the complication of the condition. In prezent sunt medic primar boli interne, gastroenterologie si hepatologie , specializare in endoscopie digestiva superioara colonoscopie la Institutul clinic Fundeni si secretar General al Asociatiei Romane pentru Studiul Ficatului (asociatia profesionala a medicilor hepatologi din Romania). Ma gandesc ca as putea mosteni o astfel de boala si ca nasterea grea ar fi putea ajuta sa apara o astfel de boala.
Si de aceea sunt stitic si am dureri cumplite si pierd din greutate datorita acestui fapt caci mi se blocheaza intestinul. It's less common for it to be felt on the flank or sides.(True sciatica is actually not that common, less than 5% of people really have it. Changes in the discs can cause strain in the facet joints and can lead to the same muscle spasm that can be sore sore.
We also also use a group of standard diagnostic procedures and tests to gather more information and reach a diagnosis (or at least have a better understanding of the problem) so that we can recommend the most appropriate course of treatment. In fact it was pushed well over to the right of his abdomen, and his left kidney was hidden behind a gas and feed-filled colon.
He started passing large quantities of gas, his abdomen quickly deflated, and his intestinal motility improved. Images reveal localized thickening and hyperemia (increased blood flow) involving a segment of the colon wall, with inflammatory changes extending into the fatty tissues surrounding the colon. Elective surgery may be performed at least six weeks after recovery from acute diverticulitis. Simt ca si cum as avea un nod pe tractul digestiv care ma strange, parca mi se innoada ceva pe acolo blocand fluxul. The diagnosis of acute diverticulitis is made confidently when the involved segment contains diverticulae.
Experienta mea medicala imi permite sa afirm ca pentru orice problema medicala trebuie cautata rezolvarea potrivita .
Cu scaunul ies de obicei f greu, fiind uscat si segmentat in forma sferica, ovaloida, f rar este pastos. An important factor that we always consider is the severity and duration of the horse’s pain. CT may also identify patients with more complicated diverticulitis, such as those with an associated abscess.
Nu am inteles prea bine,eu sunt de etnie maghiara, stiu ca ati raspuns deja la acest intrebare,vreau va rog sa imi spuneti daca acest dureri de colon noaptea pot fi provocate si de alte afectiuni mai simple in afara de cancer de colon? It may even allow for radiologically guided drainage of an associated abscess, sparing a patient from immediate surgical intervention. Si daca am facut colonoscopia acuma 7-8 luni, se poate intimpla ceva grav in colon in asa putina timp?

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