King's college translational cancer medicine

DP, Cartlidge RA, Nelson B, Karnezis AN, Damsky WE Jr, You MJ, DePinho RA, McMahon M, Bosenberg M (2009). We have previously shown highly sensitive metastasis tracking in pre-clinical tumour models and SPECT-afforded multiplexing (Fig.1).
Secondly, we will determine the role of macrophages in site-specific metastasis using whole-body multiplexed imaging [Objective2].
We will also employ subtype-specific macrophage antibodies, in-house radio-labelled (with Professor Blower), to quantify recruitment of endogenous macrophage-subtypes to primary tumours and metastatic sites. In addition, via correlation of respective chemokine profiles, metastasis patterns and macrophage roles, we will identify therapeutic intervention strategies (e.g. Importantly, this studentship spans basic and translational research with the candidate benefitting largely from being embedded within the Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre KCL&UCL and the Medical Engineering Centre.
Fruhwirth GO, Diocou S, Blower P, Ng T, Mullen GM, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, (in revision). Vermeer LS*, Fruhwirth GO*, Pandya P, Ng T, Mason AJ (2012), Journal of Proteome Research 11: 2996-3003.
A public-private partnership that supports the discovery of new medicines through open access research.

The objective of this provocative conference is to bring together those concerned about drug discovery (academia, industry, biotech, funders, charities, patient groups) to honestly and openly debate the bottlenecks hindering innovation and real tangible results, as perceived by these communities. The conference will consist of six different discussion panels, each composed by three Panellists and two Chairs. Beth pioneered the introduction of landscape as a part of interior architecture in Australia. Short talks by the Panellists (15 min each) will be followed by critical and direct questioning by the Chairs, who will also encourage participation from the audience.
Lorenz Mayr (Executive Director, Unit Head Biology, Protease Platform, Novartis)  "Target Validation Strategies for Proteases"Dr. Andrew Hopkins (Professor of Medicinal Informatics, University of Dundee)  "Expanding Opportunity Space with Polypharmacology"Dr. Gerry Dawson (Chief Scientist, P1vital, UK)  "From animal models of psychiatric diseases to humans – why so difficult?"Dr.
Monika Lessl (Head, Alliance Management Global Innovation Sourcing, Bayer Healthcare)  "Grants4targets- an open innovation approach to foster early drug discovery"Prof. Mene Pangalos (Executive Vice-President, Innovative Medicine, AstraZeneca)  "Drug Discovery: A Job Too Complex for Academia or Industry Alone?"Dr.

Whole-body imaging allows comprehensive and longitudinal cell tracking; however, most previous studies used a single metastatic site as a read-out, thereby over-simplifying this complex process. John Overington ( Team Leader, Computational Chemical Biology, EMBL-EBI)  "The Benefits of Open Data in Drug Discovery"Dr.
Robert Coleman (Independent Consultant)  "Human Questions Call for Human Answers: focussing on the relevant"Dr. Alison Campbell ( Managing Director, King’s College London Business Ltd.)  "Easy Access IP – the new paradigm"Dr. Ted Bianco (Director of Technology Transfer, The Wellcome Trust)  “Facilitating drug discovery in an exchanging environment”Dr.
Alan D Brown (Head of  Chemistry, Pfizer Neusentis)  "What are the limitations of single molecule targets?

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