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A new study from the rainforests of Panama provides an unprecedented level of detail regarding the diversity and distribution of arthropod species from the soil to the forest canopy. By scaling up the diversity values obtained from twelve intensively-sampled sites, the team was able to calculate that the rainforest reserve harbors in excess of 25,000 arthropod species. Looking at a rainforest it’s easy to see that there are hundreds of different tropical plant species that inhabit the forest. Not water, but sunlight is the main factor in determining the growth of the hundreds of tree species in tropical forests. A complex network of fungi in the lower canopy could be one reason tropical rainforests are home to so many different types of insects, spiders and centipedes, say scientists.
Concerned about habitat changes due to logging and rapid development, Universiti Teknologi MARA researchers recently conducted a study on the diversity of the important Hymenoptera group, which includes bees, wasps and ants.
Many lower organisms retain the miraculous ability to regenerate form and function of almost any tissue after injury. There are plenty of things that make it possible for humans to live in large groups and pack into cities. Female orgasm seems to be a happy afterthought of our evolutionary past when it helped stimulate ovulation, a new study of mammals shows.
A new study could explain why DNA and not RNA, its older chemical cousin, is the main repository of genetic information. When it comes to tropical resorts, nothing beats the world’s famous Bahamas islands. Composed of pristine islands, fine pinkish white sands, emerald crystalline waters, and lush green shade, the Commonwealth of Bahamas is a  paradise for people who are looking for a  perfect vacation getaway. In Bahamas, you can spend time with nature in Abaco National Park, travel back in time in the historic Dunmore, watch the dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island and enjoy basking and splashing on the Grand Bahama, the 5th largest island in the country.

Dive Sites – Discover the mystery of Nassau’s sunken ships hidden beneath the sea for 300 years. Fishing Spots - Almost every island is teeming with schools of fishes from blue marlin, oceanic bonito, to blackfin tuna.
Nightlife – Cable Beach has excellent nightlife activities compared to other beaches in Bahamas – and it’s much safer here too. With literally thousands of places to go in Bahamas, you’d certainly be coming back the next summer just to see other places that you might have missed.
Today I spent an afternoon with Max watching sharks & tropical fish at the London Aquarium. Yves Basset, scientific coordinator of the CTFS Arthropod Initiative at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, led an international team on Project IBISCA-Panama to sample, sort, catalogue, and finally estimate that a 6,000 hectare forest hosts a total of around 25,000 arthropod species – a figure vastly outnumbering that of better-studied organisms.
Yet, given the difficulties involved in merely tallying them, we know very little about their exact numbers– even at the scale of a single forest.
Humans share many of our genes with these organisms, but our capacity for regeneration is limited.
New Providence Island is known for its scenic wreck sites and spectacular underwater attractions. It’s a little bit more challenging here in Bahamas with lots of small ponds, water traps, and sand traps to watch out.
Crystal Palace Casino is a jewel, equipped with an 800-seat theater for their dazzling nightlife extravaganzas and one of the largest casinos in the islands complete with all the games you never thought you’d find in this place. You might even consider staying here for keeps just to see all the beauty Bahamas has to offer.

A massive collaborative effort involving 102 researchers from 21 countries was necessary to collect and identify arthropods from all parts of the rainforest. Further, this strengthens past ideas that we should really be basing estimates of global species richness on the number of plant species," stresses Roslin. Shark Wall is one of their most-visited sites brimming with the most beautiful, magnificent corals. Home of the biggest game fish on earth, the island is an ideal hunting ground for kingfish, barracuda, wahoo, yellow tail, grouper, and snapper.
Its greens are well-maintained, particularly the one found in the New Providence Island with a span of 6,453 yards.
During 2003-2004, the field team spent an effort of nearly 70 person- or trap-years in sampling the rainforest canopy from a construction crane, inflatable platforms, balloons, climbing ropes through forest layers, as well as crawling along the forest floor to sift soil, and trap and bait arthropods.
If you want to up the pace and golf all day long, try Ocean Club Golf Course in Paradise Island with an 18-hole, par-72 course.
On our next Skype, we will be asking the questions, and then the Swedish students will teach us how to speak their language!
During the ensuing eight years, the team sorted and identified 130,000 arthropods, to a total of more than 6,000 species.
Other dive sites worth checking out is the Grand Bahama Island, Lucayan National Park, Long Island, Harbour Island, and Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park, just to name a few.

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