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Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel conveyed a study which was published in the Biochemical Journal. The video below will inform you which mobile phones you must avoid if you want to stay healthy!
Curiosidades Una muela rota te puede ocasionar otras enfermedades ?Lo sabias? La higiene es muy importante para el ser humano, y sobre todo el cuidado bucal, no solo basta con cepillarte 3 veces al dia sino que tambien debes hacer visitas al odontologo para asegurar de tener una buena salud bucal. Segun Journal of the National Cancer Institute en un estudio realizado advierte que los hombres que tienen enfermedades de las encias podrian tener un mayor riesgo de desarrollar cancer de pancreas. En una muela abierta posee muchas posibilidades que las caries se alojen mas rapido originando infeccion y por ende causar un absceso. Cuando hablamos de una muela rota hablamos directamente de caries, que con tratamiento odontologico puede ser reconstruida. La perdida de la pieza suele ocurrir cuando existe una infeccion fuerte la caries en la muela es total. Una ricerca americana ha stabilito che basta un bicchiere di vino al di in adolescenza per aumentare di un terzo il rischio cancro al seno.
One of the explicit graphics on cigarette packages to discourage smoking includes an image of anti-smoking activist Barb Tarbox, who died of lung cancer in 2003 at age 42.
The report in Thursday's online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute said the decline came about 10 years after lung cancer deaths in men began to fall, a delay that reflects how women tended to take up smoking later.

Overall, cancer death rates have continued a decline that started in the early 1990s, the authors found. Since cancer is mainly a disease of older adults and the population is aging, the number of individuals diagnosed will continue to increase even with declining incidence rates, they noted. Death rates fell an average of 1.6 per cent a year between 2003 and 2007, the latest data available.
Researchers anticipated women's death rates from lung cancer were declining but were waiting for these five-year trend data to be confident the decline is real, said report co-author Brenda Edwards, a statistician with the National Cancer Institute.
The declining death rates were mostly from gains against leading types of the disease, including colorectal, breast, prostate and, in men, lung cancer.
Among men, incidence of liver, kidney and pancreatic cancer, and melanoma increased over the study period. For women, incidence of kidney, thyroid and pancreatic cancer, as well as leukemia and melanoma, increased.
Almost 174,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer this year and more than 76,000 will die of it.
Death rates in Canada continue to decline for both men and women, the Canadian Cancer Society reported last year. Our bodies are exposed to this dangerous radiation because they absorb it and due to this we suffer from various health problems. They study has proven that if you use your mobile phone for 10 minutes every day,it will cause changes in your brain cells which can trigger cell division and cancer.

John Bucher, the Associate Director of the National Institute of Health, National toxicology program.
Una mala higiene bucal, la edad del paciente y los tejidos que componen la muela son factores que provocan la fractura de las muelas.
Puesto que la infeccion de las encias provoca inflamacion en todo el cuerpo, y esta a su vez promueve el desarrollo de cancer. Esto significa que se origina una infeccion, se inflaman los tejidos y en algunos casos se bloquean las vias respiratorias. Il rischio e maggiore dell’11% per chi ne ha ingurgitato un bicchierino, circa 10 grammi. Il periodo piu delicato sarebbe quello che va dalla prima mestruazione alla prima gravidanza. Furthermore, he added that children are in greater danger as they have a skull configuration which allows a deeper penetration of the mobile phone radiation. En esos casos mas graves el absceso causa fiebre, vomitos, sudoracion, nauseas y dolor de cabeza.

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