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Journal Citation Reports offers a systematic, objective means to critically evaluate the worlda€™s leading journals a€” with quantifiable, statistical information derived from real data. Using a combination of impact and influence metrics, Journal Citation Reports provides the context to understand a journal’s true place in the world of scholarly literature. New visualizations provide instant snapshots of a journal’s cited and citing relationships. Continue to explore the impact and influence of the world’s leading scholarly journals by performing direct comparisons of titles using either quartile or trend analyses. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases (SOARD), the official journal of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), rose one spot in the rankings of surgery journals, according to a new report from Journal Citation Reports® (JCR), published by Thomson Reuters. With an Impact Factor of 4.942, SOARD continues to be the highest ranked journal with a focus on bariatric and metabolic surgery and even outranks journals from other specialties.
Journals ranked in the top 10 include the American Journal of Transplantation (number 2), Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry (number 4) Endoscopy (number 6), Journal of the American College of Surgeons (number 9) and Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (number 10). Harvey Sugerman, MD“The publication of high quality data not only fuels readership, it drives surgical and medical practice, reimbursement, public policy and patient understanding,” said Dr. Thomson Reuters calculates a journal’s impact factor by measuring how frequently its articles have been cited in a given year, in relation to other journals in the same category. Articles about sleeve gastrectomy, gastric plication, laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass 10-year follow-up and dietary intake and eating behavior after bariatric surgery, were among the most cited in 2013. The SOARD editorial board and editors include internationally prominent surgeons, internists, psychiatrists, and nutritional experts, among others. NEWS AND NOTESClick here for news briefs, honors and achievements featuring ASMBS members and their colleagues.
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The main and simple purpose of the APA reference page is to ensure that the reader can locate and retrieve the sources cited in the paper.

Before delving into specific types, here are some basic rules to take note of when writing an APA reference page. Each source cited in the paper should appear twice—it should be cited in the actual text and then listed on the reference page. The page should be labeled “References,” centered at the top of the page and without any formatting (do not bold, italicize, underline or use quotation marks).
All lines after the first line of each entry should be indented half an inch from the left margin.
Author’s name should follow the format: last name and then initials of the first and middle name (if provided). For shorter works such as essays and journal articles, do not bold, italicize, underline or put quotation marks. When attributing books, chapters, articles or Web pages, capitalize only the first letter of the first word of a title or subtitle. When referencing a Web page with no author, cite the title of the article followed by the year it was written in parentheses.
For more visual guidelines especially on the elements of the page structure, here are some sample APA reference pages. Notice that the entry has four essential elements: the author’s name, the year of the publication, the title and additional information on the publication. When creating your APA reference page, do not forget to list down even the non-print sources such as interviews or documentaries.
Admittedly, this is a bit more tedious than doing a non-APA reference page but this is something that can be done with a lot of help along the way. Following the release of the latest Journal Citation Reports® on the Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science database, we have compiled a list of the top ranking journals in various fields related to BU research. Compare and understand the publishing activities, rising stars, and impactful groups influencing the direction of research. This year, it was number seven out of more than 200 surgery titles, in terms of research influence and impact.

The journal, Obesity, with an Impact Factor of 3.739, climbed to 15 from the 23rd spot last year.
Sugerman says it’s the quality of the manuscripts that has been responsible for the growth of the journal and bariatric and metabolic surgery itself.
And because sources come in many different shapes and sizes, APA has guidelines on page structure for different kinds of publications that need to be attributed.
If an author has multiple articles, list down in chronological order from oldest to newest. If there are two authors, use the ampersand instead of using “and.” If there are up to seven authors, list down the last name followed by initials. You may also capitalize the first word after a colon or a dash in the title, and, of course, proper nouns.
There are specific rules for each source so it is important to identify the type of material you used to determine which formatting rules apply.
This process ensures that your paper gives proper credit to the people and their body of work which have been instrumental in the creation of your own. Obtain instant, all-years, all-metric views for individual journals and export this information on demand. If there are more than seven authors, write down the first six and then use ellipses after the sixth author’s name. If there are any additional subject areas that you would like to see included, do send me an email.

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