In chinese medicine what does the liver represent

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Indian Head Massage is a 4000 year old therapy from India that is calming and relaxing for the whole body. This type of treatment is not suitable for people who suffer from a serious medical condition, a recent injury to the upper body or recent whiplash.
Some of the many benefits physically are: Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles, loosening of the scalp, increased oxygen uptake in tissues, and promotion of hair growth.
Bovaird Health Clinic in Brampton understands how the stress of everyday life can take a toll on your body. The benefits of massage are endless, not only can it reduce and eliminate your pain and stress, massage can also improve joint mobility and circulation, improve the function of your immune system and increase lymphatic drainage. Filed Under: Behind The Desk, Featured Articles, Inspiration and Motivation, News Fibromyalgia… its real, its not just in your head! Fibromyalgia is an often frustrating condition; seeming to develop after a fall, or for what seems to be no reason at all. If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, book an appointment with me, as massage has been proven to be quite effective in controlling the symptoms and helping with the fatigue.
Filed Under: Behind The Desk, Therapist Blogs MAA is now offering Cupping with Jodi Millard!
Cupping draws toxins, stagnation, lactic acid and old blood to the surface of the body in order for the circulatory and lymph systems to eliminate them.
Yes No Currently on cholesterol reducing medications (those ending in ‘statin’ or Lipitor). I understand all cupping treatments are therapeutic in nature and are not to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatments recommended by a medical practitioner. I have disclosed any medical conditions to my therapist both on my Health History Consent form and those not mentioned on the form.
Cupping Therapy and its uses, contraindications and reactions have been explained to me on the Cupping Therapy Consent Waiver provided to me by Massage Above All. Filed Under: Behind The Desk, News, Therapist Blogs Children may need massage just as much as adults!
May 27, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment Massage is a form of touch therapy that has been prevalent for centuries. Customs in many countries include the use of massage therapy for children, especially infants, using oils and other herbs that further increase the benefits of the massage. Massage has been found to be very effective for children suffering from diabetes, asthma, and other skin or arthritic problems. May 22, 2014 by admin Leave a Comment The benefits of massage in bodybuilding may increase your competitiveness by enhancing your performance and helping you reach your physical potential. Muscle tightness limits range of motion, and lifting with tight muscles can lead to injury. Massage supports a well-defined bodybuilding physique by increasing circulation that improves your muscle tone. For your convenience, you can now book your appointment online by clicking the button below, choosing your service, and picking a time that works best for you. Auricular acupuncture (or ear acupuncture) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine modality that has been practiced for more than 2500 years. Auricular acupuncture does not hurt, and can actually bring on a relaxed sensation dramatically reducing stress and alleviating many ailments and conditions.
As you can see on the diagram on the right, the shape of the ear resembles an inverted fetus in the mother’s womb. There are about two hundred acupuncture points on the outer ear, and each point is generally named after areas of our anatomy. Auricular acupuncture is also widely used for treating addictions with drugs, smoking, alcohol and over eating, and has been found to be a natural and effective modality in the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, irritability, anorexia and weight loss. The treatment consists of 4 or 5 small, sterile, disposable acupuncture needles inserted in each ear into the specific acupoints that aid in the detoxification process. Most patients say the needles tingle or feel warm, but all agree that they don’t hurt and that the treatments are relaxing and comfortable. There are also other ear therapies where I use tiny ear tacks, therapeutic seeds, or stainless steel balls plated with silver, gold, platinum, or none at all. They are positioned on precise therapeutic areas of the outer ear, and secured with small sections of sterile clear or surgical tape.
Auricular acupuncture reduces the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression by increasing your relaxation, and keeping you calm and balance.
This increasing sense of well being provides the strength of character and the physical ability to help you deal with the stress of your current situations.

Just as with acupuncture, auricular acupuncture therapy can also be used as a preventative natural maintenance approach to keeping your body in balance and preventing future disease.
Anal fissures, anorectal abscess, cirrhosis, Crohn's disease, diabetic neuropathy, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, hepatic porphyria, hypercalcemia (occurs with anorexia), hypothyroidism, intestinal obstruction, irritable bowel syndrome, mesenteric artery ischemia, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, uncreative colitis, Tabes dorsalis, ulcerative proctitis. Copyright © 2016 Whole Health Center - Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood in Colorado. In fact the only way to find out how you can save $$hundred$$ is to come in and see your Favorite Therapist.
The only way to get in on this limited Christmas in July offer is during your next massage!! It offers gentle and relaxing techniques to rejuvenate the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Mentally you may feel a release of anxiety, high levels of alertness and concentration but also a sense of calmness, peace and tranquility. Muscle tension can leave you with headaches and shoulder and neck pain.  Sports related injuries can leave your muscles sore and tense. If you think you may have fibromyalgia, talk to your doctor and come see what massage can do to help.
I also understand these discolorations are not bruising but cellular debris, toxins, and pathogenic factors drawn to the surface to be eliminated by my body through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It is an ancient practice and conveys to the child a sense of security and trust that is very essential for the newcomer into the world. Massage therapy can act as a stress buster for children, even when they have passed the stage of infancy.
It is probably the sense of touch and the bonding it brings that has such a therapeutic effect on the child being massaged. It is now even being recommended for children with cancer, and it is felt that the reduction in stress of children boosts the immune system and its ability to resist diseases. Massage stretches bundles of your muscle fibers lengthwise and sideways to improve tissue elasticity. Massage speeds up your recovery time by increasing muscle tissue permeability and opening micro-circulation.
Find a sports massage therapists who studied sports therapy, physiotherapy or sports rehabilitation, and have him administer massages to treat or prevent injuries related to bodybuilding. Receiving a massage before a bodybuilding competition can improve your performance by enhancing your mental state. It consists of inserting acupuncture needles in certain points on the (outer) ear to treat diseases or conditions.
Chinese Acupuncture points on the ears have a similar relation to the various anatomical areas of the fetus. Each acupoint triggers electrical impulses from the ear, via the brain, to the specific areas of the body.
Patients are asked to sit or lay down quietly and relax for about 45 minutes to let the acupuncture do its work. I may provide herbal tea for added relaxation and I am always available to answer questions you may have.
Normally these other auricular therapies are implemented as part of integrated take-home treatments.
Taking treatments consistently over time as part of your preventative wellness plan can help restore vital energy, improve your immune system, keep you relaxed, and allow your body, mind and spirit to stay in balance and harmony.
It’s a detailed report on the history of Acupuncture that includes the latest revealing studies, and how Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine work. Allopathic Medicine Approach: Bulking agents (bran, psyllium and methylcellulose) are the gentlest and safest they work slowly and do not have a cathartic action. That’s right, come in for a one hour session with your favorite therapist and hear first hand how together we can work together on your health and wallet. What better way to relieve yourself of these pains and improve your overall health than with a relaxing massage from Bovaird Health Clinic.
These fibers were previously thought to only to play a role in blood flow regulation, but scientists now believe that AV shunts have a direct influence in the widespread body pain that sufferers feel.
Touch is a sense that is one of the first to be developed in humans and probably all forms of life. Children have their own exposure to stress, which can come from school going, family quarrels, or even playtime with their peers.
Children have been known to benefit extensively from massage therapy if they suffer from hyperactivity disorders or other psychiatric problems as well.
Massage can combat the negative effects of bodybuilding and might even help you gain greater muscle mass, develop a more proportional and symmetrical physique, and improve your stage presence for competition judges. Massage treatments help release tension and pressure by stretching the sheath or fascia around your muscles. A deep massage increases tissue permeability by opening pores that enable fluids and nutrients to pass through more effectively.
Your massage therapist may use a pumping technique to move fluid through blood vessels and lymph nodes.
Skilled sports massage therapists can identify and treat muscle tightness as well as trigger points and scar tissues that might increase your risk of injury. A massage can boost your level of confidence and diminish any accumulated stress that developed as a result of your bodybuilding training.

Fiber supplements are not habit forming but getting into the habit of getting regular fiber is very necessary to help prevent constipation and may be used safely on a long-term basis.
Each therapist has only been authorized to sell 3 Super packs saving $500 and 3 economy packs saving you $150.00 each. While there still isn’t a cure for this painful disease, this discovery is definitely a step in the right direction. It is said that a touch can convey more than a thousand words, and children are known to thrive with the right amount of physical contact.
As children grow older, massage can include separate work on hands and feet, concentrating on the fingers and toes. This removes waste products, such as lactic acid, that accumulate while training and inhibit muscular contraction.
Pumping involves increasing the pressure at the front of the stroke to create a vacuum effect in your vessels. Osmotic Laxative and stool softeners (Polyethylene (GoLytely, or Colyte) Milk of Magnesia, Epsom salts, Sorbitol, docusate and mineral oil) soften the stool by increasing the intestinal fluids. Both deep techniques and light lymphatic techniques can be performed through the use of cupping. Children who grow up with healthy views of touch are known to grow up into adults with self-esteem and develop long standing relationships. Massage practiced regularly can help a child reduce stress, which can in turn may help the child to sleep better. Sessions for massage therapy should not last for more than a quarter of an hour, as children’s attention spans are small, and they may find longer sessions irksome. Children prone to bulimia find their depression and anxiety lessened by massage therapy and this helps them to counteract the disease. Massage can restore mobility by breaking down scar tissue caused by overtraining, previous injuries or trauma.
This improves muscle tone by helping damaged and tight tissues get nutrients required for growth and repair. However, these drugs must be used carefully, as they interfere with absorption of nutrients and other drugs.
Massage as a therapy seems to work for children whether they be infants, preschoolers, teens or even young adults, and making a massage a routine in the child’s life can help it to grow into a balanced and mature adult. Exlax, cascara, and bisacodyl) are used for severe cases of constipation by increasing intestinal peristalsis and intestinal fluids. This is an indication of the circulatory system bringing oxygen rich blood to the area treated in order to eliminate them from the body. Not only do they control the symptoms, they often change the underlying constitution of the body to achieve long-term results.
In fact, most patients remain symptom free for at least several months after the herbs are discontinued.Constipation has been treated with great success using Acupuncture and Herbal or Homeopathic medicines. Those with mild to moderate constipation are usually treated with herbs that moisten the intestines and regulate bowel movement. Those with moderate to severe constipation are generally treated with herbs that purge the intestines and induce bowel movement. Herbal formulas that contain Da Huang or Fan Xie Ye (Rhubarb or Sennae) should be taken with meals, as it may irritate the stomach if taken on an empty stomach.
Prolonged use of formula with Da Huang or Fan Xie Ye (Rhubarb or Sennae) is not recommended, as it may increase the risk of habitual constipation and fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Acupuncture, pharmaceutical drugs, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, and changes in life style are effective in treating constipation.
The modalities of medicines utilizing cathartic stimulant laxatives should be used sparingly, and only when needed because prolonged use may cause side effects. Once bowel movement is induced, herbal therapy may be initiated to change the fundamental constitution of the body in those with habitual constipation. Loose bowels following dry stool are due to a dysfunction of the spleen and stomach, and an imbalance between dryness and dampness. Stools which are sometimes dry and sometimes loose are usually due to liver qi stagnation and spleen deficiency.
Liquid stools with undigested food are due to the yang deficiency of the spleen and kidney. Diarrhea with yellow watery stool and burning of the anus is caused by damp heat in the stomach and intestines.
Mild prolapse of the anus during bowel movements is the outcome of chronic diarrhea due to the sinking of qi and spleen deficiency. Fragmentary defection is a manifestation of the liver failing to cause a free condition for qi. Diarrhea occurring soon after abdominal pain, and pain relieved after bowel movements, are signs of food accumulation.

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