How to prevent colon cancer with natural remedies

Because colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States it is important to understand what causes it.
Colon cancer affects men and women equally and is most commonly diagnosed in individuals over the age of 50.
If your diet is high in fat but low in fiber, fruits and vegetables, your risk of developing colon cancer may be  increased.
If you think you are at risk of colon cancer, you should make an appointment with a physician.
For more than half a century, our practice has remained focused on accurate diagnostic procedures and modern, compassionate surgical treatment.
To clearly understand on how colon cancer starts out, experts have classified the stages of the cancer.
Many times, the cancerous growth in the colon starts as clumps of polyps (precancerous cells) on the inside lining of bowel. It is the condition of when the cancerous cells are still completely in the inner lining of the colon. The cancer has grown through the colon’s inner lining or even into the wall muscles (but typically not further). The cancerous growth has grown bigger in size and some lymph nodes (typically nearby lymph nodes) have been affected.
A study unveiled that rectal cancer and colon cancer mostly attack people who are in between the age of 35-49. Moreover, the research demonstrates that the overall rate of rectal cancer and colon cancer descended to a great extent.  Unfortunately, these days the deadly cancer disease merely attacks young people.
The experts of this study accumulated the data of approximately 400,000 patients who suffered from colorectal patients in between the time period of 1975 and 2010.  The report revealed that the rate will double in the next 16 years. Brian GallowayBrian’s philosophy is pretty straightforward: easy living, wishful thinking, heavy criticizing.
The obvious cause of colon cancer is the unnatural method of defecation used in our society. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables may help protect you from developing cervical cancer.
A study published in the journal Cancer Research found that women whose blood tests showed high levels of certain chemical compounds — indicating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables — were able to clear their HPV infections faster than their peers, which could help reduce the risk of cancer. ABOUT USCancer Health Articles is your site for All Cancer news, and Help for healthy living , This Site is dedicated to helping persons who face cancer.
This topic is not something I would normally talk about on here, because yuck, who wants to even think about those things. So, I figured I would write about my experience and if it helps one person to get their screening done and prevent a curable cancer, then I’ve done my job.
I got a recommendation for a doctor here in my area who is in my health plan and went to visit him to set up my screening. I will mention here that I have never had a hospital stay or any surgeries whatsoever, so being in a hospital bed is completely foreign to me. Once I arrived, they took me to a prep room with a glass door and curtain and I took it all off and put on one of their wonderful hospital gowns. At the time, I didn’t think so, but after talking to my Facebook group of ladies who are mostly 50 and older about it, they thought it would be a good thing to share and I agree with that. The procedure itself wasn’t bad at all and they made it so easy and comfortable for me. I just thought this would something you might enjoy reading about and if you haven’t scheduled one for yourself, think about doing it soon!
Thank you for caring enough to share with us what we all need to do, even though we don’t want to! People, if you will read up on this before hand and know what to ask your doctor, it can really be so much easier on you!

So glad that everything “worked out” so well (Sorry for the pun so close to the time of your experience!) for you!
One word of caution for all, however, is that while you may feel good enough to drive soon afterward (or make important legal decisions), you truly should follow the instructions provided and not do any of that for 24 hrs. I really enjoy your blog and I applaud you for sharing your experience with this very vital procedure. I am an RN who previously worked in the recovery room of a same day surgery setting, and I feel I must comment about a patient driving themselves home after receiving sedating medications.
I have quite a family history…both parents had colon cancer, and so did my paternal grandmother. Unfortunately right after she started my first procedure she had the nurse knock me out totally. Kathleen, thanks for sharing your story, so glad you are cancer free now and they caught it in time.
New research in the journal Food Research International has indicated that soya beans, the common ingredient in tofu, could be used to create medications and foods with powerful anti-cancer properties. Peptides have been extracted from soybean meal and shown to prevent the growth of colon cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer cells in the lab. In the case of soybeans, the peptides showed a 73% reduction in colon cancer cell growth, a 70% reduction in liver cancer cell growth and a 68% reduction in lung cancer cell growth.
In technical terms, the peptides used were isolated gastrointestinal-resistant peptide fragments for two soybean lines high in oleic acid—a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. That is not the only byproduct of soy that has been shown to have an effect on cancer cells with Lunasin, a 43 amino acid soy peptide, being reported to have a positive effect in the treatment of leukemia. It’s not the only natural food that has been shown to have cancer reducing properties in the lab recently, with resveratol (derived from red grapes), being shown to stop breast cancer cell growth in the lab.
Also in recent research it was discovered that a compound in broccoli, called sulforaphane, appears to kill leukemia cells in a lab setting without any detrimental effects on healthy cells! Many causal factors are related to lifestyle but genetics can play a role in creating contributing factors.
Fiber allows food to move through your digestive system more quickly so toxins do not remain in the body long. Our Los Angeles colorectal specialists have years of expertise through helping people experiencing symptoms of colon cancer and working with those at an increased risk.
If these polyps are completely removed, there is greater chance to prevent these precancerous cells from becoming cancerous cells.
In this stage, the disease is most difficult to treat since it has spread to other distinct organs (such as liver or even lungs).
Earlier, a study showed that the disease takes the life of almost 50,000 patients every year. George Chang, the lead author of this study stated that it is time to take some serious actions in order to prevent the wide spread of this disease.  If this study is ignored then the ratio of colorectal cancer will definitely increase specially in young people. Despite the fact that he wouldn’t go as far as describe himself a conspirationist, Brian does take everything with a grain of sand. The information provided on this website is not a substitution for professional medical care, treatment or advice.
The older I get, the more that aging and health issues become even more of a priority to me and my friends, so I figured it might be something you’d all be interested in as well.
I love that you shared your experience because that encourages others to do what they need to do.
Two years ago I had my second routine colonoscopy, no symptoms, no family history and afterwards got the call no one wants to receive. LOL I have actually had more than 1, having to have a couple years ago when I was having gallbladder issues, etc. My father passed away with colon cancer in 1987 and I have been having colonoscopies since I was 40. They may feel fine at the moment, but they may still have effects from the anesthesia (going in and out of full consciousness).

She had found cancer and she could not dictate notes and tell the nurses what to do while I was awake. Those peptides were previously found to suppress a gene implicated in the formation of some forms of breast cancer.
The following will go through the different risk factors so you can educate and empower yourself on how to prevent the development of this disease. A mutation in the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene which can be passed on from parents to offspring can increase the risk of developing colon cancer. Smoking and regular consumption of alcohol and red meats can also increase your risk of colon cancer. Intervention will help you to develop healthy lifestyle habits that will reduce your risk of the disease, and regular screenings will catch any problems in the very early stages. Same is the case with colon cancer; every ninth patient who suffers from colon cancer is between the ages of 20-34. He loves following every lead when covering a story and mostly enjoys to cover politics and US news. In the sitting position, the lower regions – the sigmoid, the cecum and the rectum – cannot be cleaned out. Even though I didn’t need my sister with me, they went and got her so she was in the room before and after I finished. My son had to take me for my colonoscopy and I remember asking the nurse to PLEASE not send him in there to help me get dressed after.
It is also important to work with your doctor who can help you make changes that will lower your risk. An early diagnosis and proper treatment increase the odds that you will beat the disease and prevent life-threatening complications.
In short, these cancer diseases are diagnosed more in people under 50 as compared to the other age groups.
Experts believe that a diet high in the antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, and folate found in fruits and vegetables can help the body fight HPV infection and prevent HPV infection from turning cells of the cervix into cancerous lesions.
Even though I could have walked to the car, they had my sis go out and get the car and meet me out front, where they wheeled me out in a wheelchair.
I remember sharing about my Dad with my gynecologist and he wouldn’t let me leave his office without making my appointment for me.
Afterwards we went to his house, had lunch, talking about numerous topics for more than an hour, and later, when he said he felt tired and fell asleep in a chair, I left. These mutations accumulate over time and can begin the process of carcinogenesis by allowing damaged cells to survive and bypass the body’s natural mechanisms for cell repair or elimination. I was very blessed to learn that they had gotten all the cancer when they removed the original polyp. Being overweight or obese and not exercising may increase your risk of developing colon cancer. Feel weak and tired or losing weight for no apparent reason are may be signs of anemia or blood loss that can occur in early stage colon cancer.
No chemo and no radiation necessary ?? I had the world’s best surgeon and wonderful care at the hospital and from my husband when I got home.
Fat promotes inflammation, a constant cycle of damage and repair, which increases the risk of a damaged cell escaping the cell cycle and replicating. Colon cancer is very curable when caught early and very bad when caught late.A day of discomfort is worth it for the rest of your life.

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