How corruption blights china's healthcare system

A mudslide caused by recent torrential downpours hit a new ski resort North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is building in Masikryong in Kangwon Province. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un speaks with officials during his inspection trip of a ski resort under construction in Masikryong, Kangwon Province in June. A White House statement said that the US special forces in Afghanistan rescued an American citizen in a mission that showed "extraordinary courage, skill and patriotism". The NATO-led forces in Afghanistan said that the rescued American citizen, who was a doctor named Dilip Joseph, was abducted on Wednesday in Afghanistan's Kabul province.
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A cyclical blip in a structural bull market or a fundamental re-appraisal of the growth and investment prospects in developing economies?
Satellite images taken last Friday show some buildings buried under huge amounts of mud washed away from ski slopes. On one visit to the site in May, Kim ordered officials to speed up construction so the resort can open this winter. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, just as we must always honor our troops and military families," the statement said.
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