Home treatment for pelvic girdle pain

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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. We would encourage you to share your experiences and stories with everyone so that people can get reassurance that there is help and treatment available for disfiguring scars. A cystocele is a prolapsed bladder and can be treated via a pessary device, or in some cases, cystocele repair surgery. Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common disorder among both males and females, but evenmore commonly found in females because of the pelvic and vaginal pressure associated with the abovescenarios. Daily exercises of the vaginal muscles through Kegel movements is alsorecommended.Grade 2 CystoceleA grade 2 cystocele is a bit more severe. This group of specialized Plano, Texas gynecologists offer cystocele treatment to women in the North Texas area who suffer from a prolapsed bladder. During this phase the bladder droops until it can be seenthrough the opening of the vagina causing the complete obstruction of the vagina.

A cystocele (also referred to as a prolapsed bladder) is explained as the result of a drooping bladder.? This condition most commonly affects women between the ages of 50-60. The treatment for this type of cystocele isusually some form of cystocele repair surgery but the cystocele may also be treated with a pessarydevice.Grade 3 CystoceleA grade 3 cystocele is the most severe of cystoceles.
A woman’s bladder can droop and cause a cystocele after pushing to deliver children, years of straining to have bowel movements, or heavy lifting over an extended period of time. This is the diagnosis when the bladder droops lowenough to bulge completely out of the vagina. Many gynecologists state that when women go through menopause, estrogen begins to naturally decrease within the female body.
When Estrogen is no longer produced these muscles loosen and can lead to a prolapsed bladder.Symptoms of a CystoceleMany women will have a cystocele and not show symptoms, while others will deal with a variety ofunwanted symptoms. You and your OBGYN willdiscuss which is right for you, how to remove and replace it, and the proper procedures for cleaning it.
Many womenare fitted for a pessary device and yield very positive results.Some women will require cystocele repair surgery for the treatment of their cystocele.

During this phasethe bladder droops just slightly into the vagina causing discomfort and urine leakage. In this repairsurgery sutures are used to reattach the fascia thus giving enough support to allow the bladder to remainin place.
Patients receiving this surgery should be prepared to stay in the hospital for several days andtake 4-6 weeks to fully recover. The surgery can be performed through open and laparoscopic techniques depending onthe grade and severity of the defect. The percentage of recurring cystoceles is very small after acystocele repair surgery.If you are suffering from discomfort and urinary leakage or incontinence do not assume it could be theresult of age, you need to see your doctor.

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