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Even though it is very easy to contract this condition, getting rid of it is not a very easy task. Research studies have shown that Vicks Vaporub is an effective remedy for getting rid of toe fungus. Listerine is known to be an antiseptic mouthwash that is helpful in treating toe fungus in many individuals. Researchers from the University of Iowa state that when combined, garlic oil and vinegar may prove effective in treating fungal infections as this mixture possesses strong anti-fungal properties. The University of Michigan states that tea tree oil is known to exhibit antifungal and antibacterial properties. Adding oregano to your food might be a good idea when it comes to treating fungal infections such as toe fungus. Olive oil is considered an effective remedy for dealing with fungal infections such as toe fungus. Olive oil is known to possess a compound named oleuropein, which exhibits anti-fungal properties. As soon as you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, your heart breaks when you see those soggy luggage bags under your eyes.
Parsley paste can be made using plain water or rose water before applying to the under eye bags. Cucumber, in addition to being used in quickie salad recipes, also has plenty of beauty benefits. Unlike the other two remedies, frozen steel spoon works differently to control under eye puffing.
Although witch hazel is being used for various beauty treatments, its use to treat under eye puffing is remarkable. Kidney is one of the most important organs in a human body that performs the function of body detoxification and helps in removal of impurities from blood stream. Apple is a natural remedy for removal of kidney stone and its richness in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients can easily dissolve the kidney stones comfortably. Grapes are natural solution for treating kidney stones because of its richness in potassium and water constituent which can dissolve stones present in kidney comfortably. Watermelon is also highly beneficial in dissolving kidney stones as its contains high quantity of water constituent.
Beans are good remedy for flushing out kidney stones and gives fast relief from its unbearable pain too. Asparagus is an amazing remedy to treat kidney stones which can be consumed either in freshly frozen or in canned form.
Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural way of treating kidney stone and drinking solution prepared by mixing 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water can give you fast relief from its complex pain. Consumption of foods and supplements which are highly rich in Vitamin B6 constituent gives better result in alleviating stones from kidney.  In fact, Vitamin B6 rich supplements produce good effects on kidney which can ease discomfort of stone by dissolving it at a fast speed. Coca Cola is undoubtedly the world’s most popular beverage, but we are rarely aware of some amazing alternative uses of Coke.
Given below is a list of some astounding uses of Coca Cola that will encourage you to store your favorite beverage in your refrigerator all the time.
Floor Cleaner It does not matter whether you want to wipe your kitchen floor or clean your bathroom floor and tiles, Coca Cola can always be used as a multipurpose floor cleaner.
Cleans Burnt Utensils One of the easiest methods of cleaning a burnt utensil is to pour Coke in it and leave it for about 30 minutes. Cleans Old Coins If you want the rare old coins in your collection to shine brightly, consider cleaning them with your favorite beverage. Removes Rust To remove rust from iron, soak the iron object in Coca Cola for several hours and then scrub the rust stains with a scouring pad.
De-scales Kettle You can de-scale your electric kettle with ease by boiling Coca Cola in it for several minutes and then scrubbing the kettle and rinsing it with water.
Removes Lime Scale from Bath The acid content in Coca Cola also helps in dissolving lime scale present in bathtubs. Removes Gasoline Smell from Clothes Every person who has worked with petroleum products knows how difficult it is to remove gasoline smell from clothes.
Removes Bugs from Cars One of the best ways of removing bugs and bug stains from your windshield is to rub it with Coca Cola. Cleans Silver To clean all your tarnished silver jewelries, soak them in Coca Cola for several minutes before rinsing them. Cleans Engine According to rumors, Coca Cola distributors use the beverage for cleaning the engines of their trucks. Cleans Battery Terminals Coke as a multipurpose cleaning agent can easily clean the battery terminals.
Relief from Jellyfish Sting When stung by a jellyfish during your underwater adventure, pour Coca Cola on the affected area.
Reduces Mosquito Bite Itching Rubbing Coca Cola on the skin provides instant relief from itching caused by mosquito bite. Treats Pain Caused by Bee or Wasp Sting The acidic content in Coca Cola also helps in destroying the venom left behind on the skin when you are stung by a bee or wasp. Removes Gum from Unwanted Places When you have chewing gum on your clothes, shoes or hair, the gum can be easily removed with Coca Cola.
Removes Skunk Odor When a skunk sprays the nasty liquid on you, Coca Cola can save you from the terrible odor. Treats Stomach Blockages Coca Cola is often used by doctors for treating stomach blockages. Relief from Wheat Allergy People susceptible to wheat allergy can prevent allergic reactions by drinking Coke.
Eases Breathing Caffeine present in Coca Cola by dilating the constricted airways helps in easing breathing. Polishing Chrome For cleaning and polishing chrome, all you need is an aluminum foil and a can of Coke. Gardening To grow bergenia, fox glove, astilebe, azaleas, bog rosemary and other plants that grow in acidic soil, pour Coke to your garden soil to reduce its pH. Pesticide You can also use Coca Cola as a pesticide for eliminating snails and slugs from your garden. Defrosting Car Windows Instead of using a de-icing fluid for defrosting your car windows, consider using Coke for removing the frost. Remove Old Paint from Metal Surface The easiest way to remove old paint from any metal surface is to pour Coke on it.
Hair Curling Phosphoric acid is Coca Cola contracts the hair cuticles, thereby enhancing the natural curls of your hair. Fades Hair Color The easiest way to fade unwanted hair color is to wash your hair with Coke.
BBQ Sauce To enhance the flavor of your homemade barbecue sauce, add a cup of Coke to your other BBQ sauce ingredients.
Cocktails You can make a variety of exciting cocktail recipes by blending Coca Cola with vodka, rum or any other alcoholic drink. Gives Documents an Antique Look To give a document or photo an antique appearance, spray Coke on it and then wipe it after a few minutes. Removes Marker Stains To remove marker stain from clothes or carpet, pour a small amount of Coke on the stain and leave it for several minutes.
Building Compost Pile The sweetness in Coke attracts microorganisms and its acidic components help in breaking down the materials used for building compost. Dissolves Teeth An unusual way of discarding your child’s milk teeth is to soak them in a can of Coke.
Some health professionals recommend using Epsom salts for swelling, but also for feet that are injured or infected, and even for arthritis. It's one of the last things we do before we go to bed is put on pajamas (or pyjamas, depending on your preferred spelling). We spend a good deal of our time as friends and parents worrying about the well-being of others, without paying too much mind about our own wellness in many cases.
If you're an athlete, chances are you've been told it's crucial that you stay hydrated, even when you're not actively training or performing. Running can be good for your health, but it's so much better when you have great surroundings to distract you from all the exercise you're getting. Breastfeeding is nature's way of nourishing infants, but breastfeeding continues to be steeped in half-truths and myths around the world.
Chronic pain—it's the worst kind of pain, because even when it's not at it's most intense, it's still there lingering in the background.
In the United States alone there are more than 100,000 people desperately waiting for an organ transplant at any given time.
The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Kidney stones are collection of tiny crystals that are formed by high levels of components like cysteine, uric acid and calcium in the urine.
Perform bends to aid in removing kidney stones by performing cobra pose that promotes massaging of kidneys and assist in deep breathing. The’ legs up wall pose (restorative pose)’ regulate the blood pressure and aids in treating kidney troubles like kidney stones.
Now swing both the legs up, aligned straight to the wall with neck and head resting on floor, and arms stretched out at the sides. Serra Enzyme contains serrapeptase, which is a proteolytic enzyme (“proteolytic” means “protein-destroying”) produced by the Serratia bacterium, which lives in the intestine of the silkworm. Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Hydroxpropyl-methylcellulose (enteric coating), in a vegetable capsule made up of cellulose and water.
Serra Enzyme capsules are enteric coated to protect them from being damaged by stomach acids. You can continue taking nutritional supplements and prescribed medications while taking Serra Enzyme.
If you experience digestive discomfort when first taking Serra Enzyme, try adding ? teaspoon bicarbonate of soda to the water that you take with the Serra Enzyme.
Proteolytic enzymes modulate the inflammatory process by a variety of mechanisms, including reducing the swelling of mucous membranes, decreasing capillary permeability, and dissolving blood clot-forming fibrin deposits and microthrombi. Histological studies have evidence, which illustrates how serrapeptase can dissolve cysts, scar tissue, mucous membrane, necrotic tissue, embolisms, and arterial plaque.

The drugs used to control the inflammatory response may be immunosuppressive and cause dangerous side effects. Statements made or products sold through this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As first time homebuyers we have the privilege of learning things about home ownership as we go along with life. Growing up I always lived in the Orlando city limits and was unaware of septic tanks, but now that we live outside the city our home is equipped with one. We received the Heavy Shock plus 6 months of maintenance plan based on the recommendations on the SeptiCleanse site. Within a few days we had the packets at our doorstep, including really simple instructions on using their products.
If your home has a septic tank and you would like to learn more about SeptiCleanse, head over to this page for more details including the different plans they offer. I’ve never had a septic tank before so luckily this is one less thing I have to worry about. I have a septic tank that has never been pumped or had a problem I came across this when looking at pricing–figuring I was due soon so better safe than sorry- do you think if I shock and maintain then I wont need to pump it or I should pump it first than then maintain. Deep vein thrombosis is a condition of formation of blood clots in lower part of legs or thigh. This particular herb has amazing benefits for blood circulatory system and hence is a popular herbal remedy for sprains, bruises, low blood pressure, varicose veins, etc. It contains flavonoid called diosmin that reduces fragility in capillaries and hence boosts blood flow. This particular herb has been in use for its action against circulatory disorders like spider veins, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, etc. This particular herb has amazing antioxidants such as quercetin and OPCs (oligomeric procyandins) that free the body from the harmful effect of free radicals.
It contains many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids namely wogonin, baicalein and baicalin. Apart from being a cure for plenty of diseases, ginger plays a great role in curing deep vein thrombosis. It is not a serious medical condition, but is known to cause embarrassment in those who suffer from it.
According to an article published in Medscape General Medicine in May 2006, vinegar may prove effective in treating toe fungus by removing the infected skin from the body. When used in the treatment of candida albicans, this home remedy helped in destroying the fungal infection within ten hours.
In such cases, you crush few flakes of garlic and mix the juice with a teaspoon of olive oil. Manuka honey is derived from the plant named Leptospermum scoparium, which is native to New Zealand and has been used in the treatment of several health conditions including colds, coughs as well as skin infections.Manuka honey possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in the treatment of toe fungus. This oil is also effective in treating burns, acne and foot fungus, when applied topically to the affected areas. Yogurt is known to possess probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that help in removing harmful bacteria from the body.
You can apply olive oil topically to the affected area and add it to your food to treat toe fungus. It is loaded with a bunch of beauty elements like vitamin C, green chlorophyll pigment, vitamin K, and iron. Take a piece of cotton wool soaked in parsley paste and place it over the eye bags every day for a few minutes whenever you are free. Cucumber and potato is an ideal combination to make your water filled under eye bags go invisible. Cold in general is a vasoconstrictor, which means that it constricts the blood vessels and thereby reduces skin inflammation and consequently prevents under eye puffing. The anti inflammatory, astringent, haemostatic, and anti microbial properties of the herb make it ideal for beauty treatments. For preparing witch hazel extract, soak some witch hazel barks in water for thirty minutes and boil the solution followed by simmering it for about ten minutes. Kidney also removes the waste products from urine.  However, such important functions of kidney get affected by some kidney related ailments such as kidney stone.
It is therefore advisable by medical professionals too for patients of kidney stones to must eat an apple daily so as to get rid of this complication.
Basil is a natural herb and can dissolve the kidney stones in a natural way without causing any side effect to the health of its consumer.  You need to consume fresh juice extracted from basil leaves followed by adding honey so as to gain positive result in getting relief from kidney stones. Grapes are considered as delicious fruit that contains low amount of albumin and sodium chloride which can treat it naturally. Doctor advised to consume some pieces of watermelon daily so that the stone in kidney can get easily flushed out without causing heavy pain to the health of its sufferer. Consumption of 1 cup of bean regularly after having your meal gives best result in its treatment of kidney stones.  It is always advised to intake only fresh soaked and boiled beans followed by avoiding canned food to keep your kidney function strong. Asparagus is highly rich in a compound called ‘asparagine’ that can dissolve the kidney stones and make it easy to pass through urine.  Consumption of asparagus daily flushes out the stones completely. The chemical composition of apple cider vinegar gives better result in dissolution of kidney stones and finally flushing it out completely. You can easily prepare linseed tea at your home by adding 2 tablespoons of linseed in 1 cup of boiling water followed by drinking it after 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can also intake capsules having high composition of Vitamin B6 under prescription of your family doctor so that your stone gets flushed completely out from your body. When you are not drinking your Coke you can always use it for a wide range of different purposes. If you accidentally spilled gravy or oil on your dress, mix your regular detergent with a can of coke while cleaning the stained clothes. To make the floor sparkle, empty a can of Coke in a bucket of water and use it for swabbing.
Simply soak the soiled and greasy areas on the garage floor in Coke and then wash it with water and the stubborn stains will vanish almost instantly. Acid present in the beverage will help to loosen and dissolve the burnt food residues sticking to the bottom of the utensil. By mixing your regular detergent with the beverage while washing your clothes, you can remove the blood stains with ease. The easiest and cheapest way of removing the smell is to add a can of Coke to your washer and then wash your smelly clothes. The beverage dissolves the rust in the corroded battery terminals, thereby improving the effectiveness of the battery. The beverage works by destroying the insect saliva that triggers the local allergic reaction. Pour some Coke on the gum, leave for few minutes and then gently scrape it with a blunt knife. Before taking a bath, pour Coke on the area where the mammal sprayed the offensive chemical. The beverage primarily works as a rehydrating drink that helps in replacing the fluid and electrolytes lost by the body.
The acid in the drink resembles gastric acid and helps in fiber digestion and destroying the blockage. The soda in the drink can partially neutralize the stomach acid providing relief from indigestion. The easiest way of breaking the hiccup cycle is to hold your breath and quickly drink a glass of Coke. It works by preventing calcium and oxalate from binding to each other and increasing the alkalinity of urine. By breaking down the allergens, phosphoric acid in Coke is believed to provide relief from allergic reactions. Hence, next time when you are looking for an inexpensive hair curling strategy, wash your hair with Coca Cola. Next time when you are planning to bake a chocolate cake, try adding cola to your cake recipe.
However, when the humidity sets in, if you’re pregnant, or if you carry around a bit of excess weight, you might be the victim of swollen feet and ankles on a regular basis.
There are a lot of reasons feet can swell and the accompanying pain can cause a lot of discomfort. These salts are quite low in price with potentially great benefits for overall foot health.
All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. Kidney stones are caused by inadequate intake of water, structural defects of renal tubes, obesity, hereditary factors and bowel diseases. Other symptoms include change in color of urine, presence of blood in the urine, nausea, vomiting and irritability. Lie down on the belly with hands flat on each side of the chest and keep feet and legs parallel.
Inhale first through left nostril, while closing the right one with thumb of the right hand. Therefore, it becomes a dire necessity to maintain an active lifestyle and perform useful yoga asana and exercise to improve the condition. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In the human body, serrapeptase dissolves non-living tissues such as scars, excess mucous, arterial plaque, blood clots, cysts, and inflammation in all forms – without harming living, healthy tissue. When the silkworm is ready to emerge from its cocoon, it produces serrapeptase, which dissolves the hard shell of the cocoon.
In over 25 years of studies and usage, no harmful side effects or contraindications have been found.
Enteric coating means that the Serra Enzyme will dissolve in the small intestine, rather than in the stomach, so that the serrapeptase can be absorbed into the body and delivered where needed. The search for a superior enzyme that offers safe but powerful anti-inflammatory properties, thus averting the terrible side effects, ended when Serratia peptidase (Serrapeptase) enzyme was discovered in the early 70’s. The person who appraised our home prior to us purchasing it recommended we have the tank pumped. The site is very informative and explains that in order to keep your pipes from clogging or having foul odors you must maintain them.

Just like a car needs an oil change every few months to keep the engine running smoothly, so does a septic tank.
As a mother it’s also important to consider what I bring into the home and around my children, so knowing that their product is safe around children is a plus.
There’s also the option of purchasing a full year of maintenance or buying the medium or light versions of the same plan. I highly recommend taking control of any septic tank issues before it’s too late and you have a huge problem on your hands. The thrombus (blood clot) – from which the condition derives its name – poses serious health risks when a broken part of the blood clot reaches pulmonary circulation system or the heart.This may lead to pulmonary embolism – condition in which blood clot rests on pulmonary artery of lung. It is also rich in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) that metabolises protein like hemoglobin and aids it in carrying oxygen to tissues in body. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling in legs caused by deep vein thrombosis.It also promotes better blood circulation thereby preventing risks of deep vein thrombosis and further pulmonary embolism. The active agents in gingko biloba are flavonoids that protect heart muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and retina. The antioxidant properties of the herb also prove helpful in dilating blood vessels, protecting blood vessels, improving blood flow and thereby benefiting the heart.
Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, the herb cures leg pain caused by deep vein thrombosis. It is important to note that toe fungus is a contagious condition; therefore, it is important to ensure proper hygiene to prevent the occurrence of any infection.
Although Vicks Vaporub is not as effective as oral medications, it does not cause undesirable side effects.
This website also reported that several individuals found that a mixture of vinegar and Listerine in equal amounts proved effective in treating toe fungus.
To treat toe fungus with home remedies, soak your feet in a basin containing one part of vinegar to the same amount of water.Make sure that the water is warm and keep your feet soaked in it for about 15-20 minutes. Red wine vinegar and white vinegar were both used along with garlic oil for treating candida albicans.
Following that, prepare the mixture using equal amounts of garlic oil as well as white vinegar and apply it to the surface of the skin. Anderson, author of Clinician’s Guide to Holistic Medicine states that oregano is known to possess an aromatic phenol compound named carvacrol, which is helpful in boosting the amount of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, thereby decreasing the level of harmful bacteria and preventing fungal infections. As you grow older your skin muscles and ligaments get weak to put off fat deposits under the eye socket. Although, eye bags are a natural effect of aging process and is not a stern health issue, nevertheless it can drastically cut your self confidence and good look. The wool should not be dripping with parsley juice though, as it can daub all over your face.
Researchers have shown that cucumber is rich in ascorbic acid, which is a potent dehydrating agent, and caffeic acid and beta carotene which are powerful antioxidants. Anti oxidants fight free radicals in the skin that causes skin aging. The liquid is then filtered and cooled to room temperature and can be stored in the refrigerator up to ten days for future use. It also blocks the action of skin aging enzymes and thereby eye bags. Aloe eye gel can be prepared by lightly heating aloe gel with cucumber juice and corn starch. Veggies and fruits like carrot, pumpkin, green vegetables, broccoli, egg yolks, oranges, kiwi, almonds, banana and raisins, turnips, kale, collard green are rich in vitamin A, C, K and antioxidants.
Kidney stone is a complex kidney problem which is realized with unbearable pains on kidney.  Unfortunately, all sufferers of this problem fail to get best available treatment because allopathic treatments are somehow costly for them. You can also add small amount of lemon juice along with 2 tbsp of honey in your linseed tea so as to get relief from pain occurring due to kidney stones. For a new patient of kidney stone, 100 to 150mg of Vitamin B6 drug can give desirable result in removing kidney stones. When a can of Coke is present in your refrigerator you don’t have to look further for an effective kitchen cleaner. Dissolving a few cups in your bathwater will do the trick on fatigued tootsies, calves, and ankles. Epsom salts are made of magnesium sulfate that is absorbed through the skin – the reason why these salts are so successful at reducing swelling and improving blood circulation. The symptoms start appearing when formed stones move down the ureter, blocking the urine flow. While drinking water is the foremost remedy for dissolving kidney stones, but if the stones are much larger in size, yoga poses and breathing techniques will aid in flushing them off and keeping the kidneys healthy. Inhale and lengthen the spine forward and lift the chest gently, along with head from the floor. Now wrap the hands around the knees. While exhaling, lift the head upwards to touch knees with the chin. Unhealthy inflammation anywhere in the body is one of the major factors in all pain, diseases and disorders.
Serrapeptase (the active ingredient in Serra Enzyme) has been used for over 30 years in Europe and Asia to reduce pain, inflammation, and excess mucus secretion in the body. If you can’t swallow capsules, you can open the capsules and mix the powder with a small amount of water or honey.
Taking Serra Enzyme post-op may help clear the scarring and help prevent lesions and adhesions. This consequently increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to and the transport of harmful waste products away from traumatized tissue.
The active agent in cayenne pepper is capsaicin that reduces cholesterol in blood and triglyceride levels. The active agents in butcher’s broom are sterols, fatty acids and few rare flavonoids like sparteine and ruscogenin. Hence, it treats various diseases and disorders related to poor blood circulation like heart disease, brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, balding, etc. You can apply Vicks Vaporub to the affected area several times a day to treat this condition. However, white vinegar proved more effective in destroying the fungi responsible for this condition. Do not wash off the mixture immediately, but leave it there for at least three to four hours.
However, if you are allergic to bees or bee stings, you should exercise caution while using this product. Brown states that probiotics present in yogurt help in restoring the correct balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, thereby removing harmful bacteria from the body and preventing the occurrence of fungal infections.There are several foods that contain good amounts of probiotics and they include fermented cabbage, fortified milk, brined olives, buttermilk, sauerkraut, kefir, tofu and soy products. Ralph Morgan from the family medicine confirmed that under eye bags can be the result of various vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Potato on the other hand is rich in enzyme called catecholase which is a natural skin lightening agent that helps to lighten the dark skin due to fluid puffing. Deep tissue massages remove toxins present in the skin tissues that indirectly help to eliminate the fat deposits under the eyes. Witch hazel extract is added to the cooled mixture and is applied over the eyes for a few minutes before washing.
However, it is possible to attain best treatment of this complication with natural remedies too.  If you’re a victim of this kidney complication then the following home remedies will ease your discomfort and will improve your healing process to great extent. All you have to do is soak a cloth with Coke and rub your window with it and then wash the glass pane with water to ensure that no residue of the sugary beverage is present on the glass.
If you don’t want to waste water on a full bath, you can always prepare an Epsom salt foot bath in a shallow bucket of water. Taken over time, the serrapeptase in Serra Enzyme will digest dead and damaged tissues and actually eradicate the inflammation and pain.
Proteolytic enzymes also help break down plasma proteins and cellular debris at the site of an injury into smaller fragments. Serrapeptase is an anti-inflammatory, proteolytic enzyme isolated from the microorganism, Serratia E15 and has no inhibitory effects on prostaglandins, is devoid of gastrointestinal side effects and offers a sensible alternative (to NSAIDS). It prevents platelet aggregation and hence helps the body in dissolving fibrin, which is crucial in the formation of blood clots. Besides, Gingko biloba has strong antioxidant properties that prevent damage by free radicals. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid using this herb as it can cause skin rash.
This article is especially for folks who seek to put an end to either or both types of eye bags. Parsley, especially the organic ones, is known to work wonders on eradicating under eye bags by gradual addition of its beauty elements to the skin. Studies have shown that natural oil like lavender oil is a potent fat cell stimulator that works by dissolving the fat deposits under the eyes.
These veggies in the food help eradicate eye bags by supplementing essential nutrients to the body. This greatly facilitates their passage through the lymphatic system, resulting in more rapid resolution of swelling, with the consequent relief of pain and discomfort.
The neurological and gastrointestinal side effects of these agents have been reviewed in considerable detail. Those who are lazy to follow the above mentioned ways can freeze parsley along with water in the freezer and place the ice cubes directly under the eyes.
Empty tea bags can be filled with the grated veggies and placed over the puffed areas of the eyes to prevent puffed eye bags. All of the NSAIDs, with the exception of Cytotec, inhibit prostaglandin El, a local hormone responsible for gastric mucosal cytoprotection.
More serious adverse reactions such as blood dyscrasias, kidney damage and cardiovascular effects have been noted.
Most physicians rotate among the ten most widely prescribed NSAIDs, as soon as one causes side effects or stops working.

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