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Kerala Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Medical center at Al Nahda, Sharjah and Dubai provides Ayurveda Wellness body massage, Relaxation body massage package, Rejuvenation body massage packages and Detoxification Panchakarma packages.  We have separate Gents and Ladies Section at our Ayurveda Medical center. We offer special Ayurvedic treatments for Hair fall, hair care, skin care, old age health problems, weight loss, slimming, obesity, fat removal, post pregnancy care and also we have herbal food supplements, herbal hair oil, skin creams, oils and Ayurveda medicines. A large number of migraine headaches originate with what you currently eat, and also from what you don’t eat. Supporting the system by eating a well balanced diet of natural, whole foods helps control the incidence of migraine attacks. Eating small meals frequently throughout the day stabilizes blood sugar, protecting against the sharp rise and fall that can cause a migraine headache.
Magnesium‘s role in stabilizing blood vessels is well documented, helping to prevent capillary and muscle spasms. Foods high in the amino acid tryptophan stimulate the brain in the production of the neurotransmitter, serotonin. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce overall inflammation and help lessen constriction of capillaries in the head, a primary cause of migraine headaches. Consume at least 1 gram of ginger to alleviate the nausea associated with migraine headaches.
Keep a food diary and track which foods are the causes of migraine headaches, removing them from your diet while you add back healing foods and home remedies for relief. Permission is granted to copy the title and first one hundred words with the provision that the author's name be included and a link to the original article be added.
JB Bardot is trained in herbal medicine and homeopathy, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition.
The information included on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease. In February 1995, after a short plane flight to a veterinary seminar, I became very ill with an upper respiratory virus.
In December 1998 and through most of 1999, for some unknown reason, most of the symptoms disappeared. The antidepressant medications slightly improved my spirits but worsened my hand tremors and increased the muscle weakness in my legs.
Within two months after beginning my program, I had weaned off of the antidepressants, I was working three days each week and I started working out three days per week. I was in good health, for a gentleman in his late, late sixties but I could feel that even though I was exercising routinely and trying to eat a good diet, I was slipping. After being on my personal anti-aging program for more than a year, I have more energy than I have had in years, my depression is almost non-existent and my sex life is better than ever. If you want to look younger, feel more youthful, have a zest for life once again, I strongly recommend that you begin your own anti-aging program.
It all began with a horrendous backache, which the doctor at Kaiser diagnosed as a bad case of the flu. I moved to a small town in the northern California foothills where the dry climate seemed to improve my physical well-being.
A few days after returning home, a large box was delivered with hormones, including thyroid and all the various supplements Dr. Comprehensive text book for physicians, comprehensive book for consumers, complete with treatment guidelines, abstracts and algorithms. A full body swedish massage lasts approximately an hour and includes the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. We are offering special herbal beauty care packages and lifestyle herbal diet charts for health and beauty. Although migraine headache causes may be varied, treatment for symptoms in people with headaches can be easily accomplished merely by changing your diet and including medicinal foods, spices, and a few home remedies. The best foods and home remedies trigger soothing brain chemicals, promote overall well-being and stop migraine headaches in their tracks.
Fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, meats and whole grains provide necessary nutrients for the production of brain chemicals that ease pain.

Increase magnesium-rich foods such as wheat germ, garlic, oatmeal, seafood, kale, broccoli, spinach, melon, bananas, basil, cantaloupe, blackstrap molasses, and nuts to support the body and prevent migraine pain.
Having a calcium-rich drink or snack made with raw milk at bedtime encourages sleep and muscle relaxation.
B-2 or riboflavin is found in broccoli, eggs, almonds, raw milk, fermented soy products, whole grains, and organ meats. Use ginger in a variety of ways including fresh ginger tea, candied ginger, or powdered ginger capsules.
Nux not only cleanses the liver, but reverses the effects of foods that may cause migraine headaches. Bardot retired from a 25-year natural healthcare practice caring for both people and animals.
JB Bardot does not provide personal consultations, treatments or suggestions for individuals regarding dosing or experiencing any health conditions or diseases.
Walker is a well-known and well-respected broadcast journalist and a busy parent raising her vibrant children. I had most of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis but did not have any positive test results. I was back to working two days per week and being too exhausted to play with my son once again.
I know that eating a hormonally correct diet, resistance training, taking bio-identical hormones and brain boosting medications has changed my life drastically, for the better. The next day Kaiser doctors, informed by a spinal tap and paralysis beginning with my feet and quickly moving toward my chest, diagnosed my symptoms as polio. At the rehabilitation center I was to be taught how to use crutches and how to get in and out of a wheelchair and how to manage if I fell. I asked him if my fatigue might be due to a thyroid deficiency, and I also asked his opinion on my discontinuing hormone replacement therapy (Premarin+) since I’d heard more about its association with cancer. My internist referred me to an orthopedic doctor who failed to help me regain use of my right hand.
After reading CHI’s book, FOREVER AGELESS, I decided that I was going to make an appointment for an Evaluation Day.
Turkey supplies the greatest amount of tryptophan, followed by black-eyed peas, walnuts, almonds, sesame and pumpkin seeds, brown rice, and whole grains. It reduces irritability, neck and occipital spasms, noise and light sensitivity, body aches, nausea, and calms the inevitable tears that accompany excruciating migraine pain. Bree is also a prominent disability rights activist and a national consultant in the field.
My ENT physician put me on Augmenton, then on Cefelexin with an occasional dose of prednisone.
Over the next six to eight months, I gradually developed some neurological problems; a decreased sense of feeling in my right hand and foot and a partial blindness in my right eye.
By mid 1998, I was only able to practice veterinary medicine one day per week and I taught one part-time college class. It was the first time in several years that any doctor had taken the time to completely review my entire case. I still have occasional bouts of my previous symptoms but they only last two or three days.
In addition to a weak left arm and leg, which I tended to drag, fatigue was my constant companion and incontinence my constant fear. I went to a new Kaiser facility, where my doctor, puzzled by my continuing fatigue, set up an appointment for me with a neurologist. Ron Rothenberg on a satellite university television channel where he was lecturing to a class of medical students at the University of California at San Diego about anti-aging medicine.
Within one month, after taking the natural hormones and nutritional supplements, all of the arthritis was gone and has not returned. It was the common sense of understanding the entire body system, understanding the role of each organ in relation to our biochemistry.

Due to my illness, I was unable to become a partner in the Veterinary clinic where I had worked for 15 years and eventually I had to quit the practice.
Because of the demands of my family and my profession, I learned how to disregard the physical needs of my body, especially those related to fatigue. It was suggested that I had Post-polio Syndrome, but a University of California doctor said there was no evidence of that. The neurologist informed me that I had never had polio, but had had an infection, which was most likely spinal meningitis. But when my doctors treated me like I was crazy and prescribed synthetic hormones, I said, ‘No’.
I could not make enough money to pay bills, which forced me to take a second mortgage on my house.
I am now in my second career as an actor and I think I have a lot more living to do, thanks to California HealthSpan Institute. After three weeks under quarantine in intensive care, I was taken by ambulance to Kaiser’s rehabilitation center in Vallejo, California. I saw a second orthopedic doctor and asked if he thought I might have some systemic problem now that two hands were affected. I have lost 30 pounds without feeling I was on a diet, without hunger, without food cravings. Rothenberg’s treatment regimes are so simple but rarely practiced by physicians with adequate knowledge.
The fatigue worsened and by March 1996, I could hardly work a full day and I could only do a light work out at the gym.
My marriage was dissolving and I did not have the strength to play with my then, 9-year old son. At CHI, I was given a battery of tests, I met with their nutritionist and then, I had a final consult with Dr. We spent the entire day running up and down the mountains having a great time; something that I was unable to do a year ago. These days included bicycling to work, about 4 miles per day and swimming one-half mile per day five days per week.
I told him that I wanted to get off my medications and needed to see someone that might be able to advise me on how to combat my, as of yet, undiagnosed disease. I am greatly appreciative to the entire staff at California HealthSpan for their kindness, care and the interest that they have taken in my health. Each professional improved the quality of my life but not sufficiently for me to return to my full-time job.
I then spent the rest of the day in his office being tested and talking with the doctor about the results of my lab tests and other diagnostic tests. My mental acuity continues to sharpen and I am currently juggling three intense projects in my professional life. When my gynecologists prescribed hormones for me, they never ordered a lab test to determine which hormones needed replacement nor at what levels were optimum. Rothenberg, “by adjusting my hormones, has caused the migraine attacks to decrease dramatically.
My pituitary gland had stopped producing the Luteinizing hormone and I was not making any testosterone.
My sexual energy has increased, changing the way I relate to people, communicating what a total stranger described as a glow and vitality that he saw as beautiful.
Somehow we began talking about my arthritis problem, and I mentioned that I had abruptly stopped hormone replacement therapy earlier in the year.
This alleviated some of my fatigue symptoms but it did not relieve any of the neurological symptoms.

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