Holistic treatment for menstrual cramps

FEATURE COLUMN – Perhaps you have heard the buzz surrounding foot zone therapy, but can’t imagine what on Earth it is all about. Foot zone therapy, in some form, has been practiced as a healing method for thousands of years. This experience inspired 26 years of intense research into the human body’s own innate healing intelligence that can be triggered by specific points. Zone therapy has been found to be a signal or electro-magnetic system, rather than a reflex system, and the body is always treated in its entirety as a whole.
It is extremely important that your zone therapy be administered by a certified zone therapist. As all of science knows, imbalances in the body are the early stages of ill health and occur long before the symptoms are present. Zone therapy encourages the body’s natural healing capability by stimulating blood circulation, hormone balance, lymph flow, digestion, assimilation, elimination and function of the autonomic nervous system. To learn more about zoning or schedule a treatment, contact Red Canyon Foot Zone Therapy at 435-313-7518.
Bromley has been a Washington County resident since 1987 and studied history, language and nutrition at the University of Utah. Upon being introduced to foot zone therapy, she said she knew it was something she had to pursue.
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Flashback: while fulfilling his residency in preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins and the the Health Services Research department of the US Public Health Service, Dr. On the other hand, the Wellness Paradigm, which can be used at any point on the continuum, helps you move toward higher levels of wellness.
Even though people often lack physical symptoms, they may still be bored, depressed, tense, anxious, or simply unhappy with their lives.
Diseases such as cancer can be brought on by excessive stress that weakens the immune system. High-level wellness involves giving good care to your physical self, using your mind constructively, expressing your emotions effectively, being creatively involved with those around you, and being concerned about your physical, psychological and spiritual environments.
High-level wellness doesn’t preclude periods of illness and weakness, nor does it attempt to deny that death is a natural part of life. Your current state of health, be it one of disease or vitality, is just like the tip of the iceberg. We can learn, for example, what "payoffs" we get from being overweight, smoking, driving recklessly, or from eating well, being considerate of others, and getting regular exercise. Exploring below, to the next deepest level, we encounter the spiritual, being, and meaning realm (depending on your beliefs, this can be described as transpersonal, philosophical, or metaphysical).
In 1977, Professor Ilya Prigogene won a Nobel Prize for his theory of dissipative structures – open systems in which energy is taken in, modified (transformed), and then returned (dissipated) to the environment. A rock or a cold cup of coffee is a closed system because it doesn’t channel and transform energy in this way.
We use part of the energy we take in to maintain the channel, to build and repair the body itself and much of it occurs during our all-important sleep periods. Taking a step up in this energy transformation process, we replace worn tissue and blood cells, repairing cuts and scratches, and mending bones. And don't forget those less tangible expressions of energy – the generation of emotions, the internal dialog of your thinking processes, your intuition, dreams, and the creation of what may be spiritual insights and altered states of consciousness.
The life-processes of Self-Responsibility and Love, Moving, Feeling, Thinking, Playing and Working, Communicating, Intimacy, Finding Meaning, and Transcending, make up the energy outputs of the Wellness Energy System.
University program based on the Wellness Inventory receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student Wellness. Fresh aloe vera gel can be directly applied on the affected area to reduce the pain and itching resulting from poison ivy. Direct application of aloe vera juice on the affected area can also give the desired results. Frequent application of a paste created by mashing boiled potatoes on the affected area can reduce skin irritation and itching resulting from poison ivy.
An individual can create a thick paste with the use of baking soda powder (3 teaspoons) and water (1 tablespoon) and apply this paste on the affected area to treat the problem of poison ivy. Regular application of cooked oatmeal paste on the affected area can reduce the rashes and itching resulting from poison ivy. Direct application of a paste created with the use of goldenseal powder (2 teaspoons) and water (2 teaspoons) can reduce the itching, stiffness and pain resulting from poison ivy. To obtain better results, water can be replaced with apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon). Direct application of the juice extracted from peppermint leaves on the affected area can provide a soothing effect and relief from the itching or burning sensation resulting from poison ivy. Buttermilk can be directly applied on the affected area to treat the problem of poison ivy.
A pasted created with the use of epsom salt and water can also be directly applied on the affected area to reduce the itching resulting from poison ivy. Bleach, it’s the best for Poison ivy ~ as soon as you think you have been in it mowing ect.
Auricular acupuncture, whilst originally based upon the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, has its origins in modern Europe. Auricular acupuncture is a specialised complementary therapy, where acupuncture points on the outer ear are treated using needles, sometimes with electrical stimulation, to help relieve many chronic complaints. There are over 200 acupuncture points on the ear, each point named after an area of our anatomy. Auricular acupuncture is widely used throughout the United Kingdom and has been growing steadily since the 1970's. Our clinics in Cambridgeshire and London offer Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Injury and Deep Tissue Massage treatments for an extensive range of conditions. From Deeping St James, our most rural clinic attracts patients from Stamford, Spalding and Peterborough.
February 19, 2015 by Assistant Assistant Can you think of anything more powerful than words?
The question is whether or not your existing programming supports you in feeling good about yourself and life.
For more on powerful affirmations, check out the work of Louise Hay who is one of the masters of affirmations. A non-intrusive, natural and safe therapy working on the soles of your feet and palms of your hands that promotes gentle relaxation, enhances your body’s functions and promotes your well-being in a holistic way. Reflexology is a non-invasive and non-diagnostic holistic therapy.5-6 The therapist makes a full holistic assessment and observes the patient’s feet. Promotes the skills of Reflexology within physiotherapy, reflecting clinical responsibilities as laid down by the Health and Care Professions Council.
1          Cross JR (2008b) Reflected Energy Pathways: A Practical Workbook For Physical Therapists.

6          Poole H, Glenn S and Murphy (2007) A Randomised Controlled Study of Reflexology for the Management of Chronic Low Back Pain. 7          Woodward S, Norton CS and Gordon J (2009) Reflexology for Treatment of Constipation (Protocol).
8          Quattrin R, Zanini A, Buchini S, Turello D, Annunziata MA, Vidotti C, Colombatti A and Brusaferro S (2006) Use of Reflexology Foot Massage to Reduce Anxiety in Hospitalized Cancer Patients in Chemotherapy Treatment: Methodology and Outcomes.
10      Smith CA, Levett KM, Collins CT and Jones L (2012) Massage, Reflexology and other manual methods for pain management in labour. Ersdale learned the feet’s natural signal system to establish balance, elevate life-energy and renew cells in the body.
The zone therapy practitioner observes the foot and interprets the “messages” it conveys through discoloration, texture and tenderness.
It is a holistic approach that recognizes that all of the body’s cells and organs make up a complex and interactive organism. Much more occurs during a session than meets the eye, and practitioner experience is essential to achieving the full physical, mental and emotional benefit.
This is called sub-clinical illness and simply means that an illness or medical problem is not detectable yet. The most important benefits include renewing cell systems, rejuvenating life energy, bringing the body into balance and assessing the body’s current state of health. Living in Europe for over 15 years, she was exposed to various natural health practices and nutrition, which made a deep impression on her outlook of health and wellness.
She completed her certification under Kathy Duvall, founder of the Academy of Foot Zone Therapy, and became the first foot zone instructor in the St. The word “wellness” is used by many people and organizations, especially since the sharp rise in healthcare costs, diabetes and obesity during the past decade. Travis was also a protege of Lewis Robbins, MD, creator of the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), currently used by most employers and insurance companies. Travis decided that rather than treating sick people, he would dedicate his life to inspiring people to be well. Travis created the first wellness assessment, the Wellness Inventory, as a whole person intake for his new center. The wellness paradigm directs you beyond the neutral point and encourages you to move as far toward wellness as possible.
Medical science has demonstrated that negative emotional states can also lead to abuse of the body through smoking, over consumption of alcohol, and overeating – these behaviors can be attempts to fill the void left when other basic human needs are unmet, such as acknowledgment and respect, a stimulating and supportive environment, and a sense of purpose and meaning. In fact, it less important where you are on the continuum; it’s more important which direction you're facing – toward illness or wellness. Travis’ Continuum became an immediate success, an easy way to illustrate what this newly emerging wellness concept was all about.
To understand all that creates and supports your current state of health, you have to look below the surface of your wellness state. Many of us follow lifestyles that we know are destructive, both to our own wellbeing and to that of our planet. We can become conscious of any psychological payoffs based on dysfunctional childhood experiences such as burying our feelings as a way to gain approval.
When there is interference at any point – the input, the output, or in between – you may feel empty, confused, pressured, or blocked. These are: 1) oxygen (Breathing), 2) food (Eating), and 3) sensory stimulation (Sensing) such as physical touch, heat, light, sound, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation.
You radiate heat and eliminate waste products in the form of urine, perspiration, carbon dioxide, and the shedding of dead skin.
Common symptoms of poison ivy include skin rashes, redness, itching, blisters and so on. The problem of poison ivy can last for 3 to 4 weeks. To use banana as a home remedy, an individual is required to rub a paste of mashed banana on the affected area.This remedy can provide a soothing effect and help an individual in getting quick relief from the problem of poison ivy. To obtain quick results, baking soda powder can also be added to the water used for bathing. Applying a paste created with the use of crystal salt and water directly on the affected area can reduce the burning sensation resulting from poison ivy. Peppermint oil can also be directly applied on the affected area to obtain effective results. Consumption of a glass of buttermilk on a regular basis can also provide the desired results. Take a bleach bath, if you break out with it take a cotton ball & dab bleach on the rash, it dries it up in no time!
The seeds are no larger than the tip of an unsharpened pencil, do not pierce the skin, and are painless when affixed to the surface of the skin, and held in place with a small plaster. Each acupuncture point being treated triggers electrical impulses from the ear via the brain, to the specific part of the body being treated. Auricular acupuncture Detox has been recommended by the Department of Health as appropriate for the treatment of clients in Tiers 1 - 4 of their model multi-disciplinary treatment framework, (Department of Health 2002). Neots, while at the Steeple Morden clinic we receive patients from Baldock and Royston, plus Ashwell and all over North Herts. Further research from Dr William Fitzgerald (1872–1942) and Chiropractor Dr Joe Shelby Riley (1899-1959) influenced the development of zone therapy.
I have been a certified foot zone therapist for about four years and am still amazed at this health modality and what it can do for so many individuals with varied health issues. Hieroglyphics and ancient paintings depicting this therapy have been found in Egypt and India.
His accomplishments include developing a theory describing the electrical circuits, or “meridians,” in the body. When a signal point is triggered within a certain zone, a message goes to the tissue or organ effected through a reflex arc to the spinal cord and then to the brain.
A session typically lasts 45-60 minutes, and multiple and consistent sessions over a two-month period are recommended to detoxify and establish the bodies restorative process. George News to provide feature articles focused on fitness, nutrition, health, mind and body, and family wellness. After creating his breakthrough wellness model, the Illness-Wellness Continuum (below), Dr. The work at the center championed "wellness" and attracted media attention including 60 Minutes with Dan Rather in 1979.
Most of us think of “wellness” in terms of “illness” and assume that the absence of illness indicates wellness. The treatment paradigm (drugs, surgery, psychotherapy, and so on) can bring you up to the neutral point, where the symptoms of disease have been alleviated. High-level wellness simply defines choices we can make over things we can control in our life, including our behaviors.

Health practitioners and educators began using it, and soon it was appearing in books, journals, and slide presentations. If you don't like your state, you can attempt to change it, do things to it, chisel away at an unwanted condition such as weight.
Science has clearly demonstrated that our conscious and unconscious can impact our mental and physical health. It includes everything in the unconscious mind, as well as concerns such as your reason for being, the real meaning of your life, or your place in the universe. We take in energy from all the sources around us, organize it, transform it, and return (dissipate) it to the environment around us.
Your sex, blood type, the pigmentation of your skin, and other racial characteristics are your genetic inheritance; there isn't much you can do about them. The rest of us will be affected by your touching, your physical work and play, your laughter and sadness. Putting together the input and output, we have the complete Wellness Energy System of a human being as represented in the color wellness wheel. An individual can also rub the inside part of a banana peel on the affected area to cure the symptoms of poison ivy. An individual suffering from the problem of poison ivy can also take a bath with water containing crystal salt. Paul Nogier, a neurologist from Lyons in France, observed a locum doctor treating sciatica by cauterizing an area of the ear. The patient can keep these seeds on for up to 1 week and re-stimulate the points themselves, by massaging the ear several times each day. Publishes evidence-based material, encouraging further research and development in Reflex Therapy to enhance physiotherapy. One of his most significant discoveries was that the body would consistently respond as a dynamically interrelated whole, rather than as separate symptomatic parts.
Modern reflexology and foot zoning were both pioneered by Fitzgerald, but reflexology can tend to focus on one body system that might be having problems, whereas foot zoning treats each session by a complete systematic routine that incorporates the whole body. After this period, you and your therapist will determine a schedule that is based on your individual needs and overall health. She is committed to assisting people who are sincerely interested in their overall health and wellness, and believes foot zone therapy is a cornerstone to giving the body the help it needs to strengthen and balance.
Readers are encouraged to evaluate and understand both the associated risks and rewards before engaging in any health practice. Travis created one of the earliest computerized HRAs, but soon realized that this approach failed to address the attitudes and beliefs underlying high-risk behaviors that determine wellbeing. Travis opened the first wellness center in the United States in 1975, the Wellness Resource Center (Mill Valley, CA). His classic Wellness Workbook, which has been used by wellness and health promotion educators in undergraduate and graduate programs in universities for over 30 years, is still used and quoted today as a foundational wellness vision.
With only minor modifications, it has withstood the test of time and remains a core concept today in textbooks worldwide. To understand why, we must look still deeper, to the cultural, psychological, and motivational levels. The way in which you address these questions, and the answers you choose for yourself, underlie and permeate all of the layers above including physical health.
The three energy inputs are represented in the color wellness wheel below, along with the energy outputs. We will learn about you, and ourselves, through communication, the sharing of intellectual pursuits, and the expression of creativity. If desired results are not obtained with the use of home remedies, an individual should consult a dermatologist. This prompted extensive research, culminating in the development of the somatopic correspondence of specific parts of the body to the ear, based upon the concept of an inverted foetus. Repetition is required in order to reprogram old thinking which may have been in your mind for years. Occasionally, there may be tender areas, or different sensations that may be felt through the course of a treatment, and sometimes the process may make you drowsy or sleepy. You will find that your body will tell you when it is time for another zone therapy session.
George Health and Wellness magazine is distributed to hundreds of locations every other month throughout St.
He explored the work of Abraham Maslow and other leading visionaries, including Halbert Dunn, MD, whose book, High-Level Wellness, was an important catalyst to Dr. There he developed an innovative program for personal lifestyle change that focused on self-responsibility and engaged the whole person — body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The Illness-Wellness Continuum illustrates the relationship of the treatment paradigm to the wellness paradigm. Lewis Robbins health risk continuum (the basis of his Health Risk Assessment), Maslow's concept of self-actualization, and the high-level wellness model proposed by Halbert Dunn, MD, PhD in 1961. Ultimately, this deeper realm helps to determine whether the tip of the iceberg, representing your state of health, is one of disease or wellness.
Information and experience are processed in the town's schools with the end result being educated minds that are then released to make their impact on the world. Travis based the Wellness Inventory, in part, on the efficient flow of energy essential to wellness. These include your education and beliefs, previous experience, the activity of your nervous system, your flexibility, strength, body weight, emotional development, muscle tension, general state of health, and functioning of organs. The scientific explanation is that the new affirmations start to create new neural pathways in the brain to allow new, expansive ways of thinking. Travis, we adapted and expanded the original assessment into a robust online wellness program. An individual can move beyond the “neutral” point to increasingly higher levels of wellness. We learn how powerfully our cultural norms influence us, sometimes in negative and obsessive ways, such as convincing us to deny an overweight problem or that excessive thinness is required to be attractive.
The less measurable factors of sensitivity, open-mindedness, and self-love are also up to you. Nogier believed that pain and other symptoms in the body could be alleviated by needling, massaging or electronically stimulating the corresponding region of the ear.

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