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The gel extracted from the aloe vera plant can be applied on the bumps to reduce itching, scaling, redness and inflammation associated with the problem. This paste can be massaged on the affected area to soothe the skin within a reasonable period of time. Application of krill oil can relieve the chronic inflammation associated with plaque psoriasis. A mixture created with the use of egg white and fresh vegetable oil can be applied on the affected area on a regular basis to treat the medical condition.Regular application of a paste made by mixing egg white, sour cream and birch tar oil on the patches before sleeping can also help in curing the symptoms caused by the problem. The symptoms associated with the problem can be relieved with the frequent application of a mixture of dried calendula flowers, vitamin E and extra virgin olive oil on the affected area.
This mixture can be applied on the affected area several times in a week to get effective results. A paste created by mixing baking soda with water can be applied on the patches with the help of a cotton swab on a daily basis to treat redness and itching caused by the problem. A mixture of baking soda and olive oil can also be directly applied on the affected area to get the desired results. Capsaicin is one of the most effective natural treatments for the problem of plaque psoriasis.
When it comes to scary statistics, it’s hard to beat the one that one out of three Americans over the age of twenty has diabetes.
Most Americans dealing with prediabetes don’t actually know that they have it (about 90% of the cases) – any odd symptoms of high blood sugar may end up being passed off as something less serious. While prediabetes does appropriately predict a diagnosis for diabetes if lifestyle and eating habits are not changed, the story doesn’t end there.
A meta-analysis of roughly 900,000 people looked at the symptoms of prediabetes, and found that people who do have it also have about a 15% increased risk of developing cancer. While there are some common factors between both diabetes and cancer growth that link back to weight gain (for example, having a link to excess body fat), that isn’t the last of the connection.
One of the biggest symptoms of prediabetes is an increase in insulin resistance, which results in a decreased ability for the body to burn fat as fuel (which leads to it sitting on your body).
When your body is producing more and more insulin, you’re also increasing your production of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Because prediabetes has a link to both diabetes and cancer, there is nothing stopping the two from occurring concurrently. Keep in mind that while the link between prediabetes and cancer growth appears significant, a causal relationship has yet to be proven. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold.

About Latest Posts Follow meMichelle TooleMichelle Toole is the founder and head editor of Healthy Holistic Living. Common causes of this chronic disease include stress, genetics, injury, reaction to certain drugs, viral and bacterial infection. Symptoms of this medical condition include itching, burning sensation, bleeding, dry and cracked skin, swollen and stiff joints.
Another alternative is to apply a combination of aloe vera juice and tea tree oil on a frequent basis. Calendula flowers can be mixed with warm olive oil and strained after 24 hours of the preparation. Application of a natural paste created with the use of capsaicin on the patches multiple times on a weekly basis can relieve the burning sensation and redness associated with the problem. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This condition involves an increase in blood sugar levels that is consistently higher than normal, but not at an extreme enough point to make a diagnoses for diabetes. Of the people who do have diabetes, about 15-30% of them will go on to develop type 2 diabetes within five years. Research is pointing in the direction that prediabetes may have its own link to a completely different threat – one that affections millions of people in the United States and even more around the world.
In particular, this relationship appeared strong for cases of stomach, liver, breast, and pancreatic cancer. This resistance is caused by having skyrocketed blood sugar levels that effectively make cells more resistant to insulin. IGF-1 plays a significant role in cell growth and proliferation, which may allow for cancer to develop within your body. Not surprisingly, research is showing that patients who suffer from both diabetes and some form of cancer are also at a higher risk of death. For all we know, the two could be mutually worsening each other – but in any case, it’s important to live by a balanced diet to prevent prediabetes in the first place. By Editorial Staff Tweet Pin It Tweet Medical Symbol (Wikimedia)The universal medical symbol is a snake coiled around the Rod of Aesclepius, the Greco-Roman god of medicine. Thankfully, it is possible to turn that condition around by making healthy diet and lifestyle changes – unfortunately, doing that is rarely the case.
As a result, more insulin is produced to get to work, trying to help sugar enter your cells.
Some findings show that certain tumors may come along with insulin receptors (which allow insulin to bind), so that the increased insulin production ties into the growth of the tumor itself.

Too much sugar is never a good thing, so make sure you’re bringing enough healthy options into your routine to keep your overall health in check.
According to legend, Aesclepius, the man-god son of Apollo, learned to heal from both his deific father and his wise mentor, the Centaur Chiron.
A holistic therapeutic tradition grew up around the tales of his mythical abilities, inspiring the construction of early hospital-like retreats called asklepions that provided proto-medical treatments to the sick and injured.
In one version of the myth, Zeus killed Aesclepius with a choice thunderbolt for being so brash as to revive the dead. Zeus’ antagonism toward the talented son of Apollo concerned his ability to transcend human mortality, thereby threatening to make humans equal to the gods. Although most towns had an asklepion, the seaside sanctury at Epidauros was the best known of them all.Going to see the asklepion usually meant trekking to the nearest sanctuary and staying overnight.
While sleeping, the diseased were said to have a dream in which Aesclepius appeared to them, accompanied by a serpent who might lick their wound, thus curing them of their physical ailment.All dreams were reported to the physician-priest the next morning, who would then make recommendations as to further action that should be taken. Today, we know the Aesculapian snake as Zamenis longissimus, a nonvenomous rat snake native to southeastern Europe.
Snakes: Symbol of Healing or Epitome of Danger?Few animals have been as extensively mythologized as snakes. Some of the earliest known cultural expressions take up the serpentine theme, depicting snakes as the incarnation of evil or, conversely, as medical symbols, life-giving signs of therapeutic renewal. It depends on who, when, and where you ask.Modern Western civilization has inherited this ambivalence. Fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias, and snakes are widely thought to be disgusting and dangerous. Yet, groups like the American Medical Association have drawn on the iconic, snake-coiled Rod of Aesclepius as a universally-recognized symbol of medicine to represent themselves.Bonus Facts To Arouse Your CuriosityEarliest Medical SchoolsInterestingly, the asklepion sanctuaries to which the sick and diseased retreated for healing also functioned as early medical schools. Such famous forbearers of modern medicine as Hippocrates and Galen received their medical education in these establishments.Aesculapian vs. Hermes had a staff because he regularly accompanied people that had died to the underworld — not a very comforting image for someone with an imminent medical issue.Pagan vs. Christian Serpentine SymbolismFor the ancient Greeks who conceived the Aesclepian tradition, the snake symbolized healing and the renewal of life, drawing attention to the shedding of the skin as part of its life cycle. This dangerous or uncontrollable aspect is emphasized by Christian tradition from the third century B.C.

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