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Not having a definitive answer, I requested an interview with one of my favorite cat experts, the holistic vet, Dr.
The thing is, CKD kitties need high-quality protein to maintain their body weight and system functions. I’m going for maximum quality of life, rather than simply extending life, which is what the kidney diets do. So you do not specifically feed him a low-phosphorous diet. But if people can find a low-phosphorous cat food that has normal protein levels, is there any reason not to use it? I think the value of renal diets is for cats with significant symptoms, and in those cases they can help the cat feel better. I should mention that egg whites are pure protein with almost no phosphorus, so I got some organic egg whites and will be starting an experiment with adding egg whites to their food. Secondly, I want to thank you, cat-loving readers, for asking for fresh insights on this topic, as well as for any tips you might want to add here.
Standard DisclaimerThe information provided here should not be a substitute for professional veterinary treatment. Do not try to diagnose or treat a feline health problem without consulting a qualified veterinarian.
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Affiliate link ethics policySome of the products mentioned here contain affiliate links, which means that if you happen to purchase after clicking, part of your purchase supports this blog at no extra cost to you. As a veterinarian, I was concerned when my 18-year-old, domestic shorthaired cat started acting senile. Your veterinarian will also recommend doing the following blood work to make sure your senile cat doesn’t have any other medical conditions. Once your cat checks out ok, and it turns out to be cognitive dysfunction (or senility), I’d recommend a holistic supplement that you can safely purchase online or from your veterinarian.
I just started using Senilife in my own cat after recommendation from a veterinary behaviorist. Phosphatidylserine, which improves nerve-cell communication and helps this process continue working effectively. Again, I just started using this in my own cat, so I’ll keep you posted in a few months if it’s helping or not! When I returned to Boulder, Colorado in 1992 after my fellowship in Urologic Oncology at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, I was the only female urologist in the entire city. I was armed with 12 years of rigorous medical training, internships, and residency — along with a burning desire to make a difference in the world — however, if my patients knew how little my fellowship prepared me for treating difficult cases like theirs, I don’t think they would have been so enthusiastic. Many of these women had suffered from chronic urologic conditions for years, and were fed up with the lack of results (let alone empathy) they were receiving from their male doctors. What I did know (intuitively) was there had to be a better way to treat these painful and frustrating conditions than prescribing pain medications and anti-depressants, which only masked the symptoms and the attendant anger. Then, in 1996, I met Stacey Tuckwell, a physical therapist who forever changed the way I looked at the human body.
In other words, if there were problems with the pelvic floor, almost invariably, there were problems with the pelvic organs (the organs of elimination and reproduction).
The name for this condition is pelvic floor dysfunction, and it is the root of a lot of pain and suffering.
Another way to visualize the pelvic floor is a muscular hammock that supports the internal organs of the pelvis. The healthy functioning of this muscular web is vital to our well being in many ways: elimination, movement, posture, sexual function, and balance. In general, having the right amount of muscular tone throughout the pelvic floor promotes healthy organs within the pelvis and a good sex life. If the tone of the pelvic floor is too high (tight, contracted, in spasm) it makes it difficult to go to the bathroom (#1 and #2), diminishes sexual pleasure (dyspareunia or vulvodynia in women and testicular pain or painful orgasms in men). If the tone of the pelvic floor is too low (lax, relaxed, loose), both kinds of incontinence can occur as well as a sagging of the organs within the pelvis, which can lead to persistent pelvic pain in both sexes and pelvic organ prolapse in women.
There is an old joke among urologists that men are “tight asses” and women are “loose,” meaning that men tend to develop tighter pelvic floors, while women (especially after pregnancy) tend towards lower tone.
More often than not, men who have pelvic floor dysfunction tend to suffer more from chronic tightness (as opposed to laxity). Interestingly, injuries often occur on a particular side of the body, which can lead to a condition where one side of the pelvic floor has significantly higher tone than the other. In women, the biggest causes of pelvic floor dysfunction are pregnancy and delivery — both of which put substantial strain on the pelvic floor.
After delivery, it can take 3-4 months for the pelvic floor muscles to knit back together (longer if the mother is breastfeeding). Because the pelvic floor muscles control the urinary sphincter, a loose or weak pelvic floor in women frequently leads to stress urinary incontinence.

Biofeedback provides patients with a better sensation of what a strong contraction of the pelvic floor feels like. Electrical stimulation works best with patients who have very weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles.
Neither biofeedback nor electrical stimulation perform miracles overnight; however, after a course of treatment, patients consistently report substantial improvement. If the cost of biofeedback or electrical stimulation is outside your financial means at the moment, a 30-minute Internet search of “Kegel exercises” will provide you with more than enough information to get started on a simple home program of pelvic-floor strengthening. Whether the pelvic floor issues occur in men or women, are a result of injury or pregnancy, express themselves as muscular tightness or laxity, develop on the right side or left, the goal is reestablishing proper balance and tone to the pelvic diaphragm. Before embarking on a therapy program to improve the health of your pelvic floor, consult with a knowledgeable health practitioner who understands the connection between musculoskeletal issues, pelvic floor health, and the health of the internal organs of the pelvis. Below is a list of supplements and homeopathic medicines that I have found helpful in improving urinary and pelvic floor health. These Aloe vera capsules are perhaps the most effective over-the-counter treatment for urinary issues such as interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, and female urethral syndrome. This formulation reduces the acidity of urine, which brings great relief to people suffering from bladder and urinary tract inflammation.
The quercetin relieves allergic reactions in the urinary tract, while nettles act as an anti-inflammatory agent. This product contains exceptional anti-microbial properties that prevent the adhesion of microbes the lining of the urinary tract.
Helps bring pelvic floor muscles into balance (relaxes tone if it is too tight, enhances tone if it is too low), relieve pelvic floor congestion in women, and assists with overcoming prostatitis in men. We offer the following recommendations as an easy-to-follow check list to help you improve your bladder health. Your doctor may advise you to receive physical therapy for urinary problems and pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). User Agreement:  None of the information contained within this Web site has been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Jean, if you had a cat diagnosed with kidney disease (or were treating one), what kind of diet would you want the cat to be on? Restricting protein (the point of which is really to restrict phosphorus) ultimately causes loss of body condition. He does get a number of supplements, plus the blood pressure medicine (like mother, like son I guess!).
However, be aware that those [phosphorus] levels will still be about double those of the more-restrictive veterinary renal diets.
Hofve for sharing her opinions and knowledge on this challenging subject in a straightforward and honest way.
Hofve’s excellent, comprehensive article on feline CKD, which discusses some helpful supplements and providing subcutaneous fluids. GIVE UNIQUE GIFTS.Discover the Joy Otter and other hand-crafted gifts for home or yoga studio at Tiny Altar. The advice here is general and the authors cannot be held responsible for unexpected reactions to suggestions contained herein. If you do purchase through an affiliate link, thank you for supporting this work and please know that I really appreciate you!
When in doubt, you can also consult with a board-certified veterinary behaviorist; find one in your area here!
Honestly, I love this product (and I have nothing to disclose – I have no association with this product at all).
Hope it helps and please share below if you’ve had positive or negative responses in your dog or cat!
Word spread quickly, and in no time, it seemed like I was treating every woman in Boulder County who had chronic pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, or urinary tract issues.
In my mind, this form of treatment was worse than the conditions we were attempting to cure.
Stacey taught me how the health of the pelvic floor (an interconnected web of muscles and connective tissue that forms a “pelvic diaphragm” between the sacrum and the pubic bone) greatly impacts the health of the internal organs within the pelvis. If you’ve ever been in a hammock that was twisted, stretched too tight, or sagging in the middle, then you have a good idea what your internal organs feel like when the pelvic floor muscles are not functioning properly. Likewise, tight, lax, or uneven tone in the pelvic floor can lead to cascade of health concerns that include urinary issues, colon problems, and sexual dysfunction. High tone in the pelvic floor is also a precursor to a host of inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract (female urethral syndrome and chronic prostatitis) and of the bowel (IBS and Crohn’s disease). Part of this prevalence is because men are more often employed in physical labor than women. In order to accommodate the developing fetus, the female body produces the hormone relaxin and boosts the production of estrogen.

Post-partum pelvic floor muscles frequently develop what is known as “stretch weakness.” This condition occurs when the muscles do not regain their previous tone or strength.
Patients can also see the strength of their contractions and the muscles involved in them on a screen, which give immediate feedback about how much and where the patient needs to improve. Depending upon the patient’s needs, different frequencies and stimulation programs are used to revive the damaged nerve and muscle fibers, then teach these tissues how to contract normally again.
If you tend towards constipation, consult with a dietician who understands how constipation can affect the pelvic floor.
Its patented flower extracts have powerful anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties.
Tom Bunn is friendly, knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable, and gives a clear understanding of what appears to be the problem.
His expertise and his healing modalities have given me, at 74, the maximum opportunity to remain healthy and active. That’s the unspoken question each one of our new patients asks before they pick up the phone and call for their first appointment.
As with all recommendations on this site, without seeing you in person, we cannot know your individual concerns, nor can we address specific conditions.
This application of physical therapy in your pelvis is essentially the same as PT for other parts of the body (back, neck, or shoulder).
This Web site and its content are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Dehydration causes nausea and a nasty headache. I was exposed to an ammonia spill once, and I think it felt much like these kitties feel when the BUN (basically, ammonia) rises in their blood. She demystified the phosphorous and protein issues and I really appreciated her point about how treating dehydration can make a huge difference in a CKD cat’s wellbeing and appetite. Jean would have talked in detail about the supplements she gives…and revealed the brands of canned cat food she feeds! I attended osteopathic school, became a yoga instructor, and wrote a book about how to heal interstitial cystitis with yoga and acupressure. Now imagine spending years inside this twisted, tight, or sagging hammock — no wonder it hurts!
With manual labor comes an increased risk of injury to the low back and sacrum, which frequently are the cause of pelvic floor dysfuction. Electrical stimulation also helps patients with chronically contracted pelvic floor muscles.
Boswell recommends a treatment plan that includes myofascial stretching, joint mobilization, manipulation, and a home therapy — not Kegels. Egoscue improves pelvic floor health by improving lower back and sacral strength, mobilization, and stabilization. And she understands a great many things that most other doctors unfortunately seem to have little to no knowledge of. I initially saw Tom eight years ago for a condition that traditional medicine was unable to diagnose.
There are several top-notch urology clinics in the greater Denver Metro area, so why choose us? Always consult your health care professional before taking any action based on the information presented on this Web site — especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.
My cat, who howls and screams every single night, hasn’t screamed at all except for the one night that I also forgot to give him his nightly pain medication, gabapentin. Slowly, I began cobble together treatment protocols that addressed the whole patient as well as their urologic problems. Men are also more likely to participate in contact sports and other activities that carry a high risk of low back and sacral injury: snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and martial arts. Despite having a more accommodating pelvis, just the weight of carrying a child for nine months or an uncomplicated delivery can create laxity in the pelvic floor. Additional studies also show that the occurrence of urinary incontinence increases in both sexes as we age, but the age-related increase is greater for women.
In this situation, the external electrical stimulation overrides the nervous system’s message to contract, which over time, helps retrain the muscles to fully relax. While the acute dose of fumes I got was probably much worse than what the cats experience over time, I don’t doubt for a minute that they feel crappy! This laxity is exacerbated by complications during delivery (or deliveries), especially if pelvic floor muscles tear during delivery.

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