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Head and neck cancer is more common in people aged 40 and over, and men are two to three times more likely to develop head and neck cancer although the disease is becoming increasingly common in women and in people under 40.
I am writing with the hope that you may be able to suggest some help for my son who has been a paraplegic eight years.
He meditates, takes very few Rx pain medications, and knows his brain activity plays a big part in managing it.
I have personal experience with paraplegia since my father- in- law was quadriplegic from a fall. There are many supplements that can help him feel better along with massage and physical therapy. Finally, find your son a truly compassionate neurologist who hopefully has a lot of experience with patients in your son’s present state. I have recently read your book A Book of Miracles and am now reading Love, Medicine and Miracles. After doing some energy healing around that shock, I immediately started on a holistic program with herbs, contacted my friend, an NP in Ottawa who does German New Medicine and homeopathic remedies and my Naturopath in Vancouver BC.
I just feel I would get into the mainstream medical system and end up doing exactly what they want. Bernie, I am getting a lot of pressure to get in and have this surgery and yet I feel somewhere deep inside of me that I don’t want to do this. I have recently realized that the more I release my fear, and become aligned with healing and knowing deep down that I am being looked after by God and others, I feel positive, good, and trusting.
You can complement a curative surgery with all of the great holistic approaches you have in your life. Love your life and body and have faith that you can create your own complete healing approach, taking the best there is to offer among all the healing arts. I’ve included a quote from the great Carl Jung about the idea of knowing that all perspectives are equally valuable in our view of life. Science is the tool of the Western mind and with it more doors can be opened than with bare hands.
Follow Us!We have a cancer support group that meets the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of the month at Coachman’s Square on Bradley Road.
Listen to Bernie on Dreamvisions 7 Radio NetworkFrom the authentic soul of Bernie Siegel MD comes Mind Health Matters.
Wisdom of the AgesOwned & operated by Bernie’s son & daughter-in-law, Wisdom of the Ages, has all of Bernie’s books, CDs & DVDs available for purchase. A Book of MiraclesLearn more about Bernie Siegel's new title, Love, Animals & Miracles, with inspiring true stories of the healing bond we have with animals. August 30, 2014 by Joyce Harrell Before I became a wellness coach, I had already experienced 2 very distinct periods of burnout and overload related to my nursing career.
It’s important to understand that difficult interpersonal relationships and bad attitudes are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s difficult to follow a nurse who doesn’t seem to get her work done and leave it all for you as the next shift nurse. When I started Wellness Coaching training, we had to take inventory of where we are in several areas of our life.
A manager who is faced with an employee who exhibits reported attitudes and bad behavior will need to start verbal warnings, and the disciplinary process.
Stress can come from home difficulties, financial difficulties, relationship difficulties, eating on the run, poor working conditions, working with peers who have bad attitudes, or even working in an area of nursing that is not a good fit for you. You can learn how moving toward well-being can help you before you become “that nurse”.  Explore the possibility today of moving toward optimum well-being.

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For guests who prefer to share massage time with a friend or partner, we offer the option of booking our couples room, which has two massage tables in it. A must for pre- or post-workout flexibility, recovery, and restoration, sports massage employs deep pressure techniques to targeted muscle groups. Medical Massage improves the pain and discomfort that comes as a result of any number of medical issues. There are many benefits to receiving massage as it can assist in improving conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, sprains and strains, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, and many more.
Through holistic practices, Rasa Spa serves individuals undergoing cancer therapies with massage intended to help that individual live fully in the present, experience healing touch in a safe environment, and cultivate a strong inner presence that promotes well-being and wholeness.
Reflexologists view the feet as areas that mirror the body, and use their practice to stretch, apply pressure, and move these extremities in order to affect the corresponding parts of the body in positive, healing ways. Choose from one of our three signature blends to add another level of sensory heightening to your session. Aromatherapy massage also includes the caring application of hot towels and our own Rasa foot cream treatment. Grounding: This deeply grounding blend is great for clearing negativity and creating a deeply relaxed, balanced state of mind. Relaxing: This sweet and light blend is beneficial for meditation, calming and focusing the mind. Uplifting: This uplifting blend gives a sense of peace and joy as it amplifies energy, bliss, and light. Globally, cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx account for almost 5% of all can malignancies, with more than 600,000 new cases and more than 350,000 related deaths documented in 2008. Perhaps I am projecting too much negativity into the system, and I would only need a hysterectomy and that would be it. I feel it takes a lot of courage, but I believe that I am not alone and am being supported. It is part and parcel of our knowledge and obscures our insight only when it holds that the understanding given by it is the only kind there is. His message of hope and love is extended to all who seek a whole person approach for living life fully. A show that reflects Bernie's passion to reach people struggling with all of life's challenges-not just the physical ones-so that each person can live life fully. In 1978 he began talking about patient empowerment and the choice to live fully and die in peace. It’s difficult to give report to “that nurse” who has the reputation of asking all the nit-picky details that you don’t seem to know the answer to. If you are the recipient of the bad behavior, don’t hesitate to follow your chain of command and allow processes to start so that “bad behavior” will be addressed. However, a manager tuned into underlying issues would do well to recognize these signs and refer the employee to the Hospital’s Employee Assistance Program.  There are trained counselors and coaches who can help. You can contact your company’s Employee Assistance Program or you can take a simple inventory of where you are in 12 dimensions of your life.
Yes, not condoning bad behavior at all…but sometimes underneath all the bad behavior, is someone struggling with issues they have never revealed or sought help for. We offer a variety of modalities, including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, energy work, and much more. While you each work with your own therapist, joining with someone else for your treatment can create a more relaxing atmosphere–especially those who are new to the spa experience. Sports massage can be used to warm up muscles prior to your workout or competition and to flush out post-workout toxins. These sessions concentrate on the specific needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the many dramatic changes of pregnancy.

Gentle techniques such as Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Mastectomy and Breast Massage, Reflexology, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki are employed, depending on individual needs. This is one of the best modalities to give your mind a vacation while your whole body receives a wonderfully healing treatment through the parts of our body that are so often neglected. The majority of head and neck cancers occur in the oral cavity (42%), pharynx (35%), and larynx (24%). Join Bernie as he shares his powerful journey through life while offering us special nuggets of his sacred wisdom. Do you find that you frequently call out for illness, want to be on call or are the first one volunteering to leave early? We’ve all had the manager from “hell” that is unhappy at work and doesn’t hesitate to let you know it. When I did this, I realized I wasn’t well.  Areas “under the tip of my iceberg” were off balance in more ways than I even want to discuss here.
Your therapist will be happy to work with you to figure out which modalities to employ in your session, depending on your needs and goals. A duet massage is also a wonderful way to cultivate a more intimately enriching atmosphere for partners.
Make these sessions part of your training plan by coupling them with your workouts so you can recover faster. Oncology Massage respects the body’s limits and promotes the healing process while strictly avoiding any re-traumatizing of the body.
At present, most cases are diagnosed when the disease is at a late stage, and more than half of patients will relapse following treatment of their primary tumour.
A long history of poor work performance, difficulty relating to peers, and continual write-ups is really a different issue altogether and requires disciplinary action. We all know “that nurse” who complains everyday with the assignment, or “that nurse” who the charge nurse hates to approach to say you are getting an admission.  Maybe YOU are that nurse. It is possible to identify areas which need a shift and then create goals to move forward, set goals, and achieve a state of well-being. Don’t forget, Island Health & Fitness members receive 10% off at Rasa every Monday through Thursday! I gained weight and had frequent health issues involving gastric difficulties, or frequent bronchitis. This writing centers around the nurse who has maintained a good work ethic, has possibly been a nurse many years, and is beginning to have difficulty at work.
For sure, bad behavior isn’t acceptable, however, if we can create an atmosphere where those exhibiting behaviors can perhaps gain insight into their behavior, we may be able to see change occur.
My hope, is that nurses will read this, and if THEY are the ones struggling, they will get help.
Difficult relationships and poor attitudes can be a tip-off that a nurse is going through a rough time.
For example, awareness of the term head and neck cancer was found to be low, with 75% of respondents stating they were not familiar with the term. In addition, nearly three-quarters of individuals surveyed said they were not aware of the frequency of the disease in Europe.
In fact, about 20% thought that head and neck cancer affects fewer than 1,000 people in Europe, which is actually one hundred times less than the correct figure.

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