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Inflammation Rue also helps in reducing skin inflammation and inflammation associated with oral and pharyngeal cavities. Rue is used in homeopathic treatments to reduce pain associated with sprains, varicose veins, dislocations and spinal rheumatism. The following health conditions can also be treated to some extent using this herb: dyspepsia, pleurisy, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis and intestinal worm infestations. Summer Savory is similar to the spicy flavour of Winter Savory, but has a less bitter taste. The small leaves have a sweet peppery flavour and it stimulates the appetite, aids digestion and prevents flatulence. Habitat of the herb: Waste places and arable land, especially on chalky and sandy soils, avoiding shade. Cultivation of the herb: Waste places and arable land, especially on chalky and sandy soils, avoiding shade. Though my mother used Dill sparingly in her cooking, I like the flavor of Dill in many of my baking recipes and other dishes. The above two compounds present in Dill helps in fighting against free radicals and cancer. Dill is a good source of Calcium and thus strengthens bones and helps in reduction of bone loss during menopause. Good to cure dysentery increase lactation in women and help remove toxic substances from our body. The essential present oils in Dill helps in many respiratory disorders, allergies and cough. The stimulant nature of essential oils in Dill acts as a sedative and helps in sleep disorders. Dips made with cheese and a few leaves of Dill are great with vegetable sticks or sandwiches. Including Dill gives a gr8 twist to Channa dal vada n my all time favourite is Vegetable kootu(itz like avial) made by my mother!!!!!!! A classic perennial herb used for flavouring just about everything, stews, soups, vegetables, pizza and pasta. Next we have Anise Hyssop, sometimes called Licorice Mint because of it’s licorice like flavor. All fennels develop a somewhat bulbous root, but the Florence or Finocchio are grown for their big, sweet roots.

Great article – wish our herb fennel could read as it grows wherever it likes and if not kept in check it would be a carpet! I mostly grow fennel to feed and nurture my swallow tail caterpillars, and others which stop buy my garden.
Used for snipping herbs, cutting flowers, fins, paper and twine; item comes apart for easy cleaning. The herb is considered unsafe for consumption as an herbal drug.  Side effects associated with Rue are many and are extremely severe. For herbal use, the parts of the plant are collected before and after the flowering season.
However, herbs are extremely effective in moving blood, providing pain relief, soothing sore muscles and relieving cramping. Not very common in many Indian kitchens, Dill is an integral part of Indonesian and Italian cuisine. More so after being introduced to the health benefits associated with this aromatic & appetizing medicinal herb. Flavonoids and Monoterpenes are the two important compounds in Dill, which makes it a useful medicinal herb.
The essential oils present in Dill stimulates secretion of various digestive juices thus help in digestion. There is Sweet Fennel, Wild Fennel, Bronze Fennel and Bulb or Florence Fennel-also known as Finnochio.
Both the green and Bronze fennel don’t develop much in the root department, but their bountiful leaves are prized by cooks.
If you let it flower and go to seed you will have a crop of  fennel seeds, wonderful for both cooking and your digestion! In England, the herb was once cultivated as a garden plant and can now be seen in the hills of Yorkshire and Lancashire.
In pregnant women, Rue is used as an abortive agent and its proponents for this use include the Roman Historian Pliny the Elder and Soranus. Unlike other balms or ointments the DIMMAK ‘19’ BALM is aged for extraction through a special technique first, and then the extract is allowed to draw into the oils what has already been extracted through a superior process. We all overwork our muscles all of the time making this formula a very commonly used balm to remedy those sore muscles. These herbs extracted as a liniment then made into an oil, the most potent way to extract, and then you add in the analgesics of camphor and menthol plus cassia and cajeput oils you have the most powerful analgesic rub liniment for pain relief on the market.

The juice of the plant has been used with good effect in the treatment of cancers and ulcers.
If the seed is in short supply then it can be sown in a pot in the greenhouse in the spring.
The very first time most of us get acquainted to Dill is when we were given Dill water to cure colic & digestive problems during infancy.
My favourite sauce when I was child wad dill sauce (basice bechamel with hint of lemon + chopped fresh dill). We make a vegetable out of it using garlic, green chilies and yellow dal- its amazing and so healthy! Adds such a fantastic invigorating flavor especially on caprese salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil.
It comes from a tree and its beautiful star shaped pods are ground and used in baking and cooking. The top leaves resemble dill, sort of fern-like and feathery while you might confuse the bottom leaves with parsley or cilantro.
It is used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages, and also used in soaps and other cosmetics.
Prick out the seedlings into individual pots as soon as they are large enough to handle and plant them out into their permanent positions in early summer. It is often grown just as an ornamental in the garden because of it’s pretty coloring! Other common names of this plant include the following – Common Rue, Garden Rue, Bitter herb, German Rue and Herb of Grace. The plant can be predominantly seen in the following European countries – Italy, France and Spain.
The Greeks used this herb to prevent the feeling of indigestion due to nervousness while dining before ‘not-so-friendly’ people. They are harvested before the flowers develop and the prickles must be removed prior to cooking. The petals are an adulterant for saffron, used as a yellow food colouring and flavouring.

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