Herbal treatment vocal cord nodules diagnosis

Find a doctor at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center or Johns Hopkins Community Physicians. Conditions We Treat: Phonotrauma (Cysts, Polyps and Nodules)Your vocal cords vibrate very fast, with collisions of one side against the other at frequencies of hundreds of times per second.
The term nodule is used frequently when referring to a lesion (swelling or growth) on the vocal cords. Vocal cord nodules are a specifically defined entity that results from a relatively well-defined set of causes, and which have well-defined treatment guidelines. In order to distinguish true nodules from other lesions that may look similar, special examination techniques may be needed to more closely examine the vocal cords.
Polyps are diagnosed after careful examination with either flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy or rigid transoral laryngoscopy, either with or without stroboscopy. Treatment of polyps varies and is dictated by the cause of the polyp, as well as its size and location.
Drinking 250 cc or a glass of early morning urine for 4 yrs resolve the cyst in the larynge.
The third step towards great vocal health remains discrete vocal exercises. Such exercises would be the vocal fry, lip bubbles, mum,mum, mum, gee, gee, gee.
You should practice these exercises no more than one hour per day and 3 times a week until you recieve clearance from the doctor that you are O.K. If your voice is hoarse and you would like faster relief, then blend carrots, celery, parsely, and cucumbers together and enjoy it with a piece of bread. Vocal Health: Patient InformationThe most commonly recognized symptom of acid reflux is “heartburn” due to irritation . Fact Sheet: Common Problems that Can Affect your VoiceWhen the vocal cords swell, they vibrate differently, leading to hoarseness. Voice Disorders - RefluxReflux is significant because the acid and enzymes that reach the larynx cause injury and irritation. Acid reflux & voiceAcid reflux, and its management, are getting a lot of attention from throat doctors ( and patients) these days. TreatmentCaused by backflow of stomach fluids to voice box (laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR).
Reflux Laryngitits Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments on MedicineNetExamples of causes of hoarseness include: laryngitis, straining the vocal cords by yelling or screaming, infections, GERD, allergies, and more.

VOCAL HEALTH INFORMATIONChronic laryngitis is a general term for inflammation of the vocal folds.
HoarsenessSwelling or lumps on the vocal folds hinder vibration, altering voice quality, volume, and .
Many people attribute the problem to “laryngitis.” However, there are a variety of causes of hoarseness, some that are not benign. Many patients are diagnosed with “nodules” on their vocal cords, and are referred to speech therapists to resolve their condition.
True nodules arise due to vocal abuse behavior, combined with several other factors, including, most importantly, laryngopharyngeal reflux disease.
These tests may include rigid laryngoscopy or flexible laryngoscopy with or without stroboscopy. Early nodule formation may be referred to as “prenodules.” These “prenodules” are soft, and easily resolved with minimal intervention.
In some cases, better visualization is needed to distinguish polyps from other lesions that may affect the vocal cords. Small polyps caused by irritating factors such as smoking may be treated with smoking cessation alone. By then you should feel that your voice is back up to par and you can sustain a greater workload. Ulualp et al (6) have reported a higher prevalence of pharyngeal acid reflux (PAR ) events in patients with vocal cord lesions. Typically, laryngitis lasts only 1-2 weeks, and only causes significant voice problems for less than a week. As mentioned above, even severe laryngitis only causes significant voice loss for a few days.
While it is normal to have a sore throat and hoarseness with a cold, it is not normal to have hoarseness and a sore throat when not otherwise sick. While any breathing problem can be serious, hoarseness associated with breathing trouble may indicate a narrowing of the airway. In fact, there are many different types of lesions that can appear similar to vocal cord nodules, and the treatment varies depending on the root cause of the problem. These tests provide better images and give more information that may be helpful in arriving at the proper diagnosis.

Often this is combined with other treatments aimed at helping to resolve some of the other issues that may lead to nodule formation.
Please, be the singer who is not afraid to stand out in the crowd; take care of your voice and surely you will reap the rewards. A vocal specialist is a good way to start because they are equipt to inform you of any damages due to problems you may be having because of: acid reflux, swollen vocal nodules, or damaged chords. First, what you eat. If one is a serious singer one should stay away from junk food, highly processed foods, excessive sugar, and excessive salt. Any herb that improves circulation and decongests the sinuses will improve your tone quality and range immensely. Most importantly, let your voice rest and it will come back the way it used to be and better. Hoarseness that continues beyond that period may indicate other problems with the vocal cords. This area is most susceptible because it is the point on the vocal cords that takes the brunt of the vocally abusive behavior.
As a whole, this “medical” regimen is highly effective in resolving the majority of nodules.
Large polyps or those not responding to medication may require microlaryngoscopy with excision.
People are looking for a magical exercise to get the most out of their voices when really it is their vocal health that is failing. Once you receive your diagnosis, you can go about finding the solution that is right for you. Some foods you will want to eat more of will be citrus foods, water, water, water, honey, tea, steam rooms or vocal steamming, fruits, vegetables, and exercise at least three times a week. Vocal Therapy that is done right has brought the most damaged voices back to a great singing fashion, so don’t lose hope either. If lesions are removed, and the underlying causes are not addressed, the patient is at an increased risk not only of a poor voice outcome, but of a possible recurrence of the nodules.

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