Herbal treatment raynaud's disease gloves

About Raynaud's phenomenon During an episode of Raynaud’s phenomenon, your blood vessels narrow and contract quickly, reducing the blood supply to your fingers and toes. Raynaud’s syndrome or the disease is an abnormality of the blood vessels or the arteries. Cold weather is deadly for the people who suffer from this condition as it turns the fingers and the toes white or blue very quickly.
The main cause behindA Raynaud’s syndrome is the constriction of the arteries due to bad weather condition or other conditions such as shock.
People who are not very aware about this condition might confuse this condition with other medical conditions such as A Psoriasis.
When the body goes through an unpleasant situation such as cold weather, there is constriction in the arteries known as Vasospasm. Also the body gets little time to come back to its normal color because of the increase constriction of the arteries.
There are certain drugs available in the market that your doctor can prescribe to treat or widen theA blood vessels. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. You will not even recognize them to be medical diseases until you know about its symptoms and causes.

It is also more observed amongst women, people having a family history of the disease, and those above the age of 30.
Due to this, there isA little or no blood flowing to affected areas such as the fingers and the toes.
When the normal flow of blood is returned the skin takes its normal red color but you will experience itching sensation in those places.
Apart from this you can also go for home remedies or precautionary measures such as wearing multiple layers of clothes to prevent chills. For secondaryA Raynaud’s syndrome the causes can be smoking, arthritis and frost bite.
Most people develop Raynaud’s phenomenon before the age of 25, but you can get it at any age. An episode of Raynaud’s can be triggered by the cold, by emotional stress and may be made worse by smoking. If your condition is severe, or a secondary cause is suspected, your GP may refer you to a rheumatologist (a doctor who specialises in identifying and treating conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, particularly the joints and surrounding tissues).
If you have primary Raynaud’s, your GP will suggest things you can do to stop triggering an episode. Or, if you have secondary Raynaud's, your GP or rheumatologist will first try to treat any underlying causes.

Your GP will usually prescribe a medicine called a calcium-channel blocker (eg nifedipine).
It works by relaxing the walls of your blood vessels so that more blood can reach your fingers and toes, which helps prevent episodes. For example, you may have a procedure known as a digital sympathectomy to cut one of the nerves in your fingers if one of your fingers is severely affected. Several alternative therapies and herbal remedies have been suggested for Raynaud's, but the evidence isn't strong enough for doctors to recommend them. Examples include: vitamin C vitamin E omega-3 oils evening primrose oil ginkgo biloba Talk to your GP for advice before you try an alternative therapy or take any herbal remedies for your condition. However, if your symptoms are severe and affect how well your hands and feet work, you may have to take extra measures to warm them before you can control your vehicle properly.

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