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Ideally to prevent venom from spreading the stinger has to be brushed off but if this stinger gets inside the skin and venom starts spreading then it creates localized swelling, itchiness, red rashes and severe pain.
It has the ability to reduce the inflammation and swelling caused by the bee sting and prevents any type of infection from occurring. Another commonly found herb that is available all over the world and is extremely well known for treating bee stings. Instant application of lavender oil ensures the neutralization of the effects of the venom immediately. The herbal treatments for curing jock itch include the use of plants like lemon grass, aloe ferox, witch hazel, calendula officinalis and urtica urens.
The symptoms of the reaction are; large and thick welts, pain and swelling on the skin and difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Take some Calendula cream and apply it on the affected area 2 to 3 times a day regularly until the symptoms disappear.
The Thai Herbal Compress technique offers several potential health benefits:  It induces deep relaxation, relieves stress and  fatigue, boosts both emotional and physical well-being, assists  alignment and postural integrity of the body, improves circulation of  blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs. The herbs  in the compress possess properties that are anti-inflammatory,  antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant.  They are used to address  sprains, bruises and sore muscles, cleanse and heal the skin by  promoting cell growth, and aid upper respiratory ailments such as  bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold.
Camphor – is stimulating the brain, heart and circulation but relieves mental and emotional stress, anxiety and insomnia. Kaffir Lime – the vapours are uplifting, treating respiratory ailments and oil on the skin acts as a cleansing astringent.
Turmeric – one of the key ingredients in healing, used internally for circulatory and digestive problems. These fantastic prices are introductory prices and will not stay this low forever so take this opportunity to try Thai Herbal Compress massage for the first time, you won’t regret it!
Contraindications:  We will not perform this massage if you are have a fever, flu, infection, are pregnant, have received treatment for cancer in the past 12 months, sensitivity to heat, on medication that could cause sensitivity to heat, sunburn.
If you suffer any of the following conditions it may be advisable for you to get consent from your GP. If you do not wish to do this you may sign the disclaimer where you agree to proceed with the treatment without confirmation from GP. Salt therapy works well as a preventative, we are constantly breathing in pollutants and allergens which can irritate the lungs with Cystic Fibrosis. The best salt therapy results for CF is to include as part of your lung maintenance program.
Check out our prices   If you’re new to salt therapy and just want to try it out our introductory offer is a great way to experience the wonderful world of salt therapy.
Salt therapy is a non medical, complementary treatment which has no side effects when used with your normal medication. We’ve got you covered with our salt therapy at home salt therapy products and salt lamps that bring salt therapy to you. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common, genetically acquired chronic disease that predominately affects the lungs and digestive system.   Babies are born with CF and complications increase with age. Cystic fibrosis affects tissues that produce mucus secretions including the airway, gastrointestinal tract, ducts of the pancreas, bile ducts of the liver and the male urogenital tract. I was suffering with chronic sinusitis I went to the Salt Spot and within a couple of days could feel the improvement in my breathing and clearing of my head. I was having sleepless nights, breathing difficulties and generally a feeling of unwell I had been feeling like this for about 8 weeks. Within a couple of visits to the Salt Spot my head and sinuses had cleared and I now have a feeling of well being and calmness. I would like to say that since I have been going to Salt Therapy (about 7 months) my health issues have done a 180 degree turn-around. A Flue-free Winter By nature I am a sceptic and am very careful what I do, I have found the Salt Spot, energising and uplifting and without hesitation if I was unwell with the flu or a virus I would do another 12 weeks course at the Salt Spot.
I have for the first time I can remember had a flu free winter, and I attribute this to the Salt Spot. I look forward to my visits, as I always feel like I have been on a holiday or to the beach.
I was under a lot of stress in my life and my time at the salt spot has reduced my anxiety greatly. Below I list down some of the home remedies that can be tried in case your pet is suffering from fleas.
To keep fleas away from your home wash the floor with lemon solution. Mix two litres of water with lemon juice and wash the floor. Ok back from vet and about 300$or so I have 2cats and 2 dogs a big big flea problem toxic to our pets is garlic and lemon grass take you pet to vet get RX pill get borax do your hole home sofas carpet bath your pets in white vinger not apple cedar it attracts. Scarlet fever is very common and only affects children with age groups from 2-10years. It is commonly known as scarlatina. The baking soda added will provide immediate relief from inflammation caused due to rashes. Apple cider vinegar contains anti- inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation caused in the body due to scarlet fever and rashes.
Aloe Vera contains anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties that helps in healing and repairing the damaged skin.
One can reduce the rashes and discomfort occurred in a child due to scarlet fever by forming a thick neem paste.
One can consume elderflower tea to eradicate the symptoms of fever and sore throat caused due scarlet fever. Deep venous thrombosis is a condition, where blood clots are formed deeply in the blood vessels, which are normally in the lower extremities of the veins.

Cayenne is another effectual herb, which is extremely effective in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis.
Cayenne can also be combined with ginger, witch hazel or plantain and used on the affected area as a compress.
Tonquin or tonka beans possesses coumarin, which is an anticoagulant that resembles the one in our body and is a great remedy when used under doctor’s supervision in preventing deep vein thrombosis. It also aids the breakdown of the existing clots in the blood stream. In a research conducted in Italy in the 90’s , it has been revealed that gotu kola is an effective herbal remedy for improving the vein and tissue conditions and helps in the improvement of the circulation of blood.
Ginger the most commonly available root is extremely important to decrease blood clots in treating deep vein thrombosis.
Aswagandha an ayurvedic medicinal herb is another great herbal remedy for deep vein thrombosis. When this herb is combined with other herbs, it greatly enhances the purification of blood, promotes the undisturbed flow and help in getting relief completely. Its sting though extremely painful and causes swelling, is harmless most of the times, however immediate medical treatment is a necessity to avoid any type of allergic reactions and other complications. To get rid of these entirely one can easily resort to herbal remedies as they are the need of the hour.
The topical application of this herb can be done in the form of a cream. This cream is procured out of flowers that belong to the marigold breed. It is definitely edible as it adds flavour to all types of cuisines, however in the case of bee sting it has to be applied and not consumed. The oil of this herb is essentially used to treat the pain caused by bee stings and other insect bites as well. Another easy way is to crush it between your thumb and fingers and then press it on the affected area.
Like other herbs this herb too can be crushed and directly used on the stung area for optimum results. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This will lead to burning of the rashes, but the alcohol in Listerine is effective in killing the fungi that causes jock itch. In order to avoid accumulation of moisture, dust baby powder, which also has antibacterial properties, between your legs after shower.Remember to dry the area completely with a towel before application of powder.
It is being used since ages to cure skin problems like angioedema, eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.
It is commonly used for the skin with herbs like Aloe Vera, Calendula, Goldenseal, etc that aim directly on one’s skin. It is in fact one of the most preferred herbal remedies for angioedema and other skin problems. It is strictly advised to pregnant, breastfeeding and diabetic patients to avoid consuming the herb. Natural emollient used by women to tone and soften their skin, and has been used (in Thailand) by generations to restore the womb after giving birth. While inhaling the steamed vapours or applying to the chest and throat are all effective treatments for colds, cough, congestion, asthma and other respiratory conditions.
Its oil boosts circulation, eases muscle stiffness and increases the potency of all herbs combined with it.
The natural anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties  help remove any pollutants or allergens that we are constantly breathing in from our environment, which can cause irritation in the lungs and a persistent cough. It impacts the body’s epithelial cells lining the lungs, pancreas, liver, digestive tract and reproductive system.
While mucus usually protects tissues from harm, this abnormally thick mucus obstructs the ducts and airways causing damage to the tissues. After our 3rd visit, we stopped using the ventolin as his breathing improved dramatically (very noticeable at night when he is sleeping).
In case your pet is suffering from flea infection, add few drops of white vinegar in the bathing solution of your dog. In case your pet spends time outdoors, sprinkle some cedar chips at the places, the dog frequents. You will need to keep the mixture overnight and spray the same in the living area of your pet. Mix a drop of essential oil with aloe vera juice and spray the same in the living area of your pet. It is a highly contagious disease that is usually spread by inhalation, direct contact or sneezing. Usually the tendency of scarlet fever remains for few days but one need to treat it with antibiotic medicine to reduce the severity of rashes. Oatmeal contains anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that will reduce the infection to a great extent. One can consume apple cider vinegar as it helps to soothe the sore throat and provides ease from the infection caused due to bacteria. Another way is use eucalyptus oil could be combined with chamomile and lavender oil in bath water. Neem leaves contains antibacterial and anti viral properties that helps to reduce the infection caused by the bacteria. It is best in reducing high temperatures and will also reduce the soreness from the strep throat.
There are several factors, which cause this disorder and it normally tends to power in the body at the lower regions.

The drugs used for deep vein thrombosis are blood thinners, which aid thinning of the blood that inhibits clot formation in the future.
It is helpful in treating this condition because it aids in thinning the blood, helps in reducing blood pressure, and enhances the flow of blood all through the body. A study conducted in 1977 in German showed the effectiveness of horse chestnut in treating this disorder.
The most effective way of using it is by soaking a cotton ball in it and dabbing it on to the stung area.
It will not give instant results but when applied regularly it can provide complete relief. This is an infection that manifests itself as red rashes caused by fungi that accumulate between the thighs.The use of chemicals to cure jock itch may further aggravate the problem if you have sensitive skin. Now take a piece of cotton cloth and immerse it in the mixture.Use the cloth as a compress on the area affected by jock itch.
Thymol and menthol present in Listerine causes a cooling sensation and reduces scratching of the rashes caused by jock itch.
Immerse in the bath for at least 15 minutes making sure that the rashes are being washed by salt water. But a five minute walk in the sun after shower is beneficial for especially those who suffer from chronic jock itch or live in damp surroundings.Remember to wipe the groin area after walking so as to remove all moisture. They have antifungal and anti inflammatory properties that help cure jock itch successfully.
The causes of the reaction are usually consumption of food we are allergic to, like fish, peanuts, eggs, etc. Regarding the dosage of the herb for angioedema, one must consult with a physician, as there are different levels of this condition and there is a different dose for each level. The powder of the root too can be consumed three times a day until the symptoms begin to fade away.
It can reduce inflammation in the affected area when it is applied to the area at regular intervals.
Used in compresses it soothes sore muscles and arthritis, and treats nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. This year we have been able to treat the symptoms more effectively through salt therapy at The Salt Spot.
However, a range of home remedies are available that can help your pet get relief from fleas. Your dog will love it and the flea infection will diminish with regular use of this method. It is type of illness that is characterized by sore throat, fever and rash on reddened skin. Without antibiotic pills it might arouse severe complications like kidney inflammation or rheumatic fever in children. Keep the paste for sometime as it will soothe the child’s skin and will reduce the burnt sensation and itchiness. Standing or lying down for a long time, pregnancy, inactivity, malignancy or surgery may be the causes of this disorder.
These ingredients help in preventing the accumulation of platelets and hence decrease the possibility of blood clot formation.
The chemical aescin present in the horse chestnut seeds supports healthy circulation thereby healing the condition.
The best, effective and most easily available herbs (that are inexpensive as well) for bee sting are mentioned below. Too much intake of medicines like aspirin and penicillin can cause the skin to react as well. In the lungs the thick mucus clogs the respiratory system and allows bacteria and viral infections to grow.
This will keep your pet hale and hearty and will prevent fleas from infecting its living space. Daily bath with a mixture of essential oils will bring much needed relief to your dog and it will rarely suffer from flea infection.
Drinking apple cider vinegar 2-3 times a day will provide him with relief to a great extent. Ginger aids muscle relaxation around the veins and allows the free flow of blood in the legs. The common symptoms that are often observed in a patient are tiny sunburns causing itching and converting to tiny bumps. Mothers can use simple home remedies which is easily affordable and free from all side effects as their child’s skin is very sensitive. If can also apply neem oil mixed with other essential oil on the rashes to reduce itchiness. Thank you Penny for bringing this into my life and for being such a warm knowledgeable lady.
These rashes are often found at neck and face in its early stages but later spreads to whole body. People who are at risk of deep vein thrombosis are advised to carry some ginger with them when they plan to going on a long journey by flight to inhibit the blood clot formation.

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