Herbal remedies for severe menstrual cramps

Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a non-contagious chronic skin disorder that shows symptoms like dry skin, red patches, swelling, blistering, and cracking of the skin and constant itching that is often unbearable.
To avoid flare ups, avoid all kinds of irritants, particularly skin irritants like soaps, shampoos, perfumes that are laden with chemicals.
Olive oil is highly beneficial for treating eczema flare ups and prevention of future outbreaks. Vitamin rich almond oil contains ursolic acid and oleic acid which have anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Sciatica pain occurs when the sciatica nerve which is a big nerve and which extends from the lower back and runs down through the back of the legs is affected. The pain begins from the lower back and through the back of the thigh extends down to the legs, often as far as the foot and the toes. Ginger has so many healing benefits that it has become a panacea for almost every form of disease and ailment. This fragrant and bitter spice has been used in ayurvedic medicine since time unknown, for relieving all sorts of pain and for maintaining the health of the nerves and the bones. It also helps to draw out the toxins from the body and drains the stress from the sciatica nerve thereby reducing the pain to the minimum.
A common complication that involves tooth extraction and severe pain is called a dry socket. For ideal healing of the underlying tissue, it is essential for the blood clot to form once tooth has been extracted. An exposed socket is left behind because of the body’s reaction to estrogen, bacteria, trauma, local inflammation or infection that destroys the blood clot.
After the tooth has been extracted, signs of a dry socket may appear 3 to 4 days later and excruciating pain is experienced that can last for 10 to 40 days. Secondly, a food processor, mortar or pestle or even a hammer can be used for grinding some whole cloves into a powdered form. A cold tea bag can be taken when the pain is intense and use your teeth for pressing it on the affected area. A mixture of mustard oil, turmeric and dry salt should be prepared and then applied on the dry socket. A moist piece of gauze can also be bitten off by people because air and saliva often intensify the pain experienced by people. When suffering from dry socket pain, it is essential to add yoghurt to your diet because it’s a natural antibiotic. Drinking herbal tea at regular interval of time is efficient in providing relief from strep throat and treating it.
Garlic (Allium sativa) is another herb that is popularly used as an excellent home remedy for strep throat.
If you are suffering from strep throat pain, then taking an aspirin tablet, ibuprofen or acetaminophen tablet can be a good option. Hey so overall I really liked this article but I do want to mention that in the first paragraph or so the article states that strep is a viral infection. Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection caused when the normal Ph balance inside the vagina is disturbed as a result of increase of bad bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis is accompanied by inflammation of the vaginal walls, severe itching and resultant pain. Know as a great immunity booster, intake of the herb, especially during an episode of bacterial or viral infection will stimulate the immune system to fight the bacteria and viruses and prevent it from attacking the cells.
Application of cabbage leaves too can help in controlling the itching sensation and pain in the vaginal area. Application of tea tree oil is one of the best ways to reduce the bacterial action in the vagina and remove the infection inside. Garlic is the simplest and most effective treatment method that can be adopted for a number of diseases of the body.
Then after spending a few hours on the net I came across this natural supplement for women’s needs and care called balance complex for women. When headache occurs, we usually rely upon over the counter painkillers to get rid of the bothersome pain. Peppermint tea is prepared by steeping one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves in a cup of hot water for about five to ten minutes. Consuming one or two slices of bread might provide relief from headache by replenishing the depleted carbohydrate reserve in the body.
This function of magnesium is especially beneficial for treating headache caused by rise in the blood pressure level. Researchers found that lemongrass reduces pain by preventing clumping of platelets in the blood, a feature also found in the pain relief function of aspirin. Moreover, eugenol might stimulate secretion of serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates mood. Nausea is a discomfort or feeling of unease in stomach that urges an individual to vomit or makes the person think to vomit.
A number of conditions and diseases are responsible for causing nausea which includes indigestion, food poisoning, stomach flu, overdrinking or overeating, viral infections, gallstones, cancer and pancreatitis. Most of the nausea symptoms may seem to have been generated from abdominal area while they actually are governed by brain and more or less psychological by nature.
The loss of nutrients and fluids make cause symptoms like dry lips and mouth, rapid breathing and sunken eyes. Luckily there are plenty of natural and safe remedies available to treat nausea at home without any further side effects. For peppermint tea take one cup boiling water and add half cup fresh peppermint leaves to it. Carbonated beverages like soda is effective to suppress nausea or morning sickness related to stomach flu. To treat nausea due to indigestion take a balanced meal comprised of papaya, pineapple and acidophilus. Bursitis: The bursae of the knee is a protective structure within the joint that protects from general friction.
Fracture: Any kind of break or crack in the bones that make up the knee joint will cause knee pain. Meniscus related problems: At the top end of the tibia where it meats the thigh bone sits shock absorbers, much like what is found in a vehicle’s suspension system.
Whether recovering from a knee injury or just trying to avoid knee injury and pain altogether, knee strengthening exercises are a great solution. It is easy to be skeptical on the efficacy of pads or braces, however for some people they can have a big impact at a low cost. Some people who stand for long periods of time on long work shifts (like nurses) use shoes with extra cushioning in their soles. For a significant period of time some sources have recommended shoe types for different pronation levels. Normal Arch: for people with normal arches stability shoes have typically been recommended.
Flat (low) Arch: for people with low arches motion control shoes and stability shoes have typically been recommended. While the above shoe type recommendations sound reasonable, numerous studies have shown people who use shoes which feel comfortable to them are less likely to get injured than people who select their shoe based on the alleged best practice based on their arch. Gretchen Reynolds’ The First 20 Minutes has an excellent section on shoe recommendations in chapter 7.
Recently running barefoot, or using shoes like Vibram Five Fingers which emulate running barefoot, has become a popular trend. The following four exercises are designed specifically to strengthen the knee area, and strengthening any individual part of the body is a great prevention method to help avoid injury and pain to that body area. Glucosamine and chondroitin: glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate help improve joint mobility and remove pain. SAMe: S-adenosy-L-methioine helps improve joint strength by delivering sulfur to your cartilage. Previously stated all ready, many different conditions, symptoms, diseases, and conditions can cause knee pain. Those that are involved in high impact supports such as basketball, skiing, football, soccer, tennis and lacrosse are all more likely to find themselves suffering from knee pain.
After going over a general medical history and then performing a physical exam of the person suffering from knee pain, an orthopedic (bone & joint) physician or surgeon can make a diagnoses as to what is causing the knee pain. Once diagnosed and the exact cause determined, there are three main methods of treating knee pain: herbal and other natural remedies, over the counter and prescription drugs, and surgery. Comfrey: Use as an oil rub and will relief the symptoms of aching joints and joint stiffness. Ginger: Ginger reliefs arthritis, general joint stiffness, and pain from degenerative joint disease.
Wintergreen: For chronic, persisting pain in the knee, wintergreen can be used as an oil rub. Some of the more odd natural remedies for knee pain include acupressure, aromatherapy, magnetic therapy, and Rolfing. Knee pain can be self-medicated also with drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen. In the majority of cases of knee pain, patients do fine with the natural or over the counter treatments; however, with patients suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis specifically, the only way to alleviate the pain is surgically replacing the knee altogether. In a knee replacement surgery, the top portion of the tibia and the bottom portion of the thigh bone are replaced. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years.
Hi, my mother is suffering from shoulder and knee pain severe since from 10 years, her age is 76 yrs. Rheumatologist PWRs ibex sulfaSAKAZINE for my knee pain, but blood work showed increase white blood cells so I am allergic to that. I had a total knee replacement 8 weeks ago and I am intolerant to all anti inflammatory medication I have been prescribed. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with osteoneucrosis and has basically been given an oh well, there is nothing we can do routine.
I just got The Stick – it is great and I recommend this to everybody needing to strengthen muscles. Hi, my mother is suffering from shoulder and knee pain severe since from 1 years, her age is 45 yrs.
Two years before my wife (aged 38)was slipped down in the bed room tommor ow we consult an ortho surgeon ,he reccomended 15 days rest with tied a knee belt (from tie to foot) in the right leg after that she could not recover it fully . I have problem in right knee,acute bend is ot possible , I cannot sit on the floor with folded legs so I have to stretch my right leg straight. Pityriasis Rosea is not painful and itchy though many who have this condition have reported itching and muscle pain and tiredness. Exposure of the skin to ultra violet rays is known to reduce the severity of Pityriasis Rosea.
A herbal powder can be prepared from herbs of varying potency in order to heal the rash faster and prevent itching on the skin surface.

Prepare a herbal tincture by adding two tablespoons of burdock root, one tablespoon of valerian root and one tablespoon of Echinacea. This is a simple remedy that can be done at home as many times as you want in order to keep the skin free from the itching and also to heal the rashes faster and prevent the skin from getting damaged due to scratching. I saw so many testimony on how Dr Ayo the herbs medicine man help to cure so many people herpes.
It refers to an allergic-reaction that manifests as skin inflammation and can be mild to severe.
Detergents, solvents and chlorine in water and many other environmental factors can cause eczema. Polyphenols contained in olive oil are rich source of antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids.
These compounds are also effective in repairing the skin cells.Applying and massaging it all over the body will help to prevent dryness of the skin and help to stop recurrent eczema attacks. Using this natural oil, especially after bath, will help to lock the skina€™s own moisture and reduce itching.A recent study conducted reveals that eczema sufferers develop gaps between their skin cells that allow allergens to get in.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This nerve is usually affected if there is a herniated disk in the back or the roots of the lower lumbar of the spine are irritated or if the spinal canal in the lower back becomes very narrow. Other symptoms include numbness, shooting pain when standing, burning in the legs and pain in the back when sitting.There are various alternative cures which not only reduce the pain and are easy on your pocket but also over a period of time, perhaps cure it altogether. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and pain relieving properties not only provide immense relief in the pain and discomfort but also strengthen the immune system, stimulate circulation and improve the overall body health. It also has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which detoxify the body, stimulate the blood circulation and promote good health. Its two chief components are magnesium and sulfate which relax the muscles and soothe and calm the irritated nerves.
Its anti-inflammatory properties relax the muscles, reduce the tension on the sciatica nerve and bring relief in the pain. After ten minutes, shift the bag towards the back of the thighs and then the back of the legs.
When the blood clot that forms after a tooth extraction is lost by the tooth socket, leaving the bone in the socket exposed, a dry socket occurs. This is one of the most painful dental problems that occur. An intense dull aching pain is suffered by people that radiates and throbs around the jaw and also travels to the ear because the dry socket exposed bone is highly sensitive. This should be repeated a few times and the water should be dribbled out of the mouth into the sink rather than spitting. The pain will be greatly relieved with the tannic acid that’s found in the tea bag. Cold tea bags can also be kept in the refrigerator and then used as desired to sooth the area. Not only is it helpful in alleviating the pain that’s associated with the problem of dry socket, but dentists also prescribe this remedy to people for ensuring dental health. However, adjustment should be made in the manner that the affected area doesn’t become irritated too easily. It is a contagious disease in which viral outbreak takes place and the people, who come in contact of the affected person, also get afflicted with this infectious disease.
The onset of this ailment is characterized by sneezing, runny nose, coughing, throat pain, fatigue, and cold or flu.
It is highly anti-bacterial and anti-microbial herb and hence has the ability to treat several infections and ailments. A number of herbs can be used for making herbal tea but licorice and chamomile are the most recommended ones. You can prepare garlic tea by boiling crushed garlic cloves in water and drink it to reduce inflammation as well as throat pain. Consumption of wheatgrass juice is beneficial in giving you relief from sore throat pain to some extent. This property of honey contributes in killing the strep throat causing bacteria, in the throat.
It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and hence reduces the swelling caused by strep throat ailment. It is unfortunate that many of us do not understand the importance, or the efficacy of herbs and its use in treating common ailments without side effects.
However, Echinacea must be avoided if you have some kind of allergy to sunflower plants as Echinacea too belongs to this plant family. Though aloe vera is not a cure for bacterial vaginosis, the itching associated with bacterial vaginosis which is mostly very intense and unbearable can be relieved using aloe vera gel. It would be good to shave off the pubic hair when you have infections and for easy application of the gel. This type of issue is especially embarrassing and I’m just thrilled this has been working so far.
However, these pain relief medications could numb your sensation of pain for a brief period. If standard pain relief medications and simple home remedies fail to alleviate your headache, to prevent complications you should visit your physician.
Unlike coffee, peppermint tea will not aggravate your headache when consumed in large doses. When you severely limit carbohydrate intake, the glycogen reserve in your body rapidly depletes. Moreover, by stimulating secretion of the feel-good hormone serotonin, it might restore the normal chemical balance in your brain.
Although the exact association between magnesium and migraine is unclear, scientists speculate that deficiency of this important mineral might impair nitric oxide synthesis and functions of serotonin and NMDA receptors that control brain functions. Besides banana, you will also find enough magnesium in peanuts, almonds, brown rice, cashews and dried apricots. A Griffith University study has found sufficient evidence to validate this beneficial property of the common culinary herb. Drinking tea prepared by simmering one to two teaspoons of dried willow bark herb in a cup of water for about ten to fifteen minutes could reduce your headache. Studies have shown that deficiency of calcium in the diet might trigger headache before periods. Risk of developing high blood pressure is higher among people who do not consume enough calcium. This remedy is particularly beneficial for treating nausea caused by food poisoning or morning sickness.
Cumin contains antiemetic effect which helps to eliminate nausea and act locally as well as in central nervous system. Also include yoghurt in diet as yoghurt contains friendly bacteria that aids in the nausea treatment naturally.
Because of the joint’s extreme versatility and complete range of motion and despite that the knee is able to support a person’s body weight two to three times over, the knee is highly susceptible to injury.
In general, pain in the knee is experienced as an aching feeling or as an on fire sensation.
A cyst around the knee joint causes not only general knee pain, but can also be the central cause of swelling of the knee. That means a crack or break in the patella, the tibia, or even anywhere in the thigh bone can cause pain within the knee. The uric acid is produced as a result of an internal bodily chemical process gone hay-wire.
Osteonecrosis can cause knee pain when the degeneration of the bone happens along the thigh bone or the tibia. The pain centers specifically around the knee cap or the patella, and does not seem to spread.
In some cases rotating between different pairs of shoes can help save you money while keeping your legs healthy. These shoes have higher density midsoles to absorb the shock impact from feet slightly rolling inward.
These shoes compensate for overpronation by having firmer medial support and flatter soles to offset excessive inward roll of the feet when they strike the ground. These shoes tend to have softer midsoles and do not have stability devices or medial posts. Thus if someone recommends a certain shoe type for you and it doesn’t feel good, then pick a different shoe. However, even if barefoot running could potentially be better on your joints, your muscles become acclimated to what they are used to. If you exercise daily it can make sense to add an off day or two to your weekly routine, or to do lower impact exercises some days.
Dr Weil recommends consulting your doctor before using ginger in combination with other blood thinning drugs or supplements like ginko biloba. Anybody in a work related field that requires repetitive kneeling or crawling such as laying flooring and carpeting are more likely to develop knee pain symptoms.
In general, the exam includes bending the knee to figure out the complete range of motion and flexibility left in the knee. Acupressure is like acupuncture as in it utilizes pressure points on the body, but does not require the use of needles. Wearing a therapeutic magnet near the knee may also reduce pain by blocking the pain receptors. These specific drugs can be found over the counter in name brands such as Advil and Motrin, Aleve, and Tylenol respectively. I am reasonably fit with weight under control and doing exercise everyday…walking, yoga asanas.
I am about to undergo injections of Hyaluronic Acid into my left knee as an alternative to surgery. I returned back to work and read tore my right meniscus and recently found out I have osteonecrosis in my left knee isn’t there anything I can do or take to help me with my pain.
The skin condition most often starts with a large rash concentrated on the abdominal region and spreads to other parts of the body, including the neck, though not in the face.
There is no known cure for Pityriasis Rosea and the condition lasts for about a month once an attack sets in.
Take one tablespoon of goldenseal, 2 tablespoons of calendula powder, 2 teaspoons of comfrey that is powdered and two tablespoons of green clay.
Use 100% organic products that trigger this condition.Also avoid wearing synthetic clothes.
You can derive maximum benefit by using this natural oil externally and internally as well.By restoring hydration to the cells, olive oil lessens the acidic content of the body and makes the eczema causing agents less effective and prepares the body to fight the root cause because of which eczema flares up again and again. A person suffering from dry socket will also complain about a bad taste or bad odor in the mouth. You can also make small pouches of tea leaves in muslin cloth if you don’t have tea bags. However, in order to get effective results, it is necessary to replace the gauze on a frequent basis. By following these steps and remedies, you can deal with the pain associated with dry socket in a natural and healthy manner.

It most cases, strep throat is a minor illness and can be treated well at home but in some cases it may become severe and the patient may experience severe symptoms such as rheumatic fever and scarlet fever. It is better to start the treatment of strep throat right from the beginning so as to cure it soon.
As a remedy to strep throat, you can simply clean 5 basil leaves with water and then chew them properly.
Chamomile is particularly efficient in getting rid of the annoying symptoms of this ailment.
Consuming garlic tea or raw garlic can help you to prevent the attack of this bacterial infection. Freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice contains high amount of chlorophyll that helps in reducing the symptoms of strep throat.
Add a small quantity of freshly prepared lemon juice into a teaspoon of honey and consume it.
In order to alleviate the symptoms associated with strep throat, you should increase your intake of turmeric in your diet.
Apply inside the vagina for controlling the multiplication of bacteria and also to remove the itching and inflammation as well. For bacterial vaginosis 4 to 5 garlic cloves can be taken every day on its own or as an infusion prepared by crushing 4-5 cloves of garlic along with a cup of water and boiling it for 5, minutes.
If everything checks out, I’d look into some natural ways of dealing with this problem. Treating the underlying health problem that triggers headache could completely heal your headache.
However, if you are suffering from common headache triggered by stress, electrolyte imbalance or heavy drinking, you can include certain foods in your diet to get rid of the irritating headache.
The diuretic property of coffee might increase the risk of dehydration in heavy coffee drinkers. Menthol, the active agent in peppermint leaves and stems has a calming and soothing effect that can reduce tension headaches.
If your headache is triggered by cold and flu, peppermint tea could heal the headache as well as the cold. However, pregnant and nursing women should not take peppermint tea for curing their headaches. This prevents sudden surge in the blood sugar level, which might be harmful for diabetic patients. Some studies suggest that combining calcium with riboflavin or vitamin B2 might cure headaches. However, in some people it might cause gastrointestinal problems, stomach bleeding and irritation. Women prone to menstrual headache should consume enough calcium rich foods to prevent headaches. People suffering from lactose intolerance and milk allergy and vegans might meet their daily calcium need from broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, dark leafy green vegetables, almonds and nuts. Fennel seeds are very beneficial; you only need to chew the seeds well before gulping down.
The inflammation of the bursae can be caused by larger existing issues such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout. Besides joint pain in general, uric acid can leave deposits of a crystal like substance in and near joint areas. A meniscus related problem is another one of those sports associated injuries, though damage can be done to the menisci other than participating in sports. The problem can not only lead to knee pain, degeneration of the particular bone in question, but can cause deformity. There is some suspicion that the patellofemoral pain is caused by an unusual rapid growth of some sort, the bones repositioning themselves in an odd way, a weakening of the muscles around the patella, or decreased range of flexibility in the knee.
If one is involved in a heavy exercise workout or knee-demanding sports such as basketball or skiing, be sure to warm up with stretches before engaging in such activities.
A variety of higher cost insoles are available, though it is likely best to shop for them in person, as you will need to feel how the support fits your foot and arch. For example, if you engaged in a high impact sport like basketball you could use your new shoes for that & use older shoes for leisurely walking.
Once you find a shoe which works well for you & still feel great about it after an extended period of time, it can make sense to ensure you document the shoe model number and size and look to see if you can find the shoes on sale online in order to bulk purchase them.
Thus if a girl who frequently wore stiletto heels shifted to running barefoot she would likely be at an increased risk of injury. Lastly, with the onset of advance age, knee pain is almost a guarantee for the majority of the population.
The doctor will also feel the knee with his hands, looking for any strange growths, deposits, or other abnormalities. Aromatherapy with the use of essential oil such as rosemary and peppermint seem to relax muscles in general and relieve pain as well. Rolfing is a painful, deep tissue massage technique believed to speed the healing process and help manage pain. I use Glucosamine Twist Tubes from Nutrilite which is a vitamin liquid that is added to water (tastes like Vitamin Water without the sugar). The rashes are pink or brown in colour and are oval in shape.Pityriasis Rosea can be kept under control through certain natural treatment methods. Teas prepared from skullcap, valerian or catnip can be used for calming the skin and nerves and stopping the itch. This mixture can be used on the rash, especially when you have scratched and peeled the skin surface. This can also be applied on the rash and left on in order to prevent scratching and peeling of skin.
But there are several natural remedies that can help you to prevent future outbreaks by striking at its roots. Since eczema is an allergic reaction of the skin, avoid food irritants to which you are allergic like milk, sugar, other dairy products, seafood, eggs, peanuts, soy products etc.
Regular use of this oil will reduce inflammation, itching and dryness of the skin by hydrating the skin and strengthening the immune system. Motor oil should be avoided, but vegetable oil, olive oil and any other cooking oil should be avoided.
The purpose of doing this is to remove any food particles that might have been left behind in the hole left after the teeth extraction and to sterilize the mouth. It gives you relief from inflammation caused due to the viral or bacterial infections and thus makes swallowing easy.Due to its analgesic properties, chamomile tea alleviates throat pain and headache quickly.
And if you fall a victim to this ailment then you can alleviate the associated symptoms by consuming garlic in its different forms.You can chew 1 to 2 cloves of fresh garlic to kill the bacteria present in the throat. You can also add freshly prepared wheatgrass juice to warm water and use this mixture for gargling.
You can add it to soups, curries, and cooked vegetables.In order to get quick relief from strep throat inflammation and pain, you should add a teaspoon of turmeric powder into salt water and frequently gargle with it. This really bothered me because firstly it’s not true and secondly I am all for treating as many things without a prescription as possible, but the fact that the article starts off the bat with incorrect information makes it hard to believe the rest of it.
Coffee is a natural source of caffeine, a common ingredient in analgesics recommended for curing headaches. Consuming watery fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, tomato, lemon, carrot and celery could maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance in your body.
The entire joint is covered by the synovial sac which produces a lubricant like fluid for the functioning of the joint.
Interestingly, bursitis was once known as “the house-maid’s knee,” because of the constant kneeling one did as a house maid to clean floors.
Some stores like Road Runner Sports offer a foot measurment service when you shop for new shoes.
As the basketball shoes get worn down you could add insoles and turn them into your walking shoes, while using new shoes during your higher impact exercises. We are quite adaptive, but change to our muscular and joint structures take time & significant shifts increase the risk of overuse injuries.
Because the knee does support at least the entire weight of the body and at least up to three times the weight of the body, those that are overweight are at higher risk to suffer from knee pain.
These teas are known as nervines and can sooth the irritated nerves on the body that cause itching on the skin. Cold water would be advisable as Pityriasis Rosea has a tendency to flare up with heating of skin. These natural remedies will help to prevent outbreaks and treat eczema successfully when the flare ups occur. Drinking chamomile tea also provides you relief from dehydration and alleviates fatigue caused due to the strep throat.
Garlic possesses natural properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
But if your child, who is below 1 year of age, gets infected with strep throat then you should not opt for any remedy that includes honey.
Now I am just confused as to what to believe about the info and whether or not it is correct or not. You can secure them in place by using a sanitary napkin upside down so that the glue will keep the gauze in place. Garlic oil or the infusion can be used for application and rinsing of the vagina respectively. Hence, if you are suffering from mild to moderate headache you can drink only a cup of coffee.
However this remedy will not be effective as fresh ginger root because processed ginger powder contains lot of volatile oils mixed in it.
Of course, other body parts are involved in making up the entire knee joint: muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.
Bursitis can simply be caused by an over-use of the joint in a particular movement—such as continued kneeling. It is a combination of Glucosamine,Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid, and any anti inflamatory ingredient like: turmeric, MSM, boswellia, bromelain.
Soak for half an hour 3-4 times a day to get great relief and prevent the skin from damage. Therefore, it succeeds in fighting with the bacteria responsible for strep throat, throat pain and inflammation. As it gets cool drink two to three unsweetened cups every day.A  In pregnancy you should not exaggerate.
Pregnant women, breastfeeding mother, infants, small children and people, who are on diabetic or hypertensive medications, should avoid using peppermint.

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